It’s Kind Of Unusual… For Me

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the same routine, habit, and schedule every single day. It’s an obsession.

But there are times when I really need to stray from the usual schedule or routine for various reasons, which is kind of unorthodox in some cases. So if I’m used to going out on weekends, then it’s kind of unusual for me to go out on weekdays just to relax or do important errands. The same thing goes for staying at home on weekends, waking up earlier/later than usual, or going home earlier than usual (especially before dark). I just have to deal with it.

As for my habits, it could be that I need a break from doing it or I don’t feel like doing it at times. Well, it’s not a bad idea to try something different from time to time, right?

Anyway, here are some of the things and habits that I find unusual… for me.

Not Going Out On Weekends

I usually go out on weekends, since it serves as a break from the usual activities at home. Well, since I don’t have a job at the moment, I always spend weekdays at home surfing the net, doing house chores, and writing stories and articles. Most Saturdays, I go out on mall-hopping trips, checking the shops (particularly bookstores, supermarkets, and specialty shops) and having a nice sip of cappuccino frappe at a small café while writing a story on my smartphone. I generally spent my Sundays visiting my mom and my little sister if they’re at home or going on a mall-hopping trip by myself if they’re not at home.

Of course, there are times when I feel like staying at home on a certain Saturday, but it will be like spending another boring afternoon surfing the net or trying to finish an article… especially if it happens to be sunny all afternoon. It makes me wish I’d just go out instead.

Going Out On Weekdays

Just like not going out on weekends, going out on weekdays is pretty unusual for me. I don’t know, but it feels kind of weird going out on a weekday afternoon as this is where I’ll do most of the writing stuff as well as doing house chores, particularly going to the market, buying food, and cooking dinner. Besides, if I go out on a weekday, there’s a possibility I’m not going to enjoy it that much since I need to get home earlier than usual, which isn’t so like me at all.

There are exceptions to the rule, though. Christmas and New Year celebrations, doing important errands, and a rare urge to go on a mall-hopping trip (usually on Fridays) are some of the reasons for going out on a weekday. Anything else, these are best enjoyed on weekends.

Going Out On An Outing With Anyone Other Than My Family Or Relatives

I’ve been on an outing with my friends twice: one with my classmates from college, and another with my call center co-trainees. I have to admit, I feel like I’m completely out of place in these outings, at least on the latter. I don’t know, it’s just that I’m not comfortable being with anyone other than my family or relatives owing to my extreme case of shyness and introversion.

Waking Up Earlier Than Usual

Since I’m a NEET, I always enjoy the fact that I have a lot of time in my hands, and I get to stay up at night without having to worry about getting up early. As simple as that. So if I get up early, then that means I’m either preparing for a mall-hopping trip, a family outing, a visit to a relative, or an important appointment. Anything else would be kind of weird, knowing that I always go to bed at around 2:00 to 3:00 AM every day.

Going Home Before Dark

Since I always go out on weekends, I make sure to maximize every second of it by visiting shops (particularly bookstores, supermarkets, department stores, and specialty shops) and sitting at a café with a cappuccino in hand. On Sunday afternoons, I spend time with my mom and little sister. Well, I really enjoyed it so much that I had the tendency to go home late, usually on or before 10:00 PM.

Well, going home before dark is like cutting a trip short for some strange reason. While I wouldn’t mind going home early if it’s on a weekday, don’t expect me to do the same on weekends.

Not Wearing Layered Outfits

Wearing layered outfits seemed pretty cool to me, though it feels kind of hot at times.

Most of the time, I wear layered outfits whenever I go out. Every once in a while, I only wear a shirt without any jacket or blazer. As much as possible, I always make sure that I have something to wear on top of my shirt so I can still look cool and stylish. Never mind if the weather is hot or not, I’ll always stick to wearing layered outfits at all times.

Now, I imagine myself feeling naked without wearing a jacket… actually, not really. But of course, not wearing something on top of a T-shirt may reveal some unsightly flabs on my waist, and that’s not something I want others to notice. Also, if you don’t see me in my layered outfit(s), then it’s really wasn’t me… at all.

Wearing Shorts When Going Out

Back then, it’s not that unusual for me to wear shorts when going out. Right now, I don’t feel like wearing shorts anymore since I don’t want to expose my hairy legs. Aside from that, I also don’t want my legs getting exposed to dust and insects, which can lead to skin allergies and excessive itching.

