The Holiday Hangover

Christmas and New Year parties, out of town trips, days spent lazing in front of the TV, smartphone or computer screen… yeah, that’s what you call a perfect holiday. Even I myself enjoy that relaxing (and fun) moment back when I was a high school/college student.

Okay, so now that the holiday is over, some people had a hard time switching back to their normal lives. They had a hard time getting out of bed, struggling to keep themselves awake through breakfast and ended up trudging through the school halls/office lobby feeling tired and exhausted during break time. What’s the matter with these people?


A holiday hangover is a feeling when you don’t feel like going back to school or work after a lengthy holiday break. It’s mainly due to procrastination that they don’t want this holiday break to end so they can relax and slack off all they want.

All right, so what are the signs of a holiday hangover?

  • You tend to enjoy the holidays and holiday vacations too much.
  • You tend to slack off and relax during the holidays.
  • You sometimes wish that you make the most of your holiday season by doing a lot of [meaningful] things instead of slacking off.
  • You tend to complain about going back to school/work after a long holiday break.
  • You have a hard time switching back to your normal life after a relaxing vacation.
  • You always believe that everything will be boring as soon as the holiday season ends.
  • You probably have the lack of interest in your favorite activity and/or depression (though this isn’t really that common).

Don’t worry, a holiday hangover is something you can shake off. Here’s what to do:

  • Try to condition your mind to get back to your usual daily routine (before the holiday break, of course).
  • Breathe. Relax. Don’t stress yourself too much by organizing your schedule and/or knowing your priorities upon going back to school/work.
  • Having a healthy diet and some exercise does wonders, so does having enough rest and sleep.
  • Be optimistic. Try to cheer up and look forward to a brighter day ahead. Think of it as a good opportunity to look forward to another vacation by working hard and saving up for your next trip/party.
  • Accept the fact that there’s always an end to every holiday breaks. You can’t go on a vacation mode forever. There’s a reason to going back to reality and going back to school/work.


Another Christmas and New Year celebration has passed. And I’m sure some of you are having a hard time getting over your holiday vacations, parties, and trips. Don’t worry, I can feel your struggle.

Come the first day of a new year, we’re looking forward to a brighter future ahead, and we’re off to a new start. Say goodbye to bad vibes and bring in the good vibes, these can help you recover from the holiday hangover. Try to move on, and try to cheer up. There’ll be lots of holiday celebrations coming your way, so always look forward to it.