A Brand New Year, A Brand New Chapter

Today marks the beginning of another year. It’s another year to live and love and to look forward to the better things in life.


A brand new year. The calendar shows the month of January, with the year 2017 printed on top of it. The sky filled with smoke from all the firecrackers and fireworks from the New Year’s Eve. The scent of gunpowder filled the air. What a way to start the year.

More than just the feasts and the colorful pyrotechnics, the beginning of a new year is all about starting the year with positivity and optimism. With a New Year’s resolution, every bad habit has to go and try to maintain the good habits that you have. Time to set some of your goals for this year and see to it that your every goal is achieved and fulfilled.

This 2017, let’s spread good vibes and happiness. Flush out negative thoughts, and always be positive and optimistic for a better and happier life ahead. Be thankful for all the blessings you received and for every good thing that happened. And don’t forget to smile, this will brighten up your day.


I have a feeling that the year 2017 might be a remarkable year for me, for unexplained reasons. For that, I would like to share a short poem to welcome the new year:

The year 2017… oh, how remarkable can you be

Anticipating that everything will be okay, as I can see

Looking forward to a brighter future

Brighter than ever, I’m pretty sure

How exciting, this year can be

I had a feeling that this is the best year for me

More fun, more excitement, more life

The year of absolute bliss, just like 2005