#2016: The Posts That Matter


It’s nearing the end of 2016, and we’re looking forward to a brand new year. But before we move on to a new year ahead, let’s take a moment to look back at some of this year’s posts that really matter.


The Unhealthy Holiday Feast

First post for the year 2016. This post is about celebrating the holiday season with lots and lots of unhealthy food and drinks, as well as tips on how much food you can eat on this holiday feast.

Of Force, Threat, And Coercion [E]

This article deals with bullying, which is a common issue at school and work. In this post, I share a couple of experiences about my classmates doing mean pranks and extorting small amounts of money from me, something I can’t get off my mind despite the fact that it happened a long time ago.

The Friendster Story: A Memory Recall

Before Facebook, I’m on Friendster… and I have a lot of stories and fun moments with that social media site. Well, it is where I reconnect with some of my friends from elementary and high school, checking their pictures and exchanging testimonials. It is also where I become a blogger (via The Kin Keihan Times on Friendster Blogs), and I loved the option of personalizing your profile such as applying customized layouts and adding videos and playlists.

Third Anniversary Post: The History Of TWATKcox… So Far

Three years on the cyberspace, but I’ve posted a lot of articles. It’s basically a roundup of all the events and notable posts on the site since its launch.

Everything On A Plate, But…

The food on the buffet table is something you can’t resist, but there are some rules to follow. And of course, there are some reminders on filling your plate with whatever amount of food you can finish.

Remembering The Kin Keihan Times (The 125th Post)

A tribute to my former blog The Kin Keihan Times, the precursor to The World According To KCOX. This special post also includes some notable excerpts from the defunct former blog and my comments on each excerpt.

Transitions / Adapting To Changes

Both posts deal with facing a tough reality in life: change. The former deals with growing up, while the latter deals with a change in routine or plan. Anyways, these posts always tell me that change is constant. Whatever.

High School: A Memory Recall

Is there a reason why I should regret not enjoying my high school life? Perhaps. This is initially inspired by high school students preparing for the prom. It covers a handful of topics, from friendships to relationships, and the things that I missed.

Being A Perfectionist

This post deals with aiming for perfection. Self-explanatory.

The Extremely Pessimistic Self / The Sad State Of Life [Ax2] [E]

A double post that deals with pessimism and depression, that represents the darker side of life.

I Don’t Know Why I’m Like That… But I Am

It’s all about being different, being strange, and being weird. I don’t know why I say such things, but I’m really like that.

What I Keep Is What I Cherish (Valuable Collections And Anything Worth Keeping)

This deals with collecting and keeping tons of stuff… something valuable and important. And yes, it’s more of a little compulsive hoarding, but not to the point that the entire room is full of junk or anything like it.

#Unapologetic [E]

Definitely the most explicit article I’ve written this year. And no, I’m not willing to apologize for my rude and disrespectful statements in that post. I’m being unapologetic, that’s what matters.

Memories… Moments

Such sweet memories and happy moments are meant to be cherished, not forgotten. And that’s why I try to relive such moments whenever possible. Oh well, it’s a personal history I can write about.

In 150 Words, Timeline College Series, Obsessions, And Throwbacks…

This year marks the debut of i150W and #Throwback series of posts and the continuation of the TCS and Obsessions series.


So there you have it, we already round up some of the notable posts for this year. For next year, there’ll be a lot of upcoming interesting articles and stories (that I’m currently working on) to be published, plus the 4th anniversary and the 150th posts. And probably, some nice poetry as well.

From Keihancarl in Manila, we all wish you a joyful and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to the beginning of a new year, 2017!


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