The Year 2005: One Remarkable Year (The 150th Post Special)


150th post, coming up! Along with the arrival of the year 2017, there comes my assumption that this year will be similar to the year 2005. Why is that? And what makes the year 2005 a special year… for me?



Nothing special yet for this month, probably except for some post-holiday feels. I truly missed this kind of holiday, with all the holiday feast and everything. And yes, the TV ads made specifically for Christmas. Oh well, I’m expecting the worst thing in my student life… getting bullied. Something worth forgetting, I suppose.


Oh well, I feel like riding my bicycle and spending an entire afternoon with my feet on the pedals. That’s a perfect way to engage me in a workout, right? But it’s kind of unfortunate that I have to spend two weeks at home because of chicken pox. How awful.

Regarding the latter, well… I did spend an afternoon at school feeling sick, but I can still move around without trembling or wobbling my way back to my seat. Going home, I lose my balance and stumbled on the ground, but I managed to get up and made it back home safely… only to discover that I had that dreaded disease. That surely added to the worst chapter of my student life.

My high school teachers are having a presentation and some of us watched the show. I enjoyed the performance by the English teachers. The rest of the performances are equally good as well.


Hello, warm and sunny weather… Cheers to the most wonderful time ever! I was thinking of playing that RPG game, but I hold off the thought as I’m kind of stressed complying with the requirements for the clearance. Sometimes, my classmates wouldn’t cease to annoy me, and I did push one of my classmates to the asphalted ground. I thought he might retaliate (since he got a bleeding arm and he looked a little mad), but he just wiped his arm on my shirt and that was that. Lucky for me, I had a change of clothes. I did just that and moved on. And lucky for me (again) that he never did retaliate in spite of what happened yesterday.

Around this time, I started going to the nearby mall by myself, something I couldn’t do on my own without the feeling of intimidation and getting lost. It’s basically due to an errand, but at times I wanted to go there so I can spend some of my saved allowance on such novelty items, like notebooks, art materials, and other useless stuff. So much for shopping by myself at such a young age…

A prelude for the much-awaited summer break: my uncle and his family and relatives are having an outing. I was invited, and I gladly join them since I wanted to spend a hot day at the pool. And that’s what I exactly did, swimming under the scorching heat of the sun. My mom was surprised that I got a little darker, possibly due to sunburn.


Here it is, the summer vacation… the one I’ve been looking forward to! There goes the usual habit of watching anime and Asian dramas on TV, playing video games (especially RPGs) while listening to various audio CDs and riding my bike on the street. It’s an entire summer break filled with lots of fun and excitement but in a less extreme way. Still, I really enjoy my summer vacation a lot, thanks to the great sunny weather.

Our desktop PC (a.k.a. the Pentium 1 PC) had a problem, and we need to backup some of the files on the hard drive. My brother has to go to his classmate in college who’s exceptionally good at computers just to reinstall the operating system into the hard drive, as well as to back up the content. It was on the same day that there’s a prediction of a possible earthquake, which came from an SMS message. I was then planning to go to the mall just to buy some back issues of a PC magazine. I did just that, and right after I got home, my mom and I went somewhere. I don’t know if it’s a miracle or anything, but there was no [reported] earthquake that afternoon. A big sigh of relief for me, even though the prediction itself appears to be a hoax. Still, we must prepare for something unpredictable and unexpected, such as an earthquake.

I don’t know if this happened around April or May, but we visited the La Mesa Eco Park. I brought my bike with me, and I spent the afternoon pedaling on the oval track, which gives a great view of the Orchidarium. It was quite a picnic, we even had a whole chicken just for the three of us.


And my summer vacation continued with playing RPGs while listening to a mix of classic and recent songs on the PC’s CD player. And then there’s the fascination with an anime (Naruto) and an Asian drama (Meteor Garden)… a fairly good reason to watch TV, I suppose.

Near the end of the summer vacation, I did help my mom and my relatives clear the vacant lot and fence the area. At first, I thought I might be getting in the way since I’m not used to holding such dangerous objects such as the itak (bolo knife) or the rake. Months later, I’m pretty used to such intensive labor, but at times I opted to stay at home and play games on my PC. It was such a good experience, even though my hands felt sore from handling and using the tools for too long. On our way home, however, the AUV had a battery problem and that’s not a good thing. My brother and I were told to head home, leaving the rest behind. Upon reaching home, I asked a neighbor for help and went back, only to face another problem since it was raining hard that night and the owner type jeep stalled on a flooded road. I then decided to head home feeling wet and cold. They finally reached home as soon as I finished taking a shower.

