Life, From A Commoner’s Perspective

Life is ordinary. Pretty ordinary. And boring.


What is it like being a commoner?

Being a commoner is being ordinary… a plain and boring person. A person without a rank or title. A person who’s neither special or extraordinary. Anyway, why would I call myself a plain and boring person? It’s not like I don’t have a lot of achievements or anything like that.

Well, a commoner’s life can be plain ordinary, but they’re the type of people who tend to take time living their lives and does not engage themselves in a lot of activities. A commoner’s life is more of a private one, and it’s not the kind of life worth talking about.

A commoner usually enjoys a simple and contented life, sometimes with envy. They don’t care much about aspiring to be rich and/or popular, but at times they often wish they were. As long as they’re living a meaningful and peaceful life, that’s all that matters.

Being a commoner, I always feel that I’m largely forgotten by others since I’m not that popular. Like for example, I always keep tabs on my friends through Facebook and seeing much of their uploaded pictures featuring various interesting activities and adventures makes me wish I could do the same. I mean, I have my goals but I’m stuck to where I was, due to the fact that I can’t do better. Well, I have some interesting posts too, but they garner little to no likes. Does this mean that being a commoner means getting unnoticed since they’re not as interesting as the others? Probably, probably not.

Being a commoner, I’m not associated with a group of people. I don’t have the right to be in a group full of people with amazing skills and interests, as well as abilities. I don’t fit in any group, and I’m fine with it for as long as I’m not like them. I declare myself a misfit, and I’m fine with it for as long as I care.

Being a commoner, I sometimes aspire to be popular but I don’t have the ability to be liked by everyone. I don’t have the charm, and I don’t have the necessary abilities to amaze them. In other words, I’m nothing. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do better.


All right, so what is life from a commoner’s perspective?

It depends on how you see it, so there’s no definite answer. But here are my thoughts about the life of a commoner.

For a commoner, life is full of dreams and ambition, at times envy and bitterness. They’re wishing for a brighter future and a better life, and they’re working hard in order to rise above the rest. But of course, they always see life as a challenge, they tend to compete against the better ones.

The unfortunate ones would simply comment about their miserable life. They have mixed feelings about living in an unfair world, feeling miserable about the successful lives of some people and feeling uncomfortable about being trampled on by others. They always believe that the powerful and influential people have the right to rule the world and they don’t.

In the end, the simplicity of a commoner’s life should not be the reason why they tend to be bitter over their unfortunate, unprivileged life. Yes, they see life as a challenge and a struggle, but they somehow manage to get through without making so much noise. It’s purely dedication and inspiration that keeps them motivated, away from the so-called unfortunate and unprivileged life that the commoners claim and complain about.


Life is ordinary. Pretty ordinary. And boring. For a commoner, there’s nothing extraordinary about the life they’re living, and it all comes down to contentment and envy. And it takes a lot of good work for them to get noticed, and to get the necessary rank to be looked upon. Well, that’s the way it is.