Why I Blog: The TWATKcox’s 4th Year Special


Happy 4th anniversary, TWATKcox! So far, so good… we managed to post more than 150 posts in 4 years. And it doesn’t stop there.

It all started back in 2006 or 2007 when I try to create my own blog via Friendster Blogs, prior to establishing The Kin Keihan Times more than a year later. My posts that time were a bunch of plain nonsense, so much for a newbie in the blogging world. These posts were eventually deleted (save for the last post entitled Does Looking Back Hurts, which became the [unfinished] pre-KKT post) before starting the Kin Keihan Times.

And there I was, writing some of my personal experiences, stories and interesting short articles that were written out of emotion. I think some of the posts tell much about who I am. To be honest, I’m getting goosebumps reading some of them, but there are a few good articles worthy of being re-posted on this blog. One notable example is No, Never, And I Don’t Like.

For five years, I never thought that I’m posting some emotional nonsense and telling the entire world about how weird and emotional I was. Of course, I’m not getting enough readers (which didn’t matter to me anyway) so my former blog remains unnoticed. Even though the name of my former blog sounded catchy, I knew it’s time to get serious and start a new one. So it’s goodbye to the Kin Keihan Times and hello to The World According To KCOX.

Fast forward 2017. The way I’m blogging now is much more different than before. My blog posts had improved (and still improving), and I’m about to feature some serious issues that need to be addressed. For me, blogging is more of expressing your thoughts and insights about various topics, experiences and issues through written words, raising awareness and reaching out to your readers.

Nowadays, blogging is not just an online diary of specific knowledge. It is your very own personal website reaching to a wider audience by means of sharing various content–from stories and poems, personal or social commentaries… up to visual media such as photos and videos. There were fashion blogs, news and commentary blogs, food blogs, travel blogs… the possibilities are endless.


And now back to the question: why I blog?

We all know that blogging is a form of expression, mostly through writing. When you blog, you contribute a piece of your own history as well as your views about anything in general. We express our thoughts, our emotions, our experiences… all of these are recorded in the online portal of information [known as the internet] through blogs.

When we publish something online, what does the content say about you? Whatever you post, it contains a personality that’s so uniquely you (even for informative posts that don’t include your own personal experiences or comments). So if you’re fond of injecting humor to your posts, then you’ll be tagged as the humorous blogger who tends to keep the readers amused by your funny antics. If you keep on posting your emotional outbursts and thoughts through your posts, then you’ll be tagged as an emo blogger… you just keep on blogging away all your misery and pain. Oh well, we’re not supposed to stereotype bloggers by how they write and how they feel about writing something. After all, WE all have the right to express what’s on our minds… with certain limitations, of course.

I always feel like blogging something that happened, or anything that brings back the good old memories. Or blogging out of inspiration. You can never tell when such ideas come to mind, and you can always say it’s worth writing about. Ideas may come and go but stays with you once it’s recorded.

In the end, what matters is that we all have a privilege to express ourselves through blogging. It isn’t just about sharing our thoughts and experiences, but it’s also about sharing some valuable information for the readers. We don’t just entertain them, but we also inform and educate them as well.


And now, I’m quoting some parts of my previous posts that tells much about blogging and writing:

As a college student that time, I don’t have much experience in blogging and I only publish such random stuff. Of course, I also wrote about my elementary and high school experiences too, but it’s all about how I feel about my former classmates and how I ended up being a miserable loner. There are some commentary about what I’ve written as well, usually before, after, or in the middle of the article.

Remembering The Kin Keihan Times, (The 125th Post)

Through the years, there are some improvements on the articles being published, yet they appears to be amateurish in terms of quality. But then, I didn’t care much about what I’ve written on the blog. I enjoyed writing and posting a lot of random things, and I haven’t had a clear plan in mind regarding the blog’s future.

Remembering The Kin Keihan Times, (The 125th Post)

I know blogging can be a real challenge. Running out of creative ideas and writer’s block are my common problems, and sometimes I lack motivation to finish the article I’m currently working on, leading to a timely delay before it gets published.

Second Anniversary Post: How I Managed To Get This Far

Well, it all starts with a topic, an interest or a situation that can later transform as an inspiration. I often research a lot, out of curiosity and fascination. Pretty soon, it becomes an idea that is formed by a combination of inspiration and determination.

Ideas Coming From Me, Keihancarl

Of course, it’s not easy at the beginning, but I was able to polish my ability to write stories and articles.

Obsessions: Writing

Nowadays, I’ve been focusing more on writing articles (some of them in a series) and less on my own literary works. Also, I often rely on my own knowledge (with a little research) just to finish an article. Who knows, this might change. In fact, I had just incorporate citations/sources in my recent articles.

Third Anniversary Post: The Story Of TWATKcox… So Far

Four years and 150+ posts… just how far can we go? Well, there are a lot of ideas, topics, and opinions waiting to be expressed and written for this blog so it’s a never ending journey for a blogger like me.

TWATKcox reached its fourth year in the cyberspace. My, how time flies… so fast and so sudden. Next year, it will be this blog’s fifth year anniversary and my tenth year as a blogger. Another great reason for us to look forward to this remarkable event in TWATKcox’s history!