My summer ended with a shocking and sad news. My brother’s classmate and best friend took his own life and we were saddened by his death. My brother was informed of the news through text, and later that night, my mom and my brother visited his funeral. A few weeks prior, he came for a visit, and my brother noticed that something’s not right. Even I kind of noticed it as well, but I was busy taking care of my three toddler cousins so I didn’t know exactly what they talked about and what happened after that. It is nearly twelve years since his death and until now, I still recall that shocking day. That made me rethink about threatening to kill myself whenever my classmates did something terrible to me. Whatever happens, I hope he’s doing fine up in the blue yonder.


School starts, and I’m excited to meet my new classmates, as well as our class advisor. There’s also a reunion with a couple of my classmates from freshman year, and some of my teachers from my freshman and sophomore years become my teachers for this school year. It’s unfortunate that my classes are still in the afternoons, just like last year. So there goes the habit of watching afternoon anime shows…

There’s a big advantage for being in the afternoon class: my annoying classmate from my sophomore year is in the morning classes, as well as his so-called accomplice. But my awesome classmate from freshman and sophomore year is also in the morning classes as well, so that made me think of him even more. Don’t get me wrong on this one, it’s the friendship that counts… sort of.

Some of the BFFs had their classes in the afternoons as well, so they ask me to join them on the way home after every class. I’m really looking forward to going home with some of the BFFs, considering that it’s kind of boring going home by myself.

For our Technological and Livelihood Education, we have to choose an elective, namely Computer Education, Handicrafts, Dressmaking and Simple Accounting. I decided on Handicrafts as my chosen elective. I was even made the president of this school year’s officers for the said elective. An interesting note about this elective is that it is supposed to be an all-boys elective (as was Dressmaking for girls), yet there are a few girls who also signed up for the elective as well. They were eventually transferred to the other electives. There were also some boys (who originally chosen Computer Education as their elective) joining Handicrafts as well since they couldn’t afford the monthly computer fees.


Things are going pretty well until the surprise announcement about our new Math teacher. For the first few weeks of the school year, it was a middle-aged male teacher who’s in charge for this subject. He then made the announcement and upon mentioning that it’s a young female teacher in her mid-20’s (I assume) who’ll be taking over, our excitement grew. And she was a nice teacher as well. Too bad that I’m often late for the first period, which happens to be my least favorite subject (and my favorite for this school year), Math. This school year’s Math (Geometry) happens to be an exception, as I suddenly had an interest in Geometry and this is the only time I’m getting higher grades on this subject.


Things get pretty normal for this time of the year. I seem to have an interest in Chemistry as well, though not as much as Geometry. Still, I manage to keep up with my studies and I seem to be having fun.

Remember the machine that changed my life? Well, there’s another one coming and it’s slightly powerful than the one we’re currently using. A decade old PC, running Pentium Pro, serves as an alternative to the slower PC (Pentium 1) we bought a few years ago. Eventually, the Pentium 1 PC was sold and we keep on using the recently arrived PC that my uncle donated to us.

As the month comes to a close, we are looking forward to our annual school’s founding anniversary on the first day of September. Now, on to the next part…


Two events happened in a single day. Of course, there’s the school’s founding anniversary and my cousins’ birthdays.

That morning, we had our school’s founding anniversary with a parade, a program, and lots of booths from marriage booth to jail booth… in fact, my annoying classmate from sophomore even tried to have me arrested (yup, that makes the jail booth even more fun) but I outsmarted him. In the end, he failed. Also, I run into my awesome classmate and we had a small chat. And yes, I did hang out with the BFFs before heading home. That afternoon, we celebrated my cousins’ birthdays, and it was a lot of fun too.

The following day, I was listening to the compilation of tracks from my cousin’s CD while playing an RPG game on the desktop PC. A mix of love songs and current hits, the playlist is quite okay. As for the love songs, I have some favorites though some of them are hard rock.

Later that month, there’s another PC coming aside from the Pentium Pro PC. Yes, it’s a laptop computer that’s twice as fast as the aforementioned PC and it’s perfect for gaming… sort of. Anyways, I assumed ownership of the laptop, and I’m more excited to personalize everything on this laptop. I installed some programs and games, as well as setting up the laptop’s wallpaper and sounds. The Pentium Pro PC was ignored for the time being, but…


There are times that the laptop would simply not open, even without its battery (and plugged into the outlet, just like a desktop PC). I knew that there might be a problem with my laptop, but it’s still functioning. I did get that thing powered and running perfectly fine… for now.

