The Ongoing Internship And More… (Timeline College Series #16)

It’s fourth-year, and it’s the second semester already. My, how time flies!

I couldn’t believe that I made it this far… just six months more and I’m about to embark on a journey to a real life struggle. Yes, my future is a real life struggle and I couldn’t do anything about it, blame it on my lack of motivation.

Enough of this emotional rant. Here’s what happened on the continuation of this series:


Continuing where I left off, I was having my internship at PTV-4. I always make sure that I got there early, about as early as 8 o’clock in the morning. The news bulletin (Teledyaryo News Bulletin) begins at 9 o’clock in the morning and ends about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. After the 2:00 PM news update, there are some tasks given by my immediate supervisor, usually filling out forms using a typewriter. At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, there are the preparations for the 5 o’clock newscast (Teledyaryo), and I stayed at the control room of the news studio just in case the news production staff might need my assistance.

Whenever I arrive early to the news room, I take some time to sit down and relax and read some of the newspapers on the table until 8:45, when it’s time to prepare for the first news update of the day. At times, I head to the coffee vending machine downstairs for a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The view of sunshine from the window makes me feel good for the entire day.

One unforgettable moment that time was when the business news program (Teledyaryo Business) was interrupted due to the smoke coming from the broadcast VTR player (I think). We were forced to transfer to another studio in the meantime, and it’s a big challenge for us at the news department since we need to run back and forth from the news room to Studio A (which is located in the main building, at the other end of the complex) in order to continue airing news broadcasts. As for the news studio, we can’t use it for now as the VTR player’s being replaced. We were finally able to use the said studio again a few weeks before my internship ends.

During my internship at a broadcast network, I met a few news personalities, including Audrey Gorriceta (the one I’m assisting for the news bulletin), Jorge Bandola, Angelique Lazo (formerly from ABS-CBN and RPN, now with Radyo Veritas 846), and Vonne Aquino (now with GMA News). I also get to witness a couple of press conferences, one of them is the NTC press conference on the PLDT-Sun acquisition. I met some of my fellow on-the-job trainees, some of them came from Partido State University in Camarines Sur.

For some reason, I don’t feel like wearing my OJT uniform… save for the last day (partly due to some pictures required for the documentation). But I guess some of the pictures don’t feature my OJT uniform anyway. And just like my other internship in a government agency, I also have my narrative report ready.

And that concludes my two-and-a-half months’ internship in the state-owned PTV-4. It sure was a great experience and I learned a few things when it comes to delivering the news in front of the camera.


I did get to visit my high school one more time. The reason for the visit is because I need to request a copy of Form 137 (permanent record of student’s grades). It is [actually] the registrar’s job to request a copy, but I ended up doing it for unexplained reasons. Well, that gives me the opportunity to check the school grounds, more than four years after graduating from high school. There were some changes, like the addition of new school buildings, as well as the school’s new gate. After getting the Form 137, I spend the late afternoon at the mall and watched the fireworks display at the mall’s parking area.

We were supposed to have our thesis defense at the Caliraya Resort in Laguna, but we had our film making seminar instead. The thesis was scrapped in favor of an indie film production, and all our hard work for the research is, well, gone to waste. I would have endured the pressure of defending our study regarding the dubbed [English] movies and TV shows, but that doesn’t matter for as long as we do our best in producing our own indie film.

After the seminar, nearly all third year and fourth year AB English students had fun swimming and sliding their way down. Yes, my classmates tried the mud slide, and they had a lot of fun with it. I didn’t go swimming or try the mud slide for two reasons: the weather was cold and I don’t want to deal with wet or dirty clothing on the way home. But I did buy some nice souvenirs, one of them is a sun visor which I often wear whenever I go out.

My classmates prepared the script for our indie film, which is adapted from a short story. I only had a cameo role in the indie film, since I’m part of the production staff. Our leader (who’s both the actor and director) was in charge of selecting the actors and actresses for the said indie film. We wanted to make sure that our indie film is not like the one we did two years prior, as we need to polish our craft in producing a high-quality budget film. We began shooting a few scenes during the holiday break.


It’s December once again, and there goes the holiday celebration. I actually insist on cooking chicken afritada (a tomato based Filipino stew) for Christmas/New Year’s Eve, I’m not sure which one. Also, there’s the Graham cake topped with mangoes and crushed graham crackers. The Graham cake became my favorite holiday dessert, and I always insist on making them every New Year’s Eve (except in 2013, due to my work as a call center agent in Makati).

As the year 2012 approaches, there are a few more things to take care of before the graduation… and the start of a new chapter. Who knows? What kind of adventure awaits for me, the ever wandering, mall hopping kid who loves to travel around the city? Find out in the next TCS post.