Obsessions: Everything All Black

About ten years ago, I’m not used to wearing all-black clothing and I’m not fond of wearing all-black outfits. Back then, I always associate wearing all-black with being emo or goth, so I always tend to cringe at the thought of it. Nowadays, I’m all crazy about wearing all-black and I’ll never grow tired of it.


I wasn’t able to recall the first time I wear an all-black outfit, but I think it was back in late 2013 when I start wearing a semi all-black outfit consisting of my black double-breasted coat, black slacks, black shirt, black and gray scarf, and gray canvas slip on shoes. I don’t have any idea why I decided to go with that kind of outfit, but I feel confident doing that. And no, I don’t mind getting a lot of attention from curious people for my all-black outfit. Besides, I’m not the only one.

Since then, I always shop for black clothing whenever possible, as well as black accessories and items. I eventually plan on my solo photo shoot in 2014 called The Noir Project, inspired by my fascination with an all-black outfit. And yes, I’ll even have a dedicated wardrobe for my black clothes.

Even my shoes, bags and accessories are of black color, to match and compliment the monotonous look of my all-black outfit. This is where I go overboard, probably inspired by my imaginative sense of creativity. Yes, some people wear all-black, I take this to the next level.

If this is not enough, then there’s more. Even your items can be a part of your all-black outfit too. These include your smartphone, coin purse/wallet, or umbrella.


Okay, so I’m obsessed with the color black that I feel like wearing all-black at times. It just shows how dull can I be, but who cares if I look dull in that monotonous outfit? I mean, I’m just into wearing all-black because I’m fascinated by it. It’s a form of expression.

Wearing black is powerful, the color represents power, seriousness, and authority. While black clothing absorbs heat, it also absorbs negative energy. For teenagers, the need of wearing black as means of searching for one’s own identity as it helps in undergoing transition to adulthood.^ Some people wear black as a way to express their rebellion against society, and some people wear black during a very difficult moment in life such as illness or grief.^

Perhaps, I’m seeing the wonders of wearing black and so far, I’m pleased with the way I looked on it as well as its benefits.