We had our school tour early this month, and we visited a few places. Strange that it was held on a Sunday, so some places on the itinerary are closed. Well, starting the trip, there’s the Baywalk (where we had a nice view of the Manila Bay even though it’s morning), then the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (we only toured the area inside the bus), and Rizal’s house in Calamba, Laguna (which is closed on Sundays, unfortunately, but I’ve been there countless of times in my previous school tours). The last two itineraries are leisure oriented… there’s hiking at UP Los Baños Botanical Garden, and swimming at a resort somewhere in Laguna.

It was on the way home that I accidentally had my pocket radio tuned into a smooth jazz station, Joey 92.3 (it’s actually 923 Joey by the time I first tuned in that station) and listened to it during the entire trip along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Afterwards, for the next few days, I keep tuning in that station until I got hooked on the smooth sound that I’ve become an avid listener for almost two years. Most of the songs played in that station become my favorites, and the favorite songs are eventually downloaded and are now stored and played on my PC and my music player.

And then the worst thing happened… the laptop finally gave up on me. Well, it happened due to an improper shutdown and the hard drive needs to be scanned. Unfortunately, the hard drive’s got lots of bad sectors in it, and right after the scan the laptop simply failed to boot. Is it the hard drive, or is it the laptop’s motherboard? Either way, that’s just too bad. So it’s back to the Pentium Pro PC, and it finally got some attention again after a few weeks of being unused.

October (Semestral Break)

The last week of October means a semestral break for us students. But without the laptop, how am I gonna enjoy the almost two-week long vacation? Also, it was raining hard that time so I can’t even ride my bike outside. I don’t have a choice but to stay home and either watch TV or play games on the Pentium Pro PC.

The scent of coconut incense makes this rainy October memorable. Now, I’m gonna content myself with watching Naruto, flicking through my PC magazines, and playing Super Mario Kart on the desktop PC while waiting for the classes to resume. Anyway, from a previous post, here’s a description of that [memorable] semestral break:

October 2005. Rainfall, coconut incense, Naruto, Super Mario Kart, and the coffee commercial featuring the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. I was feeling disappointed that time since I couldn’t use the laptop to play Golden Sun (through a GBA emulator) and do anything random, so I content myself with the slower desktop PC just to play games… it was kind of ridiculous and immature how I reacted to that possibility. And there are some cheap collectible cards, the ones featuring Gon and Killua (of Hunter x Hunter). Then there’s the sudden urge to watch anime on TV, Naruto in particular. And there’s an upcoming channel on test broadcast, plus some upcoming Korean drama series on prime time.


It’s back to reality, but there’s no stopping the excitement as there’s an upcoming new channel to watch out for. And some great Korean dramas and anime shows.

I know I can be restless sometimes, it just can’t be helped. I tend to roam around the school halls like it is a park or something. And since I was trying to look cool just like everybody, I tend to bend the rules a bit. Yup, wearing sneakers with my school uniform is not allowed, but a lot of students do this, so…

November is English month, and some of my classmates (as a group) are among the participants representing our class in the interpretative dance, as part of the program. The song “Reflections” by Christina Aguilera was the chosen song for this performance. I’m not one of the performers, but we’re proud of our representative’s achievements… I don’t know if our class won the competition. The thing is, our class advisor, who is our beloved English teacher, is the one hosting the said competition and there’s a little controversy involved. But we proved them how good my classmates performed by repeating the performance in front of our P.E. teacher, and she was impressed with the performance.

You know how I tend to be careless sometimes. Well, I accidentally dropped my glasses to the floor so one of the lenses is broken. And there comes an even bigger problem–both the lens of my glasses ARE broken. How am I suppose to get home without wearing my glasses? More importantly, will I be able to see clearly without it? Luckily, my parents had my old pair of glasses repaired so I no longer need to worry about it.


And then December comes in.

For the last few months, I simply opted to stay at home instead of helping out with such intensive labor since I had a hard time with digging the hard soil and cutting the grass. But some of my cousins are helping out, so I decided to join in. Well, it’s fun to be out of the house sometimes, on a weekend where the desktop PC is my companion.

