A Prank Goes Overboard

Pranks can be entertaining if it doesn’t hurt anybody, right?

Many years ago, my friends are much into pranks, and I don’t have a problem with it. However, not all of their pranks are funny, sometimes it ended up in a not-so-good manner that the fun part ends. You can always say that a simple prank will always be a simple prank until something else happens.


Pranks are something to laugh or cringe about. It can be a simple practical joke or a hardcore one that may cause injuries or may cost you your friendship with the person you played a prank at. Just so you know, it is supposed to be a nonviolent way of having fun, but it’s considered bullying if it involves violence or cruelty, and/or if it’s done in a not-so-good manner.

Okay, so what is the actual definition of the word prank? The word prank is synonymous with playing tricks/practical jokes on someone and ends up with a good laugh. It is always attributed to mischief or a wicked deed, but it is meant to be a lighthearted way of surprising someone or make a person feel humbled or foolish, but not victimized or humiliated.^

But there are some people who would use this as an opportunity to victimize people, inducing fear or rage to their victims. The victims, in response, may either retaliate or suffer from a mix of depression, fear, or frustration over a mean prank. The worst case of response can be really deadly.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy when it comes to these kinds of things. It’s just that some people tend to overdo it at times, and it isn’t really nice at all.


What happens when a prank goes overboard?

  • There’s a possibility of an accident–Sometimes, people do outrageous pranks that may cause accidents to pranksters and/or their victims. Since pranks are usually done with a surprise attack, there’s a possibility of an accident if the person executing the prank isn’t careful.
  • It becomes a case of bullying–If it’s done cruelly, it automatically becomes bullying. And bullying is no fun.
  • It ends up in violence–If the victim didn’t like what the prankster did to him/her, then there’s a possibility of a violent retaliation. It could be a brawl between a prankster and a victim, or a victim pulling a gun at the prankster.
  • It may end up in a legal case–If the prank ends up in an accident that leads to a victim’s disability or death, there’s a chance that the victim’s family may file a charge against the pranksters.
  • You may be liable for damage to property–Some pranks may end up in arson and property damage, prompting the owner/s to make the pranksters pay for all the damages the prank has caused.
  • You may be liable for such disruptions–Well, there are some pranks that may cause alarm to some people in the vicinity. Bomb jokes, gun toting folks (using fake guns), fake threats, etc., may cause a great deal of commotion that these are no longer considered as pranks, but a case of disturbance that may end up in a legal case against the perpetrator.
  • It may cost you your future–Take note of this. If a prank goes wrong and involves a series of unfortunate incidents such as arson, property damage or the death of a victim, then there’s a chance that these pranksters may get more than a simple punishment. For students, it may be a suspension or an expulsion, depending on the gravity of their actions. For seniors, it means being barred from attending school graduation. As for the rest, it’s criminal liability. Whatever it is, your future is tainted.


All right, so there are some cases where a prank goes overboard. It’s a great deal of trouble to get yourself involved in doing outrageous pranks against a potential victim, but you’re in a bigger trouble if your pranks involve someone getting hurt or seriously injured… or worse, sustain life threatening injuries that may lead to death. Of course, you’re always responsible for your actions, so don’t even think of pulling a prank on someone and run off when things go wrong and leave your victim/s in a great deal of pain.

Not all pranks are bad. But of course, you certainly knew better than to do outrageous things that may cause harm or trouble.