Actually, I’m trying to look a few years younger in a cool-looking outfit, so it makes sense that I ditch shorts in favor of pants, preferably black slacks so I can hide the unsightly hair on my legs. In case you didn’t know, having unsightly hair on your legs gives an impression that you’re an adult.

Anyway, I still wear shorts while going to the market or the resort, but that was that. I can’t imagine myself wearing shorts while enjoying an afternoon shopping at a mall or attending an event, and I don’t want to risk my hairy legs get exposed to elements… and in public.


Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the same routine, habit, and schedule every single day. It’s an obsession.

Whether it’s unusual or not, it depends on the person. But if it’s something you don’t normally do and you’ve just done, then this is what you call unusual. Even others will notice that too.


#2018: Second-Half

In the second half of this year, there were some stormy moments, an intermittent period of depression, and health-related anxiety. 2018 is really not a good year for me.


Anyway, it’s time to round up the list of notable posts from July to December:

Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Age is just a number, so I thought I might write a post about how people can still enjoy doing the things they loved as they grow older, and even at old age. And since I’m growing older, I thought I might need to console myself with the fact that I can still enjoy my childhood hobbies at my current age (I’m already 28 at the time of this post).

Anime Shows Are More Interesting Than Other TV Shows, Period

My first anime-themed post on TWATKcox-WP. Anyway, since I’m a big fan of anime shows, I thought I might want to write about my fascination with it, as well as the current status of anime programming on free-to-air channels (excluding digital sub-channels). Of course, I prefer anime shows to teledramas and Asian dramas simply because they’re incredibly awesome to watch.

What It Means To Be A Loner?

Well, there’s always a dark side in being a loner, but it actually gets better the more you get used to it. Anyway, I’ve already shared some of the negative effects of being a loner, like struggling to make new friends and experiencing the fear of being rejected and ostracized by your peers. For me, it’s like surviving in a lonely world, without anyone to help you get out of this miserable loneliness.

#Throwback: The Happy Lemon Experience

Published exactly six years after having my first Happy Lemon drink, this really paved the way for me to try out milk tea and fruit tea drinks from popular milk tea shops like Chatime, Gong Cha, CoCo, Serenitea, and of course, Happy Lemon.

#Throwback: The Manga Reading Experience (2011-2012)

Since buying a Western-style manga book more than 7 years ago, I become interested in reading and collecting manga. This led me to check second-hand bookshops and bargain bins of major bookstores for some manga books at discounted/affordable prices.

Night Life: A Four-Month Journey On A Night Shift Job

In my four-month journey as a call center agent in training, I actually learned a lot of things. However, I also find it extremely difficult and depressing, so I quit the job. Until now, I still couldn’t believe that I actually did this just for the sake of experience, especially dealing with irate customers, working at night, and struggling to get some sleep during the day. I still have mixed feelings about my first job at a BPO company, but at least I know what it is like working there. To be honest, I’m not really good at dealing with customers owing to my bad attitude so there you have it!

Appreciating Coffee

I’m not a coffee drinker before, but I think I’m starting to love it after finding myself enjoying coffee frappe drinks a lot better than milk tea drinks. Besides, I can now tolerate the taste of coffee… well, except strong (brewed) coffee without sugar and milk.

Not In The Mood For Disruptions

I was having a bad temper at that time when I thought of writing this post. I was actually pissed off at the thought of losing concentration on my upcoming blog posts (thanks to my brother) so I vent my anger by kicking the computer chair I was sitting in and slamming the bathroom door. After that, I immediately worked on this angry post about my hatred for unnecessary disruptions while working on a blog post or a story. I managed to finish it within a day, and I felt better afterward.

No Offense, But…

I actually conclude TWATKcox-WP’s year with a stormy post, and it was a pretty bold move for me to write an extremely offensive post with the intention to say bad things about the people I hate so much. This is actually a product of my diabolical mind like a devil is encouraging me to relentlessly destroy someone or a group of people through indirect means, such as a blog post.


So I’ve reached 58 posts by the end of the year 2018, which is a little higher than the total amount of posts published in 2017. Not to mention that TWATKcox-WP already reached a new milestone for publishing 250+ posts in its entire run.

Well, I have nothing else to say regarding that cursed preceding year. It’s time to move on and wish me luck this 2019.

No Offense, But… [E]

Sometimes, I wish I was never a friendly person everybody knows. Oh, why am I saying something like this?

