Fascination With Night And Darkness

Sometimes, light does not provide the necessary comfort a person needs, and a person doesn’t need light in order to feel comfortable in whatever situation they’re in. There are times when a person needs to shun the light in order to calm their mind, to focus on their task, or to reflect on the things that happened. At times, darkness provides the feeling of being alone, without anyone or anything to interfere with your relaxation or comfort.

My obsession with darkness began when I finally overcome the fear of the dark. The thought of staying inside the room without the lights on while brainstorming and working on my upcoming story, or simply reflect on my not-so-cheerful past really excites me. In fact, I wanted to write an explicitly dark story surrounded by the dark atmosphere of my room. That should do since I’m not comfortable working in the open where anyone can just walk by and sneak up behind me.

This obsession with darkness is best coupled with countless random thoughts and ideas. Depending on what kind of situation you’re in, it can either be a good thing or a bad thing.


The keyword here is nyctophilia (sometimes called scotophilia), a preference for the night or darkness. Nothing much is explained yet, so my assumption is that nyctophiles love darkness and they are fond of doing some of the activities while being surrounded by darkness.

Nyctophilia generally applies to people who find peace, happiness, and relaxation in the dark. People who experienced a great deal of sadness and depression find comfort in the dark in order to express their frustrations and morbid thoughts about their lives. Creative people would rather work at night in order to calm their minds and focus on their work. Insomniacs tend to enjoy being up throughout the night, though this is usually a cause for concern for some people. Nyctophilia is more of a psychological condition since it usually deals with emotional attraction to darkness and its calming effect on the person’s mind.^

The term is relatively new to me, and there is no definite information found on the internet. Some people thought of it as a sexual arousal from the dark or nighttime.^ It is unclear if it is really a mental disorder that requires treatment and therapy. But I don’t think there is a case where a person who loves staying up late just to enjoy the darkness of the night can be admitted to the psychiatric ward just for this obsession.


The love of night and darkness… what a wonderful obsession it is! Oh well, this term is relatively new to me, but I’m sure this will be an interesting topic, especially for the people who are no longer afraid of the dark.

May the darkness of the night be beneficial to you (if you’re into it).