The Conclusion (Timeline Series #16)

This is my final post for the Timeline series. All throughout these posts, I’ve covered sixth grade and the entire high school life, and everything in between. Perhaps, the greatest thing that I ever experienced is how to enjoy life despite all the troubles I’ve encountered. Still, I’m not certain if I’ll be able to redeem myself once it’s all over. It would take time.


So much has happened since my high school graduation. So many people to remember. But so little events to consider as something remarkable.

There are some things to do after graduation. And yes, that will be the last time that I’ll be seeing my classmates as a bunch. There were also questions about why I didn’t join them in their outing. I only smiled and never said anything.

It would be kind of terrible if I didn’t acknowledge them, at least for just a little. They would have appreciated it. I never did anyway, but only for those whom I didn’t trust. I wish that they would stop asking me why I’m doing this.

My high school life is officially over. It’s time to move on. College is a totally different world for me, and it will definitely change my life for good.


I took a year-long break to give me a chance to redeem myself and to prepare for college. It turns out to be more fun than I thought it is. It also gives me a chance to do the things I love, I discover new things, and I also learn how to be creative. And that’s how I turn into serious blogging, though I was only starting that time.

I’m not criticizing the way my life goes during high school, but it seems like I did a terrible job at making my life more interesting, but I actually did make my life more miserable. So that was the time to do some necessary changes, yet I’m still the same. In the end, does it really matter?

So there, I’m done with this series after two years, and I’m actually glad that I was able to share some of my interesting facts about the things that happened. Maybe I could do another round of this series, this time focusing on my college life. For now, I need to conclude this one for this might go on and on like forever.


Three Months… To A Goodbye (Timeline Series #15)

It’s 2007 already, and I’m pretty fine with myself and my friends. As for my classmates, I’m sometimes fine… that is if I don’t include those rowdy guys from the class.

That was the time I bought myself a first book (a second-hand, thick paperback that I never finished), and that’s how I got hooked on reading novels. Since then, I must have collected about eight books by the time I finished high school. At first, I had a hard time focusing on reading it word by word, line by line, page by page… and then I got used to it.

And then, there was a talk about the prom. Most of them are really excited, but I don’t feel that enthusiastic. Besides, some of these rowdy guys will be present as well. But then, I might regret not being able to see some of my friends in nice suits and dresses. I went on with not attending the prom, and I never felt any regret. Besides, I’m not much into socializing with people that time.

As graduation comes near, so is the stressful passing of requirements and the highly anticipated taunting. I did expect that one coming because they started doing it to me. I mean, what’s with these people?

Graduation practices began, and it usually starts around 9:00 am, where the sun shines brighter. And it will continue until about 8:00 pm. During noon time, we had our break and we (some of my nicest classmates and I) just hang out somewhere near the school until it’s time for us to continue the rehearsal. I know that this will be the last time I’ll be enjoying my high school days, and I’m trying to make this moment worthwhile.

And then, here comes the day where we all part ways… the graduation ceremony. As we remember the greatest moments that ever happened, I knew that I’m going to miss every bit of it. It was time to let go. Uncertainty follows, and I started to feel anxious. It all wear off by the time the ceremony ends, and I feel a bit relaxed. Summer comes next, so I’m kind of glad that I made it. And to think that I’m ready for another chapter, I still need more time though.

So till we meet again, I said so to myself, it’s goodbye for now. But who knows, one of these days we’ll meet again… maybe unexpectedly. More importantly, I should be thinking of what course I should take in college.

A Transition Of Events, Happiness, And Miseries (Timeline Series #14)

I was wondering what will happen the moment high school ends. My mind was preoccupied with miserable and negative thoughts, recent troubles and an uncertain future. I don’t know. I feel like I’m spending more time with my friends than with my classmates, which is great since I don’t want to associate myself with them anymore. I’ve had enough of these troubles, and it doesn’t seem to stop.

It’s November already. Just a few months left, and I’ll have another new year and I’ll be graduating out of high school. But the feeling of ending the school year as soon as possible seems to be more depressing than I thought it is. Anyways, the PC is fixed and I’m back to playing whatever RPGs or writing stories that I have started before the hard disk crash. Yay!

