The Benefits Of Being A Loner (Without A Group) [t]

Normally I don’t re-post any content from my Tumblr [t] blog since any of these posts are only exclusive to my Tumblr followers. But then, since this post is more suited for my WP site, I’m going to post it here as well. This will be the first time I’ll be posting a Tumblr post on this WP site.

This is originally posted on September 6, 2014, on the TWATKcox (Tumblr) site.


Not exactly, but I am that most of the time. It’s either no group of people wanted to hang out with me (in which, I’m fine with it), or it’s that I’m not comfortable being with a group of people.

Now, going to the topic… Despite the fact that a lot of people consider this as a lonely approach to living, I see a variety of positive reasons why some people have a need to be alone and are willing to spend some time alone just to get away from a group of friends, at least for a while.

Well, here it is:

  1. Spending time alone gives you time to enjoy the things you want (something that you can’t enjoy with a group of people, due to possible conflicts when it comes to choices).
  2. Of course, there’ll be no one to comment on whatever food you eat or whatever things you buy. I believe in bringing someone along as a guide, but it’s best if you trust your preference.
  3. You don’t have to worry about money and/or treating them to some fancy restaurants or bars. Well, some claim that this is where the money goes, ‘nuff said.
  4. When it comes to plans, especially outings, there are times when there’ll be some delays when the actual day comes due to possible late-comers, attitude problems, problems with time management… something like that.
  5. You can have all the time in the world! Relax, enjoy, have it your way. You can even conceal yourself (through unusual, but creative outfits) just so they wouldn’t identify you (but then, if they’re smart enough to identify you, then there’s no point in hiding).

Well, I hope you won’t accuse me of being selfish or anything. It’s just that I have this optimistic approach when it comes to dealing with life’s situations. It depends on how you look at it.



From Holidays To The First Few Months Of A New Year (Timeline Series #11)

Originally posted October 23, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


I used to remember how much I love holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. It was indeed the happiest celebration of the year, and this year’s celebration doubles the happiness. More than just get together, good food and great entertainment, it is the season to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Normally, we would celebrate before and during Christmas and New Year, enjoying the feast and having fun. It usually starts at around dinner time until midnight and continues the next day. It is the best holiday season I ever had, as of this writing.


As the New Year starts, there is looking forward to the summer season. Back to class, back to the usual weekend escapades, and about the time I started doing some sketches. Speaking of sketches, there was this art work that we need to do: body figure. Since I based my work on one of my childhood pictures, this was indeed quite difficult at first and I actually photocopied six copies of it. I’m trying to search my personal stashes everywhere about it.

The usual fun upon nearing the end of the school year would be the presentation. It was great working with the group and of course, there goes the fun while trying to have our rehearsal while most of the students are already outside the school. Since there was also a graduation practice, we weren’t able to do it and decided to walk up to the nearest highway.

And there comes the last day of school, I imagine myself standing in the middle of the open grounds, the wind rushing through me. As much as I enjoy this school year, the next one would be almost the exact opposite. And it was the last year of high school as well.

Fascinations And Interests (Timeline Series #10)

Originally posted July 22, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Since that October, I have discovered a lot of great things… Whether it’s music, ability or TV shows, if it’s interesting, I’ll put my heart into it. Of course, there goes my angst about going back to that less powerful machine, but it’s where I began this amazing talent–writing.

The scent of incense, Hawaiian Coconut, on a rainy day would always set my mind to ease. That sure brought back the times when I was into watching animé, playing video games (on the old PC), and listening to a smooth jazz station. I always browse through the computer magazines that I’ve bought during that time and making lists about anything.

Sure, a lot of things happened and that was during the semestral break. That scent, that rainy weather, that amazing animé, and everything worth the fascination, would always keep me cheerful and motivated for whatever reason. You could never forget those times, just looking back at it would prove to be nostalgic.

After almost two weeks of semestral break, I’m set to return to school but even there, great things await me. There were times when I feel like I want to draw these favorite characters, watching animé when I have the chance (especially Saturday mornings), and listening to my favorite smooth jazz station on my pocket radio. It may be strange, but I’m enjoying every part of it.

There was this smooth jazz station that I accidentally tuned in to, yet I was immediately hooked up by an unfamiliar sound. It was wonderful. Due to curiosity, I decided to listen to it for a few days. It was quite a discovery, and so I’ve been listening to smooth jazz (as the format is) ever since.

How I started writing and drawing my favorite characters, playing RPGs while listening to my favorite smooth jazz station… these are to be written in the upcoming posts.

A Lot Of Great Things And Unexpected Surprises (Timeline Series #9)

Originally posted July 12, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Third-year high school is finally here… Despite having to miss watching my favorite shows due to the schedule of my classes in the afternoon, I’m still enjoying every part of it. For instance, though, I was able to join my best friends (BFFs) after class, a few of my classmates from first-year became my classmates the second time around, and some teachers from the past two years became my teachers for this school year. In school’s foundation day, I had a chance to meet my classmate for two consecutive years and is now in the morning class.

