i150W: Obsessions

Let’s define obsession. It’s basically a preoccupation or the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire.^ 

There are some things that we are so obsessed with. It could be a person, an item, or anything that’s worth the preoccupation. But while your mind is preoccupied with your obsessions, you tend to crave for it more than you should, up to the point where the changes in a person’s behavior become noticeable. At times it tends to get disturbing and inappropriate and may require professional help.

We all have our own obsessions in life. Whether it’s a hobby that you’re so engrossed about or collecting various things… or filling your mind with thoughts about that person, there’s always a reason for every kind of obsession. There’s nothing wrong with being obsessed about something, for as long as it’s not a product of a disturbing thought.