One thing that I enjoyed during these last few months before the new year is watching weekend animés. I always make sure that I don’t miss one of these episodes. It was for only a few weeks anyway, but I still enjoy it. I spend weekend afternoons playing RPGs, and later watching TV. That’s my kind of life, at least till this interesting show ends and I’ll just go back to simply playing RPGs the whole Sunday afternoon.

Around this time, my classmates had gone too far when it comes to doing such pranks on me. There are times I couldn’t find my backpack, and I spend about 15 minutes or so trying to get it back. They always do this as to spoil my day and make me mad. This continues until someone put a stop to it–that would be my mom.

All the things that they’ve been doing, it’s really getting on my nerves and I’m about to go ballistic and I need to hit some of them with my backpack. I really couldn’t understand why should I be scared of them? I thought… is there any way of getting back at them? All this time, I was thinking of something until I come up with a perfect plan.

Initially, I’ll be joining my friend’s class’ Christmas parties instead of joining my own. But then, I changed my mind and decided not to go at all. This could get me frustrated, and it’s all because of my darn, not-so-good classmates who were up to no good. The following day after, I went out on an out-of-town vacation with my mom and my relatives.

Back from the out-of-town vacation, I was busy playing RPG games. This is more interesting than homework, but I know better than procrastinating and not doing my homework after all. Besides, I’m having a hard time learning, and this is my chance of proving myself as a well-deserved student, which is just a dream to me.

My classmates might be wondering why am I avoiding them. They have the answer, I have the answer. And it could get pretty confusing and frustrating. Depending on what you look at it, you still want to escape the harsh reality of life, and these unwanted people want to pull you back in. It’s nothing worse than being in a classroom with these rowdy guys.

It’s goodbye for the year 2006, and hello to the year 2007. Let’s see how these last three months will go.

More Discoveries, More Fun, More Troubles (Timeline Series #13)

Senior year in high school means excitement, but it could also mean anxiety for some who wouldn’t want to leave their friends (and the memories behind). I, for some reason, tend to get anxious whenever I think about graduating this school year. It could always mean a whole different environment for me once I get into college.

Even though I felt strange during those times, I find it actually fun. For instance, I’ve been welcomed into the world of internet, initially setting up my Friendster account and started downloading desktop wallpapers and images of my favorite animé shows. I know it’s kind of impulsive, but it was actually my first time then.

The internet may have opened new interests and opportunities for me, such as adding my long lost friends and former classmates, and expressing myself through shoutouts (Friendster) and later blogging. Later on, I was so obsessed with it that I find myself checking my Friendster account often and downloading tons of stuff.

As usual, I’m always hanging out with my friends and staying at one of the stores… and then visiting my friends’ houses during special occasions (like during the school’s foundation day). Inside the school, I was in the corridor or inside the classroom, sometimes staying at the other building just to be away from my annoying classmates.

Rain or shine, stormy or not, it was a great pleasure just to be alone every once in a while. Of course, there were class suspensions which were a perfect time for me to do some craft of my own. I actually make my own dividers for my orange ring binder journal (I still have it until now, though I rarely used it). I also did some drawings on it, too.

Of course, I still experience troubles throughout this school year. The same troubles that I experienced during the previous years. Why are they doing that? I believe they were still immature.


October comes in like a storm. And yes, the month started with a devastating calamity. That was the time Typhoon Milenyo (Xangsane) hit the country and caused widespread damage. For a few days, there was no electricity. Classes are suspended and we have nothing else to do since I couldn’t use my computer to amuse myself or watch TV.

Later that month, my computer (the second one) had problems with its hard drive. So, unfortunately, no RPGs or writing for me… It took weeks before the hard drive got replaced and finally get back on track.

And so, that concluded half of the school year, and that begins the semestral break. I know it’s going to be weirder than before.

A Weird Start (Timeline Series #12)

The previous Timeline posts are originally from the Kin Keihan Times. By the time the KKT was discontinued earlier this year (and is now defunct), I was thinking of continuing the Timeline series without having to leave the earlier posts behind. So I decided to re-post all eleven articles relating to the Timeline series, from “The Machine That Changed My Life”, up to the latest post “From Holidays To The First Few Months Of A New Year”.

