Quirkiness Through Fashion

Ever wonder why I always dress like that? It’s because I can express myself better through my unusual outfits.

It’s no secret that I’m heavily influenced by what I see on TV, magazines, manga books, anime shows, and the internet. The good looking guys get to enjoy what they wear, whether it’s a simple outfit or an unusually creative one. More than ten years ago, I was hoping to be creative when it comes to outfits, but my mom insists on making me wear simple outfits. But that changed during the first half of my first year in college.


It all starts with my [simple] color combination outfit of red shirt and black slacks. I had to admit, I was trying to make a good impression by means of dressing up nicely. And then it was followed by a series of double layered outfits, mostly button up shirts on top of my colored and graphic shirts. I only get to do this during enrollments and certain events such as my friends’ birthdays.

Back in college, I bought a couple of hoodie jackets (red and black) and a maroon fleece zipper vest. These are sometimes worn on top of my school uniform, for a cool student look. And it doesn’t stop there.

After graduating from college, my affinity for unusual outfits has developed. Since 2013, I bought a khaki blazer coat, a beige coat, a black wool coat, a black spandex blazer, a black knitted cardigan, a plain black baseball shirt, a black knitted vest, a black cotton cardigan, a black knitted blazer, and a black fleece knee-length coat. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a hard time deciding on my next outfit the moment I plan my next trip.


Well, let me share some thoughts about donning quirky outfits.

Being a creative person, I generally don’t follow the latest fashion trends and I find simple outfits boring. Maybe I want to stand out from the rest, but it’s the joy of wearing an unusual outfit that counts.

I love mixing and matching, with the clothes I have in my closet. Since then, I’m used to wearing layered outfits, usually button shirts on top of the usual colored/graphic T-shirts. More recently, I started wearing jackets, blazers, knee-length coats and knitted vests over my black anime T-shirt. As for the pants, I always wear black slacks.

I always consider color combinations when it comes to outfits. My favorite color combinations are black and gray, black and red, black and orange, and black and brown. At times, when I feel like it, I wear all-black. But of course, I can always pair black with any color, even pink. You can never go wrong with black, right?

Sometimes, my narcissism is getting real apparent. I always believe that I look good in these unusual (but good looking) outfits. Of course, some people may find it strange that they thought I am completely out of this world… well, not exactly that. I owe this fashion creativity to the now defunct Yahoo Avatars, where I can dress up my avatar in a more fashionable way. Isn’t that amazing?


All right, here are some of my ideas for a creative OOTD (outfit of the day).

  • I love wearing layered outfits, so I’ll start with the inner clothing. It’s basically a t-shirt or a collared shirt, plain one or with print. I usually prefer black or any dark color for a t-shirt, or any color for a collared shirt.
  • Color combination matters. Most colors go well with black. Some color combinations, however, can be an eyesore for some, especially if they don’t match (like yellow-blue).
  • Hoodie jackets, zipper vests, baseball shirts and button shirts are perfect for t-shirts. Knitted vests and cardigans are perfect for collar shirts. Blazers and coats can be worn with either a t-shirt or a collared shirt, depending on your preference.
  • For pants, I always go for neutral colors such as black, gray and brown. Most of the time, it’s always black. I always wear slacks or chino trousers.
  • Some accessories (such as my sun visor hats, flat top caps, fingerless gloves and a canvas belt) are always in black, in order to match my mostly black outfit. Though all of my socks are in black, I also have a pair of red socks, which I wear on occasion.
  • A black handkerchief tied on your wrist or an improvised ribbon neck tie can add character to your OOTD. A tribal necklace, a leather bracelet or a nice pocket watch can enhance your [otherwise] simple outfit.