The Year 2017: TWATKcox’s Year-End Post Special

Time flies fast, and we’re close to switching to a new year. But before that, let’s have a recap of some of the posts for this year. I featured 30 articles for the year-end post special.

The Holiday Hangover

As the holiday season ends, there’s always a holiday hangover. This post tackles the struggle of switching back to normal after enjoying a lengthy holiday break, as well as some tips on how to overcome your holiday hangover.

The Year 2005: One Remarkable Year (The 150th Post Special)

A lengthy post about the remarkable things that happened in my life during that year. It includes my awesome summer vacation, my sudden interest in watching anime shows, discovering new interests, and my fascination with smooth jazz.

Why I Blog: The TWATKcox’s 4th Year Special

Blogging sure is a great way to express yourself. Anyway, this post tells much about my blogging experience, and why I started blogging. It also includes some snippets from my former blog, the Kin Keihan Times.

Alone For Comfort: A Recluse Inside The Room

I know how it feels like to be a recluse, so I wrote this. It includes my thoughts about being a recluse, as well as some reference from the anime series Welcome To The NHK since the show is basically about the main character Tatsuhiro Satou, who is a hikikomori (a Japanese term for recluse).

Fascination With Night And Darkness

I have this obsession with being surrounded by darkness. I actually discovered the term nyctophilia while I was browsing the internet and I just happened to appreciate the darkness of the night so that’s how I come up with this post.

Comfort Through Darkness (A Thought)

At the same time, I was seeking comfort through the darkness, as a result of being a loner for a very long time. This post explains the reason why I’m lured into the dark side of life.

The Dangers Of [High] Expectations [E]

Having high expectations can be pretty dangerous and disadvantageous to a person, whether in daily life, at school or at work.

The Missing Moments Of My Life

There are some things that I never get to do during high school and college. And so, I decided to recall some activities that I could have done back then, but didn’t.

Goodbye, Student Life (Timeline College Series #18)

The last post in the Timeline College Series focused solely on my college graduation. Coincidentally, it was published five years after my college graduation back in 2012.

My Quirky Ways

I know I’m different from the rest, and I can live with it. This post tells about my non-conformist lifestyle and my unusual creativity, as well as my weird rituals and habits.

Expressions, In Light And Dark: The Six Poems, Written By KCOX [L]

Initially, I was planning to write six stories for this special literary post, but I ended up writing six poems instead. It consists of three light-themed poems and three dark-themed poems.

Fantasies, In Real Life

I wrote this article as a homage to my imaginary fantasies. I admit that I’m still drawn to make-believe fantasies, even though I’m already in my mid-20’s. Well, this post covers everything about my childhood make-believe fantasies and my high level of imagination.

A Cynical Life [E]

Sometimes, I tend to have negative views on life. It’s hard to believe how I can be pessimist and cynical at times, especially when it comes to my future plans and my unfulfilled goals in life. But it isn’t at all bad.

Shyness Is A State Of Mind…

Being a shy person, it’s really difficult for me to accomplish certain tasks and activities such as applying for an OJT on my own, asking a salesman regarding the item on the shelf you’re about to buy or even going to a friend’s house without feeling anxiety. Dealing with shyness really takes a lot of courage and determination to overcome this.

Quirkiness Through Fashion

I usually find myself donning unusual outfits whenever I go out. This post is all about my obsession with unusual but cool looking outfits, as well as providing some ideas for a creative outfit that you can call your own.

Awkwardness Is…

I just couldn’t help feeling awkward in some situations, so I decided to write this post. Anyway, it’s all about socially awkward experiences and how to deal with it.

School Days: Achievements, Activities, Moments, And Experiences / My Thoughts About School And The Importance Of Education

This two-part special post tells about my elementary and high school life, as well as my thoughts and the importance of education. A very timely post for the start of a school year, which actually begins in June.

The Writer With An Attitude (175th Post Special) [E]

The 175th post special focused on my perfectionist attitude as a writer-blogger. Seriously, I always keep proclaiming myself as a perfectionist with an attitude, as if anyone cares. But that should explain who I really am, especially when I’m currently at work with a story or an article.

A Grudge Caused By A Miserable Past [E]

Inspired by a not-so-friendly encounter with my classmates in high school on April Fools’ Day (fourth-year high school classmates, to be more specific), it tells much about holding grudges against the people who made someone’s life miserable, as well as its consequences.

#Throwback: Lagro Revisited

A throwback post about revisiting the place (where my high school is) back in 2014. I was actually heading to a shawarma place but I also decided to pass by my high school, and possibly the street where My Awesome Classmate lives. To be honest, there’s nothing special about this revisit, but I did it anyway.

The Dangers Of Wearing All-Black

Since I started wearing all-black, I tend to become emo at times and I feel kind of strange too. Anyway, this should give you the idea why wearing all-black can be harmful to your emotional well-being.

Keihancarl’s Guide To Budget City Travel

I tend to go out and visit every mall in the metropolis, as well as some places of interest. So here’s a post that will help you manage your time and expenses on every trip, in and out of town.

A Prank Goes Overboard

Not all pranks are funny, that’s why I decided to write this post in order to spread awareness on the consequences of committing unnecessary pranks against an individual or a group of people. Sounds like a killjoy advice coming from a prank victim, but I don’t care.

What It Means To Be Cool (And Look Cool)

The definition of cool can be either good or bad. Being cool is something to be desired, but it can also be a life-changing experience, especially in your lifestyle.

Night Shift

This special post deals with the pros and cons of working the night shift (also known as the graveyard shift), as well as my brief experience as a call center agent in a BPO company in Makati.

The Dangers Of Anxiety [E]

Too much anxiety can be harmful to your well-being. So I wrote this to inform the people about the dangers of extreme anxiety and its negative effects on your physical and emotional well-being.

The Thoughts Of A Person

Sometimes, my thoughts are motivating me to do something. But then, there are times when I was thinking about weird and/or negative thoughts, and that’s something to write about.

Pretty Normal… Not!

I’m not a normal person, that’s for sure. It’s actually similar to My Quirky Ways, but I’m mostly focusing on my mannerisms and strange behavior, which are generally a cause of concern for some.

The Disadvantage Of Spending…

These days, I find myself spending a lot on my mall-hopping trips and some useful and not-so-useful stuff. Well, this post explains the downside of spending money on some expensive or useless stuff, as well as overspending.

A Feast For The Eyes

What good is a feast if the food presentation’s not pleasing enough to the hungry eye? Oh well, this should serve as a guide to those who are planning a sumptuous feast but worried about how it would look like on the table. Just the basics though, since I’m no expert at food preparation.


It sure was a prolific year for TWATKcox-WP, having published 49 posts (50 including this one), and that’s what I called a great achievement. Anyway, may the next year be as prolific as this one.

From Keihancarl in Manila, we all wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hooray for 2018!