Mornings, Alarms, And Waking Up

I’m an occasional morning person, but most of the time I’m usually asleep until about noontime. Well, it seems like I’m kind of used to this lifestyle, something that I really enjoyed as a NEET. Oh dear, it looks like I’m gonna be like that until I can find a suitable job, which is practically close to impossible.

Anyway, the thought of waking up early is something I can really live with, but then I won’t be able to enjoy the quiet late nights since I really should be in bed around that time. Yes, I still enjoy being a morning person but only when I feel like it.


Most of the time, I woke up at around 10 to 11 in the morning since I generally stay up late every night. I generally set my alarm at 10 AM on weekdays and Saturdays and 9 AM on Sundays. At times, I set the alarm a few hours earlier whenever I feel like going out early on that day, mostly on Saturdays.

Okay, so setting up an alarm may prove to be helpful for those who struggled with waking up early, but there are certain instances wherein a person tends to fall back to sleep a few minutes after the alarm rings, or would sleep through it. Sometimes, alarm clocks have the tendency to disrupt one’s sleep, especially if it’s incredibly loud to be heard outside the room.

In my case, I tend to wake up without getting off the bed before the alarm rings. Oh well, my bed is right beside the window, and the brightness of the sun prompted me to wake up even before the alarm rings. At times, I woke up to the sounds coming from outside my room, usually my brother and sister-in-law getting ready to go to work. But then, it’s not yet time to get up so I fall back to sleep for a couple more hours.

Mornings can be a perfect time to look forward to the good things that will happen throughout the day. But while I sometimes enjoy a sunny morning, I don’t get to enjoy this every day as I always slept through it. But when I do, I always feel excited about the good things that are bound to happen that day.


Mornings, alarms, and waking up. It means that you are to get up in the morning by means of setting your alarm to a specific time, not later than 9:00 AM. In this case, there are some things you need to consider when you’re trying to become a morning person.

Having enough sleep is very crucial, especially if you’re adjusting to a new shift. So if you’re used to staying up late at night, then you might reconsider going to bed a little early. You’ll have to do this repeatedly until you get used to it. Of course, make sure you don’t make sudden changes in your sleeping habits or you might end up feeling tired throughout the day.

On setting the alarm, make sure that it is set to the time that’s suitable for you. If you set your alarm to a particular time and ended up sleeping through it or sleeping again after being awakened by the alarm, then you may reconsider setting the alarm a little later than that.

Being a morning person sure has benefits, especially when it comes to a person’s well-being. How nice it is to wake up when the sun rises and you don’t even need an alarm clock for you to get up and enjoy the morning. When will I get to enjoy this kind of life once again?


One of these days, I’m planning to reset my body clock probably as a preparation for a change in routine. For now, I can only get used to this kind of life until I really have to.