I Have My Own Personal Issues, So What? [E]

The writer with an attitude, that’s what I often describe myself. But of course, some of you simply wouldn’t buy it because I don’t actually look like it. Oh well, whatever.

In case you’re not aware, I tend to get pretty temperamental depending on the situation. I always try my best to be friendly at all times and avoid anything that will tarnish my reputation as a writer. Okay, I may not be that popular, but I’m pretty much concerned with the fact that there are some nosy people who are snooping in other people’s business. What’s worse, they have this nasty habit of digging up something unpleasant from a person’s private life and spreading it around like a news item. Yes, a person’s life is like a book, but not everything in that book is meant to be read by anybody. In other words, anything private should be kept private at all times.

All right, so I’ll just let you in on some of my possible personal issues that I’m currently dealing with right now. Just don’t you dare fabricate everything you read on this post, or else I’ll do anything to shut you up. I’m pretty serious here.

The Writer With A [Bad] Attitude

I’m pretty much a temperamental person in some ways, courtesy of my perfectionism and my inherited bad attitude from my dad. First of all, I do have a tendency to talk back to elders (especially to my dad), something that can raise a red flag for disrespect. So yeah, I’m pretty much like that at times, but not to the ones I truly care about.

I also tend to show my rebellious side at times, since I always felt that I’m clearly at a disadvantage due to my inability to assert my authority. I grudgingly follow orders and I show my disdain for the people who order me around like a slave. The last thing I need is getting yelled at by some annoying elder with a bad attitude, especially for no reason at all.

And while I’m at it, I can be pretty straightforward with my statements and decisions. If I hate you so much, then I can say it straight to your face and walk off. If I don’t like something, I can probably tell them outright. And if I refuse their requests and invitations, then you can’t convince me to change my mind that easily.

Tendency To Rant

If a pen is mightier than a sword, then words are more powerful than actions. Anyway, I’m more inclined to write a bunch of emotional and offensive stuff in writing rather than saying it out loud. Well, I may have written some potentially offensive posts like my recent TWATKRant post (on my blog’s Tumblr counterpart), but I think I can do something better than that… I mean, more offending than that.

Writing about my personal angst is, well, okay, but writing pretty offensive stuff is something else. Regarding the latter, I just couldn’t help ranting about the terrible things people did to me in the past and so, this is my way of getting back at them. These offensive posts are generally directed towards the people I hate the most. And…

A Great Deal Of Animosity

…I’m also good at holding grudges, which is something that I’m not really proud of. In fact, it is actually one of the reasons for having this feeling of insecurity towards my enemies and an inevitable case of depression. And since there are some people who did this on purpose just to make my life miserable, I deserve the right to shun them out of my life for good.

A perfect example of this is the expression of hatred towards my annoying fourth-year high school classmates (IV-Chromium) who made my life extremely miserable during that time. While I usually play along with them at first, they eventually did a lot of mean things to me. They never even apologized for their actions, hence I decided that I’ll get back at them someday, which I did. I know that I’m gonna have an issue with these people in the end, so I was wondering if they’re saying something bad about me behind my back. Knowing them, they’ll probably hesitate to make up with me, which is great.

Well, aside from my annoying fourth-year high school classmates, there are other people that I really hate so much that I might call them a bunch of names, as well as making sure that I avoid running into them. If ever I’m gonna have an issue with these people, then they don’t have the right to criticize me for my unjust actions. Besides, they’re the ones who started this so they deserve to experience a great deal of damage for their actions.

Online Annoyances

The online world is getting really dangerous due to the proliferation of trolls and bashers. Luckily, I’ve not yet experienced this harsh online treatment by some netizens, but I decided to refrain from engaging in some heated online debates and sensitive topics such as religion and politics. Also, I already set some of my social media accounts to private so you won’t be able to gain access to my profile.

I have no problems with social media influencers, online marketers, weeaboos, and K-pop fans on the internet. What’s actually getting on my nerves these days are the social media posts asking for likes and shares, attention seeking posts, and chain letters. And of course, people who keep adding me to some Facebook groups and chat groups without my prior approval. I’ve already unfriended a couple of friends because of that.

As a blogger, I’m aware of those who followed me on my blog sites. It’s just that I’m not fond of some indecent followers who are targeting single men and showing nude pics on their Tumblr accounts. The same thing goes for my Twitter account. I just don’t want them infiltrating my online space, so I simply block them. And of course, I have to deal with a lot of spam comments on my blog posts, which are obviously sent by a bot. Thanks to the anti-spam plug-in called Akismet, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting spam comments on my blog posts.

And one more thing, I don’t like arrogant bloggers who handled guest comments in an unprofessional manner. If you’re that kind, then I suggest that you just remove the comments unrelated to the topic at your discretion and post guidelines on how they should comment on your posts. It’s understandable that there are some bloggers who don’t like being spammed with unnecessary remarks or hoaxes, but in such cases, it’s best to be nice to your followers at all times.

Annoyed By Slow, Terrible Service

It’s not easy working as a customer service representative, I tell you. In my two months of experience as a call center employee in training, I’ve already dealt with some rude and demanding customers and their problems that need complicated solutions. Of course, we’re not allowed to be rude towards them. Otherwise, we’ll lose our job.

It’s easy to vent our frustrations at customer service agents, cashiers, and people working at government agencies for their slow, inefficient service. After all, we deserve something better. But in my case, I don’t often see why would they have to remain committed to their inefficient way of providing service to the people. I mean, it’s bad enough that the long lines in some counters are a bad sign that they’re going to waste your time falling in line and wait for your turn. For me, that’s just plain unacceptable.

Many times, I feel like calling out to a person working behind a counter for being slow and inefficient in their job. Yeah, I’m being inconsiderate at times but I just can’t help it. After all, patience is no longer a virtue… it’s a disappointment.

Proceeding With My Own Plans

Whenever I go out, I always plan everything in advance so everything goes smoothly in the end. But there are some things that can ruin your plans, such as traffic, bad weather, service interruptions, and a long line of people in counters, terminals, and train stations. Of course, unexpected last-minute invitations or friend visits can disrupt your planned trip, which is kind of annoying.

If things didn’t go as planned, then expect me to rant about various things such as how worse the traffic is, how terrible the service is, how frustrating it is to wait for a PUV (public utility vehicle) just to get a ride to my destination, and so on. I don’t care what people around me will say about blurting out such an angry message, it’s just that I couldn’t stand poor management and bad service.

I’m pretty much obsessed with scheduling everything according to my preference and I always make sure to stick with it at all times. If anyone tries to ruin my plans with your last-minute invites, then prepare to receive a rude response from me along with a resounding no for an answer. Okay, so this only applies to my friends and acquaintances, otherwise I’ll just think of a better excuse to accept or not to accept the invite, and so on.


Well, here are some of my personal issues that deal with my annoyances and bad attitude. Think you can make it worse with your rude reactions?

It’s bad enough that I’m suffering a great deal of anxiety because of these annoying people in my life, please don’t make it worse. Besides, I can do fine without you calling me out for my [bad] attitude, so just leave it at that and focus on the good side of me. You see, I’m not that bad after all.