A Feast For The Eyes

A good feast calls for a good presentation.

So it’s holiday season once again, and some of us are already planning a great holiday feast that involves a variety of dishes that are commonly served at parties and events. It is the perfect time for a family gathering, feasting on mouth-watering dishes that makes it truly heartwarming.


So much food, so much fun. It’s really hard to resist such mouth-watering foods, especially if they’re attractively delicious. Just looking at them makes you feel full.

It’s no secret why some people are attracted to some of the food served on the table. The colors, the arrangement, and the way how it’s done… just looking at them can really make my mouth water, not to mention the delicious smell that wafts my nose. Somehow, the aesthetic appeal of the food served on the table can really help in upping someone’s appetite and enjoy a sumptuous feast.

So here are some tips and ideas for making your dishes look good and picture-worthy:

A Variety Of Colors

Some dishes are made with various ingredients including meat and vegetables. A colorful stew can be made with meat or seafood, an assortment of vegetables such as red and green bell peppers,  carrots and/or potatoes, and other great additions to the stew. A simple roast can be decorated with sides, such as mashed potatoes, carrot or potato sticks, and slices of cucumber. If you’re creative enough to come up with a colorful dish, then you can actually make one. Of course, it’s important to make sure that each of the ingredients compliments each other.


Finger foods and some fried foods can look great if they’re arranged properly.  You can even place the sauce at the center or at the side, depending on your preference. For garden salads, the assorted greens, vegetables, some fruits, and other ingredients can be arranged for a more artistic appeal.

Garnishes And Sauces

Garnishes and sauces do wonders for any dish. Pasta dishes can be sprinkled with cheese, parsley, or basil. For fillets and steaks, a drizzle of the sauce can make the otherwise boring dish look (and taste) delicious.


It may sound like decorating a pizza, but it really does wonders in bringing out the beauty of a dish. A rice dish called paella can be topped with some seafood, meat, vegetables, and sliced egg. Some desserts, especially cakes, can be topped with a choice of fruit or nuts.


Food carving is a culinary work of art, usually done by artists or chefs. You can always see such works of art in hotels and restaurants, and at times, catering services. It doesn’t have to be extravagant for a typical holiday feast, just a simple rosette of flowers made from vegetable peelings will do. All you need is a proper tool (such as a paring knife) to achieve this.


The sight of mouth-watering foods can really make you hungry, but the sight of the dishes served on the table can really tempt you into trying every dish. Maybe the color of the ingredients, garnishes, and some toppings really helped in making some dishes (and maybe the entire feast) more appetizing, and picture-friendly too.

Yup, a good feast calls for a good presentation… and a good presentation makes a livelier, heartier feast.


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