It’s been almost a year since the last post from the Timeline series, and hopefully, I can conclude this in the next three to four posts. For now, the twelfth post in the Timeline series is about to be written and posted. It is the first Timeline series post (not re-posted) on TWATKcox.


During the past few weeks, I was absolutely get hooked on watching animé shows, playing RPG and puzzle games, riding my bicycle around the neighborhood, writing stories (I never even finished) and listening to a smooth jazz station. And at times, helping my mom build the house (which had become her residence since my parents broke up a year later).

Another school year begins. Unlike the previous first day of school, I felt somewhat weird at the possibility of going to college. I haven’t even decided yet. But still, everything goes fine… at least until the first trouble began.

I’m so glad that I can finally go and see some of my classmates who were previously in the morning shift classes, as well as the usual hang-out with my BFFs after school. Aside from that, our class gets to occupy one of the classrooms in a recently built school building (but our classroom is on the fourth floor, so I was a little glad at the thought of going up and down the stairs, just to get to class or to the cafeteria).

It’s great that I still have a few classmates from my previous class, but I felt somewhat intimidated with some of my classmates. Yet I was becoming popular with the class. It was only short-lived though.

Going home, I was even having fun with my friends even if it will take an hour or so. For me, it was the best part of high school life. Maybe staying at one of the shops and have a chat, or at least wait for someone to get a ride first. Whether it was raining or not. It was absolutely a great moment. In some rare moments, we spent an afternoon at the park at the end of the village, where my school is.

I got the chance to lead the group, writing the script for the class presentation and even hang out with some of my classmates. I feel like being a part of them.

I joined the computer class (an elective), but in the end, only the four of us remained throughout the school year. At least, that spared me some time apart from some of the troublesome guys in the class.

Also, remember the guy from the “Hell Season” post? Well, he’s in another class right next to ours. It seems like the relief is all over. And I can never even get by without actually seeing his face anyway…

From Holidays To The First Few Months Of A New Year (Timeline Series #11)

Originally posted October 23, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


I used to remember how much I love holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. It was indeed the happiest celebration of the year, and this year’s celebration doubles the happiness. More than just get together, good food and great entertainment, it is the season to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Normally, we would celebrate before and during Christmas and New Year, enjoying the feast and having fun. It usually starts at around dinner time until midnight and continues the next day. It is the best holiday season I ever had, as of this writing.


As the New Year starts, there is looking forward to the summer season. Back to class, back to the usual weekend escapades, and about the time I started doing some sketches. Speaking of sketches, there was this art work that we need to do: body figure. Since I based my work on one of my childhood pictures, this was indeed quite difficult at first and I actually photocopied six copies of it. I’m trying to search my personal stashes everywhere about it.

The usual fun upon nearing the end of the school year would be the presentation. It was great working with the group and of course, there goes the fun while trying to have our rehearsal while most of the students are already outside the school. Since there was also a graduation practice, we weren’t able to do it and decided to walk up to the nearest highway.

And there comes the last day of school, I imagine myself standing in the middle of the open grounds, the wind rushing through me. As much as I enjoy this school year, the next one would be almost the exact opposite. And it was the last year of high school as well.

Fascinations And Interests (Timeline Series #10)

Originally posted July 22, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Since that October, I have discovered a lot of great things… Whether it’s music, ability or TV shows, if it’s interesting, I’ll put my heart into it. Of course, there goes my angst about going back to that less powerful machine, but it’s where I began this amazing talent–writing.

The scent of incense, Hawaiian Coconut, on a rainy day would always set my mind to ease. That sure brought back the times when I was into watching animé, playing video games (on the old PC), and listening to a smooth jazz station. I always browse through the computer magazines that I’ve bought during that time and making lists about anything.

Sure, a lot of things happened and that was during the semestral break. That scent, that rainy weather, that amazing animé, and everything worth the fascination, would always keep me cheerful and motivated for whatever reason. You could never forget those times, just looking back at it would prove to be nostalgic.

