i150W: Traffic

How frustrating can it get, especially when you’re caught in a horrendous traffic? Just imagine getting stuck in a so-called parking lot in the middle of the road, complete with the sight of red lights and the sound of vehicle horns… enough to keep you frustrated on the road.

The recent developments and infrastructure projects in the city can contribute to the worsening traffic, as well as large-scale events and rallies. And of course, the motorists’ lack of discipline on the road. Even acts of nature such as floods and landslides (caused by a heavy rain) can add to this [worldly] problem.

Traffic can cause stress, tardiness, high blood pressure, uncontrolled rage, and other related problems. To avoid these problems, make sure to plan ahead, be updated on the latest traffic updates, leave home early, chill down and relax, listen to music, and find an alternate route to your destination.