My Quirky Ways

You always thought of me as strange, weird, and at times awkward. Well, I don’t mind.

I feel like I’m different from the rest of the bunch, not that I refuse to be one of them. It’s just that I want to follow my own trend. And the way I act, I tend to be awkward at all times, even if I try not to act like one.

Perhaps, there’s something in my quirky personality and/or my behavior that is, well, intriguing for a normal person. That’s okay, we all have our quirky ways and it’s not that kind of creepy. I probably got used to it as I grow up. There’s no reason to be put off by my strangeness, I’m perfectly fine… except that I’m (a little/quite/entirely) different from the rest of the bunch.


Now that you (probably) understand what it means to live an unusual life, let me share some of these facts about myself:

  • Fashion–Yes, you always see me dress differently from the rest of the bunch. I love the unconventional way of dressing up (such as wearing knee length coats and knitted vests) and adding various accessories (such as ribbons or ties) to what I usually wear in order to achieve a certain look. I always do this regardless of the fashion trends, climate and/or the people’s reactions on the way I dress. For me, fashion is an expression of who you are. In other words, “you are what you dress”.
  • Food–I love to cook, and I love to make certain modifications and additions to the recipe. Like adding pork cracklings (chicharon) to the pancit bihon or onion leeks to the creamy macaroni soup. It’s basically my preference, though there are some people who disapprove this kind of experimentation. Oh well, I’m actually planning to bake a chicken, marinated in adobo sauce and served with potatoes.
  • Places and itineraries–I generally follow a pattern of places to visit, especially along a certain route. This is done to save time and money, I’m always that efficient. Also, I always make sure that every corner of the mall is visited. I don’t know, but I usually do this out of curiosity, and then it becomes a habit. And of course, I always do this while listening to a set playlist. Some of the songs serve as a signal, like when I should be in this area or a certain place when that particular song is played.
  • Writing stories and articles–There’s no set time to write about various light topics, but there is a set time when I’m writing emotional and dark themed articles and stories. I’m not comfortable writing emotional and dark themed articles and stories in daytime and with people roaming around the house, so I generally do this at night, when everyone else is asleep.
  • Listening to music and watching anime series–Light and easy listening music generally tops the choice of music for midday to afternoon listening, while emotionally haunting music is reserved for late night listening. At times, I listen to a smooth jazz station while listening to my own playlist during Sunday nights, until 2:00 AM the next day. I sometimes listen to an upbeat or relaxing track on loop when I feel like it. Watching anime series on my smartphone while cooking dinner is more of an unusual multitasking activity, but at times I watch certain anime shows on my PC.
  • On friends and persons of interest–I always tend to be shy and awkward around my friends and classmates, and I had a hard time expressing myself properly. Just seeing some of their pictures on Facebook and Instagram gives me this strange feeling. I tend to feel awkward when I run into some of my male friends and classmates or see their (cute or embarrassing) photos, and I tend to act (a little) strange around my female friends and classmates.
  • Interests–My choice of music (usually jazz and easy listening) and shows to watch (especially anime and informative shows) sets me apart from the rest of my peers, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to remark on how unusual I am due to my choices. To each their own.
  • Expression–I tend to be cryptic when it comes to expressing myself. Maybe it’s the fear of humiliation I’m experiencing right now or I was really the quiet person and I had a hard time expressing myself verbally.
  • Obsessions–There are some kinds of obsessions that can be perceived as weird or unusual. In this case, I love downloading some interesting fan art pictures of my favorite male characters from different anime series and use them as a PC or smartphone wallpaper. Some of these fan art pics feature the characters in their cute sleeping positions, some of them drooling. So much for the obsession, but whatever.


Yeah, now that I share some weird facts about myself, you thought… what’s with this person, watching anime while cooking or listening to a radio station while listening to his own playlist? All right, so these are my common (weird) rituals that may seem strange to you, but something that I do anyway. Like I said, we all have our quirky ways. We just have to live with it.