After almost two weeks of semestral break, I’m set to return to school but even there, great things await me. There were times when I feel like I want to draw these favorite characters, watching animé when I have the chance (especially Saturday mornings), and listening to my favorite smooth jazz station on my pocket radio. It may be strange, but I’m enjoying every part of it.

There was this smooth jazz station that I accidentally tuned in to, yet I was immediately hooked up by an unfamiliar sound. It was wonderful. Due to curiosity, I decided to listen to it for a few days. It was quite a discovery, and so I’ve been listening to smooth jazz (as the format is) ever since.

How I started writing and drawing my favorite characters, playing RPGs while listening to my favorite smooth jazz station… these are to be written in the upcoming posts.

A Lot Of Great Things And Unexpected Surprises (Timeline Series #9)

Originally posted July 12, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Third-year high school is finally here… Despite having to miss watching my favorite shows due to the schedule of my classes in the afternoon, I’m still enjoying every part of it. For instance, though, I was able to join my best friends (BFFs) after class, a few of my classmates from first-year became my classmates the second time around, and some teachers from the past two years became my teachers for this school year. In school’s foundation day, I had a chance to meet my classmate for two consecutive years and is now in the morning class.

But what’s great about this school year comes in threes: my classmates are truly the nicest aside from the ones in first year high, I could finally hang out with the BFFs, and I won’t be encountering the bully person for the time being and it’s 100% great! Much like what I’ve expected, this is my favorite school year, along with my first year in high school.

Also, I had the thrill of playing some RPG games I could never play with my dear old (first) PC. Somehow though, the faster PC (which is a laptop) had a problem with the hard drive and it’s back to a much simpler one, never mind the enjoyment of such RPG games requiring much power for it to run smoothly.

Then there’s the school tour, which took place on a Sunday. Some of the historical places, we never get to visit but it’s fun anyway. And with a pocket radio in hand, I discovered something that I’ll surely love up to the time I wrote this. Details on the next post.

So there again… I’m hoping to share more stories from the Timeline series. Expect more to come!

Vacation and The Start Of Another School Year (Timeline Series #8)

Originally posted May 2, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Usually, I enjoy summer in the comfort of my home. Playing RPGs or watching TV, it always adds excitement to my summer life. And since it usually gets hotter, it was best to stay at home and enjoy the relaxation. Well, I actually did have a nice outing and an outdoor activity as a volunteer clearing up some weeds.

The summer ends, and another school year begins. I was actually excited to go back, expecting that I will never see that lunatic bully again. And it did, it was getting more excited than ever. What’s more, some of my classmates in first year high school became my classmates for the second time. And what’s even more exciting than the rest of it, was that I could finally hang out with the BFFs!

Getting there, I met some of the new teachers, as well as my new classmates. It was nice, and it was absolutely great to be with them. I’m more than happy to be in this section. A lot of fun things will soon unfold, and some experiences to be discovered.

So what would happen next? I bet you’ve been waiting for the next part. And so do I.

Yearning (Timeline Series #7)

Originally posted January 4, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


At this point, I was actually seated with the great guys, but later on, I find myself seated with the funny guys… Oh, the transition…

Speaking of transition, I know how it feels being detached from the people you used to know and to be a part of. It certainly proved to be true, though at times I’m no longer compelled to make a contact with them.

Well, I sort of wonder how are they doing, what do they think of my transfer to another school and so on. Meanwhile, I sometimes think of the times I’m with them, though not much. I just said that I was no longer a part of them but I couldn’t put them off my mind that easily.

At times, the thought of returning to the former school would prove to be both dramatic and disappointing. So what am I supposed to do? Let them be. And they let me be. Afterwards, I’ve decided to stay there for the whole high school life so what’s the deal of returning? But then, the thoughts of them would still hurt, especially that I’ve been far away from them.

For which, some things would remind me of them, aside from those old photographs. It could be an RPG game, an animé or the elementary textbooks and school magazines/pamphlets that I still have until now. The mostly-empty diary… The songs I used to listen that time and the remarkable persons I’ve met and the sixth-grade memories from simple envy to unpredictable hatred.

This yearning, for as far as I’m concerned, must go… This chapter will soon close, yet another chapter will soon open. It’s time to move on.