Keihancarl’s Guide To Budget City Travel

Once again, this is me Keihancarl, your fashionable city traveler. In the last five years, I’ve always visited a lot of places in the metro, particularly shopping malls and townships, sometimes parks and downtown areas. It’s becoming an obsession for me, but it is something that I enjoy very much that I often do this.

Yes, every city travel comes with an expense, mostly on food and transportation fare. But how can I enjoy a city travel without having to spend too much?


You don’t have to spend too much just for a nice travel in the city. Here are some of my tips for a worry-free budget travel:

  • Plan ahead–Yes, there’s no better way than to plan your [city] trip ahead. It doesn’t matter whether it’s inside or outside Metro Manila, or even outside the country. But let’s focus on the former, as this is the primary focus of this post. Anyway, planning ahead is essentially helpful not just in avoiding traffic or following your intended itinerary, but also for your budget since you wouldn’t have to take too much transportation just to get to a place, which is accessible by just a single jeepney/bus/van/train ride.
  • Do some research–Of course, part of planning for a city trip (especially if it’s your first time going there) is doing some research on how to get there, which shops offer the best deals, trying out great food at an affordable price, upcoming events, and so on.
  • Budget everything and keep track of your expenses–This is a must for budget travelers for we sometimes don’t stick to our budget and tend to spend too much on anything (food, shopping, amusement) without tracking the expenses. Also, it’s important to set aside some budget for emergency situations, these may come in handy if something unexpected happens. Always remember to have a breakdown of expenses, to see where your pocket money goes. Alternatively, you can always calculate on how much you’ve already spent along the way, to see how much pocket money you have left.
  • Follow the one-way rule–All right, so I probably made this up, but the purpose of this rule is to be able to visit every place on your itinerary while following a single direction, from the nearest (first) destination up to the farthest (last) destination and either going straight back or taking a different route to the starting point. Of course, there are times when your starting point is in the middle of the two destinations. In that case, you’ll have to prioritize the possible first destination on either side of the stretch, depending on your preference. This is mainly for time management, but of course, this can be economical too.
  • Visit as many places as possible on a single trip–Don’t just focus on visiting a single place just to spend an hour and then heading back afterwards, especially if it’s located far from your place. If you’re planning on visiting another place within the same vicinity, then why not do it on the same day instead of another time? Combining two or more places to visit within the same area or vicinity is much more economical than visiting other places at different times.
  • Consider walking, especially if it’s just a short distance to your next destination–Nothing beats walking to the next nearest destination. It’s economical and healthy at the same time.
  • Cut back on unnecessary expenses–This you should always keep in mind, especially if you’re doing a little shopping on the side. A little luxury isn’t a bad idea, but if you’re on a budget city travel then you should know better than buying some useless stuff (that you’ll never need eventually) or drinking expensive coffee. Priorities, my dear.
  • Try bringing some snacks with you–Or alternatively, you can buy some food and drinks (like biscuits, fruit juices or some chips) at the supermarket. Although you can buy these at a convenience store, chances are they’re a little expensive unless you wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for it.


Oh, what fun it is to go out and visit a lot of places! But of course, there’s always a good reason to be mindful of your spending habits, especially if you tend to spend a lot of money on such luxury. There’s no need for you to spend too much, all it takes is careful planning and budgeting the trip.

So from here on, may you have a fun and safe travel… on a budget!