Alone For Comfort: A Recluse Inside The Room

Can you stand living inside your room for more than 100 days?  3 weeks? 5 days? Or even 24 hours? I’m sure most of you can’t. But what about those who can?

You probably see them in anime and manga. Just imagine being Tatsuhiro Satou of Welcome To The NHK, a socially withdrawn hikikomori who rarely leaves his apartment and relies on his family for his allowance. Well, that kind of scenario not only happens in anime or manga, but it also happens in real life.


I’m the kind of person who rarely goes out of the house owing to having a computer with a good internet connection. Okay, I don’t usually stay inside my room since it’s just a small space to live in (not to mention it’s kind of claustrophobic). But being cooped up inside the house isn’t really a fun thing to do after all. Sometimes, I need to go out too.

Oh well, I’m pretty used to staying inside the house for 20+ hours a day. I’m not the kind of person who goes out of the house and hangs out on the streets often. It’s just that I’m more interested in surfing the net than roaming the streets for some interesting activity. After all, the streets are dominated by bystanders and uncouth kids, unlike before. I only go out to buy some snacks or stuff for dinner. But going out of the house just for a short walk? Yeah, I do this on occasion, but not for more than ten minutes and that’s that.

I know how it feels to be confined to a tiny space with anything you need for survival, without the desire to leave or travel. I simply love going out and going somewhere, so I always cringe at the thought of locking yourself up in your room just to avoid the pressures of the outside world. Just imagine yourself living in isolation at the comfort of your room, surrounded by four walls and piles of stuff.


Reclusive people isolate themselves from the society. They simply refuse to leave the house and avoid people. They do this for a lot of reasons, primarily due to societal adversity.

I may have endured staying at home and not seeing my friends, but I’m starting to pay the price for being a recluse. Over time, I’m starting to feel weak and depressed, but I always find ways to keep myself busy and to return to my old self. I sometimes fear that I might lose the ability to talk, my poor communication skills are pretty evident. I don’t know, but my pessimistic attitude shows how stubborn I can be sometimes.

Despite this, I still find comfort in being a recluse due to the fact that I don’t always have to go out of the house just to bump into someone I knew… not that I’m avoiding them. Being a shy person, I’m not ready for unexpected meetings if I ever see them. Also, there are times when my introverted self-convince me to enjoy the comfort of staying at home (though I always enjoy going out by myself).


To be honest, I decided that being a recluse is a terrible experience for a person. But then again, it’s not a bad idea to disconnect yourself from the rest of the world every once in a while, as long as it doesn’t affect the way you’re living and you’re not drawn to social isolation.