Awkwardness Is…

Awkwardness can either spell coolness or disaster… depending on how awkward the situation is. Well, there’s a possibility of encountering (and experiencing) such awkward moments, and this happens due to a variety of reasons.


Awkwardness is… when my movements aren’t that perfect. Well, I am like that. I tend to look around while I’m walking as if I’m doing some sightseeing. Maybe I was admiring the storefronts and the surroundings, and sometimes the interiors. But I don’t think they’ll see this as normal. So I’m awkward then?

Awkwardness is… when I ask a wrong question. Like for example, when I ask a cool-looking cosplayer regarding what anime series does the character [he was cosplaying] appear, only to be told that it was something else (like a video game or an online game). I couldn’t hear what he was saying due to the crowd cheers at the otaku event, so I ended up nodding without understanding everything. I was a little embarrassed by my wrong question but I quickly recovered and went on to listen to the panel forum about fandom. Well, sometimes, asking a wrong question can be embarrassing to both the person who was asking and the person being asked.

Awkwardness is… when I said something irrelevant. Case in point, when everybody’s talking about an anime series and someone was blurting out some reference(s) unrelated to what they’re talking about. A simple mistake of saying irrelevant remarks and comments turn into an embarrassing mistake.

Awkwardness is… when there’s a misunderstanding. It would be embarrassing to think that you may have gotten the right message, only to be told that it’s something else.

Awkwardness is… when you’re clumsy enough to cause a mishap, like accidentally crashing into a buffet table or accidentally kiss someone (which is purely unintentional but made intentional by someone who witnessed the incident). Seriously, accidents do happen and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but then it might have an impact on their dignity if it involves touching someone in an inappropriate place.

Awkwardness is… when you fail to perform your duty or obligation. Well, there’s a way to redeem yourself, but the embarrassment you got from a bunch of failures may still cost you your dignity and/or your reputation.

Awkwardness is… when you’re caught in an embarrassing act. I need not elaborate on this one.


We all have our awkward experiences, and some of them are really embarrassing that we don’t want any part of it to be brought up. But, on the bright side, awkwardness can alert us of our social expectations and boundaries, and motivate us in order to avoid repeating the same mistake over and over again.^

Whatever we do, we tend to get the attention of the people. So for example, when your pants fall down to reveal a hideous pair of boxers, there’s a tendency that you’ll attract unwanted attention. It may be unintentional, but it can be embarrassingly awkward for the guy. Another example is when your clumsiness caused a series of untoward incidents. It’s not your fault that you’re clumsy, but people see it as a case of carelessness, so that’s considered a pretty awkward situation.

Of course, there are some awkward situations that don’t attract attention. Like when you approach someone you thought was familiar, only to end up feeling embarrassed because you actually approached a wrong person. Well, that happened to me a few times, and I never approach anyone again, except if I really know the person.

There are ways to redeem yourself during these awkward moments. Take a deep breath, relax, and act as if nothing happened. Apologize if you have to. And don’t let these awkward moments in life affect you personally and emotionally.


In the end, these awkward situations in life are not meant to make you feel embarrassed about your actions. These may actually serve as a guide in order for you to not repeat the same mistakes again.

To be honest, sometimes it’s cool to be awkward… as long as it’s socially and morally acceptable. After all, we all have our awkward moments too.