I’m Keihancarl Oikou Xiaucham, a writer-blogger in my late 20s. I was born on October 16, 1990, and I live in [North] Caloocan, Philippines.

I often describe myself as highly eccentric, creative, quiet, shy, loner, and introverted… and at times, temperamental and rebellious. Despite being past my teenage years, I still look and act like one. I’m into writing, drawing, watching a lot of anime series, listening to jazz and classical music, and playing video games on occasion. I’m pretty much obsessed with unusual outfits, weekends (especially Saturdays), and mall-hopping trips.

I used to be a customer service representative in training at a call center company in Makati but gave up after four months due to various reasons, mainly personal. Right now, I’m a certified NEET who usually spends a lot of time in front of the PC and my smartphone, surfing various sites and checking my social media accounts. I do go out exploring and visiting various places (usually malls) within Metro Manila and nearby provinces Bulacan and Rizal from time to time.


Initially started as the Tumblr spin-off to my former blog The Kin Keihan Times, The World According To KCOX (TWATKcox) features some of my experiences, ideas, thoughts, interests, and helpful reminders and tips on various things or situations. It is a cross between a personal and informative blog, with a few literary posts on the side. My aim is to express and inform, just like its predecessor.

I manage and design this blog all by myself. I do spend a considerable amount of time writing posts for my blog, something that I really enjoy as a hobby. Depending on the topic and the possibility of having a writer’s block, it takes about a few hours to a few weeks (and maybe a few years) for me to finish writing a single post.

TWATKcox already reached its fifth year in the cyberspace, but the blogging journey doesn’t stop there. I’ll continue to work hard in writing and publishing a lot of posts, and keeping the blog as active as possible.

Everything that is, articles or stories… it’s well expressed, well said, well done.

Please follow TWATKcox on Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can reach out to me here as well.



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