But what’s great about this school year comes in threes: my classmates are truly the nicest aside from the ones in first year high, I could finally hang out with the BFFs, and I won’t be encountering the bully person for the time being and it’s 100% great! Much like what I’ve expected, this is my favorite school year, along with my first year in high school.

Also, I had the thrill of playing some RPG games I could never play with my dear old (first) PC. Somehow though, the faster PC (which is a laptop) had a problem with the hard drive and it’s back to a much simpler one, never mind the enjoyment of such RPG games requiring much power for it to run smoothly.

Then there’s the school tour, which took place on a Sunday. Some of the historical places, we never get to visit but it’s fun anyway. And with a pocket radio in hand, I discovered something that I’ll surely love up to the time I wrote this. Details on the next post.

So there again… I’m hoping to share more stories from the Timeline series. Expect more to come!

Vacation and The Start Of Another School Year (Timeline Series #8)

Originally posted May 2, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Usually, I enjoy summer in the comfort of my home. Playing RPGs or watching TV, it always adds excitement to my summer life. And since it usually gets hotter, it was best to stay at home and enjoy the relaxation. Well, I actually did have a nice outing and an outdoor activity as a volunteer clearing up some weeds.

The summer ends, and another school year begins. I was actually excited to go back, expecting that I will never see that lunatic bully again. And it did, it was getting more excited than ever. What’s more, some of my classmates in first year high school became my classmates for the second time. And what’s even more exciting than the rest of it, was that I could finally hang out with the BFFs!

Getting there, I met some of the new teachers, as well as my new classmates. It was nice, and it was absolutely great to be with them. I’m more than happy to be in this section. A lot of fun things will soon unfold, and some experiences to be discovered.

So what would happen next? I bet you’ve been waiting for the next part. And so do I.

Yearning (Timeline Series #7)

Originally posted January 4, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


At this point, I was actually seated with the great guys, but later on, I find myself seated with the funny guys… Oh, the transition…

Speaking of transition, I know how it feels being detached from the people you used to know and to be a part of. It certainly proved to be true, though at times I’m no longer compelled to make a contact with them.

Well, I sort of wonder how are they doing, what do they think of my transfer to another school and so on. Meanwhile, I sometimes think of the times I’m with them, though not much. I just said that I was no longer a part of them but I couldn’t put them off my mind that easily.

At times, the thought of returning to the former school would prove to be both dramatic and disappointing. So what am I supposed to do? Let them be. And they let me be. Afterwards, I’ve decided to stay there for the whole high school life so what’s the deal of returning? But then, the thoughts of them would still hurt, especially that I’ve been far away from them.

For which, some things would remind me of them, aside from those old photographs. It could be an RPG game, an animé or the elementary textbooks and school magazines/pamphlets that I still have until now. The mostly-empty diary… The songs I used to listen that time and the remarkable persons I’ve met and the sixth-grade memories from simple envy to unpredictable hatred.

This yearning, for as far as I’m concerned, must go… This chapter will soon close, yet another chapter will soon open. It’s time to move on.

Hell Season (Timeline Series #6)

Originally posted January 4, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Studying at a public school is like living in a mixed community. And so, I came to know people from all walks of life. If my first year in public school turned out to be a great experience, then my second year would be the opposite… well, not totally opposite though.

And so, I’ll put it up to you this way. This is the time where I began experiencing troubles that could totally screw me up. Annoyance and unexpected friends-turned-enemies, and sometimes bullying from such people… I will not mention the names.

I can’t think of anything to get even with them, they are incredibly smarter than I am. But that should not stop me from thinking of a good plan to do such revenge, and at times I feel like I’ve done it. Just think of what I’ve done to one of my classmates, days before the school year ends, it was somewhat terrible but in mind, I feel great after I’ve done it. Seriously, I was quite more anxious about the thought that I will be sent to the office, but it was fine though. Even that person didn’t even think of doing the same for me.

So much for this school year and after this season ends, I’m sure glad that I could finally relax again, something that I enjoyed much afterwards.

The Sweet Life (Timeline Series #5)

Originally posted November 25, 2011, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


As usual, I enjoy discovering enjoyment through video games, particularly RPGs. At times, it was the TV shows and the latest Asian drama craze. And watching music videos of hit bands… At this point, you could wish for a little bit of fantasy…

Well, I’m enjoying every bit of freshman life. I’m enjoying every bit of a moment. Most of all, I’m enjoying every fun I have with my closest friends. Sure, it reminds me of the best things in life that cannot be brought back once it’s done.

My classes are only thrice a week, and it’s from sunrise to sunset. Well, that’s okay… I have four days of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment.