I don’t recall when we first installed this game. But it was around this time when I’m starting to enjoy playing this card game on PC. Yup, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos: Yugi The Destiny. I think it’s the coolest PC game I ever played. And then there’s Joey The Passion and Kaiba The Revenge. This completes the Power Of Chaos games series installed on the desktop PC, and I tend to spend more time on these games hoping to win some powerful monster cards, or useful trap and spell cards.

Another terrible thing happened… someone tried to steal something from my bag. Since I padlocked my backpack to deter those kleptomaniacs who would try to get their hands on my valuables, the unidentified suspect sure had another way to do it… by means of using a scissor. I didn’t immediately report this incident, but my mom found out anyway, so she’s off to the school to see my class advisor. To make the long story short, my classmate (who probably took the blame, since no one wanted to confess to the incident) apologized to me. He eventually revealed who did the scissor thing, and to be honest I don’t want to confront the actual person who’s behind this.

I was starting to have a little fun as the BFFs and I decided to go to the mall after class. I just happen to see something interesting in a bazaar just outside the mall, so I bought it immediately. There were other interesting items as well, but I’m not into shopping just yet. Besides, I don’t have much money.

It’s Christmas party, and I was wearing all red. Before that, I was thinking of a perfect Christmas gift to my female classmate… and all of a sudden, one of my classmates was giving me a wonderful item, more of an ornament. I decided to take the offer and bought the item and decided on a pretty paper bag as a gift wrap. Problem solved. Now, back to the Christmas party, my female classmate was delighted to receive such a nice gift. I did receive a teapot (the plastic one with a strainer, more like a coffee pot due to its appearance) as a Christmas gift by another classmate. Until now, the said teapot remains unused and the strainer shows signs of rust. It’s been sitting in the cupboard for many years before it was taken out.

After the Christmas party, I meet with the BFFs and we all head to the mall and have some fun. I decided to stay at the mall a little longer after some of my friends headed for home. Reaching the house past 8:00 PM, the wind was blowing hard but there’s no rain. I guess it’s pretty normal during the cold season.

It’s Christmas season and we celebrate it with a feast. My mom, my cousin and I head to the supermarket to buy food for our Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) and Media Noche (New Year’s Eve), and then we celebrated the Christmas and New Year’s Eves at our cousin’s place, along with some of our relatives. What makes it even more special, is when we celebrate the holidays with a great amount of happiness.


It’s the year 2006, and it’s time to cherish every single good thing that happened. As I was staring at the cleared area (where the makeshift classrooms and the garden used to be), I was wondering… what happened in the past twelve months? Am I having a great time?

There are a lot of things happened past this point. Of course, there are only a few months left before another summer break. There’s discovering my artistic talent, and a few more anime shows to enjoy. Of course, there’s my pocket radio and the smooth jazz station I listen to on that school trip.


Well, here’s the summary of my life twelve years ago:

  • For a fourteen-year-old student [going fifteen] like me, it’s just a typical life dominated by studies, video games, music, anime… and a little bonding/hanging out with friends.
  • Since I don’t have a cell phone that time (wishing I have one back then), there’s no texting… and mobile photography. Well, I’m not into text messaging anyway, so I’ll leave that one out.
  • I don’t even have a Friendster account as well, so there’s no online experience.
  • I may not have the fastest PC that time, but I had lots of fun with some of the RPG games and the PC game Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos series.
  • I’m not into pop and rock music, and I’m lured into listening to smooth jazz and easy listening music with a touch of smooth foreign language (Brazilian and French) songs.
  • My growing interest in anime has become apparent since I’m fascinated with Sasuke of Naruto and Yugi of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as Keitaro Urashima of Love Hina and Rumina Asagi of Tokyo Underground. Oh, how I miss those days!
  • Math suddenly becomes an interesting subject for me, and Geometry is much easier than Algebra and Trigonometry. It is the only time I’m getting high grades with this subject.
  • There’s still bullying, but not as much as the rest of my high school years. There’s also a few unpleasant incidents (such as the scissor thing), but at least I didn’t see that annoying classmate from my sophomore year.
  • I get to meet some of the new BFFs, and we always wait around after school to have fun or to have a small chat before going home. We would take a short jeepney ride up to the mall, and then we head home on our own.

For me, I find the year 2005 to be the most remarkable year due to a lot of fun experiences. I happen to be in such a great mood for most of the year, and for a lot of reasons. So, will I be able to replicate it this year? Hopefully. I predicted that this year will be the same as the year 2005 so I’ve yet to see if I can make this year remarkable too.