A lot of fun things happened, like the Christmas party, the introduction to various clubs featuring their flagship subjects, the school trip, visiting closest friends’ houses, and a lot more. There are also some crazy moments done by some goofy classmate… I couldn’t help but remember these things in life.

After three long days of school classes a week, the remaining days of the week are spent on homework, visiting relatives and playing video games. For me, that was the best thing in life, four days of vacation per week. I could have used that for discovering new things… well…

So there, I was beginning to think that from this point on, life will always be better for me. But after this, I don’t think it will get any better than this…

My World Online (Re-post)

I said earlier on the post “It’s Me Before Facebook: Great Sites Missed” that this re-post might make that newer article redundant. It’s actually safe to say that I explained everything better in here, except that it’s dated. Speaking of dated, it was posted on April 27, 2012… more than a year ago, when the blog site was still called the Kin Keihan Times with references to the now defunct blog. [@kcox105] [#twatkcox]


The Start

It was 2006 when I started having my first Friendster account. The said social networking site is quite popular back then.

Since I got hooked up on Friendster, I would spend some nights in an internet café adding friends, posting videos on my profile page, exploring my friends’ profile pages for anything interesting, customizing the layout of my profile page… but the most important of all, to be reconnected with your old friends and classmates from way back. It was really amazing.

Friendster also has the blogging service, called Friendster Blogs. It is where I first hosted the Kin Keihan Times, which started in 2008… two years after joining Friendster. Much of my posts on the first generation KKT was more of personal and literary posts, and I became quite active with logging in and logging out of the account every so often. I’ve uploaded a lot of pictures and posted countless testimonials (comments would have been a proper term though), and perhaps some posts about my experiences worth expressing.

I was lured to YouTube, a video hosting site. I was actually awed by its wide range of content, from music videos, anime and Asian programs to anything awesome… I’ve posted some of it on my profile page. And there’s also Imeem, a music streaming site where I created a playlist of my favorites. Imeem is now defunct and was merged with Myspace some years later.

The Facebook Season

It was in 2009 when I first created my Facebook account (and added another one the following year). At first, it could be that plain simple until I’ve added a few friends, and persuading others to join me there.

Facebook is becoming a fast trend among social networking users. Since then, I was getting hooked on posting status updates, uploading pictures, posting notes and even trying out some Facebook games. And it was getting bigger.

I was lured into Farmville, a popular game on Facebook. It is maintaining a farm while decorating it with some sort of items. I spend hours plowing, harvesting, decorating… only for a year though. And then back to normal browsing and posting.

I continued to post some articles on then Friendster Blogs hosted KKT until 2010, to which I briefly migrated to Blogger (and later WordPress where the KKT is now). Until Friendster revamped into a gaming site, I was trying to revive my interest in it but it failed.

And so, the time has finally come for the transition and the old KKT is being transferred to its new home in WordPress. I was given a chance to back up everything and then poof… Friendster as a social networking site is now a memory to me. Though I still have the account on its new version, I never bothered to log in though.


I’m currently maintaining three blogs for WordPress, as well as closing my Blogger version of the KKT. I joined Twitter in 2010. In 2011, I joined Tumblr, this time maintaining the spin-off for the Kin Keihan Times called The World According To KCOX (TWATK). I created the fan page for the KKT as well. Looking back though, it seemed like everything may come and go. And so, I was sticking to the trend.

I’m also fond of liking every artist, movie, book and TV show that I liked, as well as posting music from Youtube on the wall as well. And if I have time, then updating through Facebook and Twitter, and posting new material through WordPress and Tumblr. There’s this thing called Google+, perhaps another new trend but I don’t feel like joining it for now.

So there, I was becoming more and more fascinated with the online world. Sooner or later, another trend may come so right now, I’m enjoying viewing the news feed on Facebook while posting status updates and anything worth posting. And I’m planning to update the KKT and TWATK as much as I can. Who knows, everything could change the usual habit while being online.

A New Bunch: The BFF Story (Timeline Series #4)

Originally posted September 23, 2011, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


High school can be that tough, but like what we always believe, we can make it in the end. Well, since the transfer, I’m so grateful that I had made a lot (but not really a lot) of friends. The most remarkable group I’m in (since first-year high school) is what we are now: The BFF.

It started with going home together (well basically just getting a ride together until we reached the destination where we part, heading home), and it basically went on for the particular school year. For a while, I wasn’t able to join them for a year and then back to usual.

Aside from going home together, we also hang out every once in a while, whether at school or at a certain event. Normally, we usually hang out in a shop near the school or at the waiting shed having a chat.

Focusing on that particular period, we always (well not always though) sit together in a particular row either having fun while the class is going on, or walking right beside the shops and going to the library. Nearing the end of my first year of high school, we got to visit their houses and have fun.

Other than the usual hang out after school, well… more of the related stories to be told in the next time period. For me, it was a great experience having fun while going home with a new bunch of best friends. But more of the good experiences will follow soon, don’t worry.