I don’t generally post some offensive stuff on this blog, but I think it’s time to show the bad side of me. One way or another, you’ll probably realize that behind my friendly smile is a diabolical mind, something that I possessed ever since my life is in shambles due to a lot of factors, including family problems, bullying, and personal anxiety. This is too much for me to handle at times, but what am I supposed to do? I couldn’t just fight back without facing consequences, so I’ll do this indirectly.

Oh well, brace yourself for a stormy post I’ve written with a not-so-peaceful mind. Prepare to get offended.

My Dad Is The Most Toxic Person In My Life

To this day, I still hate my dad for being narrow-minded, ignorant, inconsiderate, lazy, insensitive, and abusive towards me, my brother, and my mom. Well, he may have some good qualities, but his bad attitude already dominated his personality and there’s no changing it. I tend to express my hatred by annoying him on occasion and talking back at him when needed. Many times, we argued over simple things and I ended up feeling angry and upset for what he did. He’s getting worse as he age, so I can only wish for him to die as soon as possible. Sounds diabolical, but that’s the only way for me to experience a great deal of relief.

I still live with him, all right, but we don’t talk much. I can hardly calm down with him around, and I certainly can’t avoid his annoying attitude. And to think that I’m gonna inherit his bad attitude, I’ll end up despising him for life.

Yeah, you can read all about it here. And by the way, you have no right to call me out for disrespecting him in some way, ’cause you really don’t know everything.

I Can Insult You Relentlessly For All I Care

There are times when I feel like hurling insults at someone for being a jerk or calling out a person for being insensitive. While it’s not my habit to say something offensive against someone, I actually felt compelled to do so just to express my intense amount of hatred to a specific person.

Case in point: I always keep dissing on some of my classmates from fourth-year high school on several occasions, and on numerous posts too. I’ve experienced hell throughout the second-half of that cursed school year (2006-2007), and there’s no way I’ll recover from this distress even though it happened a long time ago. And to think they have the nerve to add me into a Facebook group with an intention to annoy me as much as they want? They better go to hell for doing that. And yeah, one of my classmates had a sister who is a classmate of my brother’s, so there’s a possibility of him knowing what I did to them.

In case I run into one of them again, then I can just say something insulting straight to their faces and walk off. I’ve already done this once and, I had to admit, it’s really fun. No regrets, they really deserve this.

Social Media Is Being Dominated By Bashers

Yeah, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being infiltrated by bashers, trolls, and fantards, and they’ll do anything to spread bad vibes through their posts. Also, they’re largely responsible for spreading fake news and hoaxes that target unsuspecting gullible people.

They’re entitled to freedom of speech, yes. But even that has limits. For those who keep posting negative or hateful comments online, please do us all a favor and shut up. You’re polluting the peaceful online world with unnecessary clutter.

I Don’t Care About Your Attention-Seeking Posts

Is there really a need to post your problems, rants, and emotions online? Well, not everyone cares.

Who Cares If I’m Popular Or Not?

People who are aiming to be popular are the ones who are truly talented, show-offs, and idiots.

You don’t have to tell me I’m not popular ’cause I’m not striving to be popular. Why make a big deal about that, when you yourself are not. Mind your own business. You certainly don’t want to be called out for being Captain Obvious.

Some People Are Hypocrites

So you go to church? But aren’t you an insensitive churchgoer if all you do was gossip about your neighbors and show off your newly-renovated kitchen and designer bags which are largely funded by bank loans? Duh! I don’t go to church and I don’t gossip or show off my prized collection of second-hand manga books… okay, I actually did the latter, but still, I don’t brag about it that much.

So you offer to help someone in need, but you’ll also gossip about that person’s private life. You wanted to help someone, and yet you’re making the person look bad in the eyes of everyone. If the same thing happens to you, how would you feel?

There are ways to do good things without having to resort to doing bad things on the side. Oh well, it just shows how terrible you are despite trying to commit a good deed. Maybe you need a miracle?

I’m Tired Of Seeing Social Media Posts Of Friends Having Fun And All That

This is one of the downsides of being immersed in social media for such a long time. I tend to feel insecurity whenever I see some posts of friends hanging out at the beach, having fun after work, and attending events. I, on the other hand, had just become an anti-social being spending time in front of the computer, staring at social media posts and wishing I could do the same. Yes, that’s not how social media sites are supposed to work.

Okay, so I’m clearly at fault here. But maybe I really need not to look at these posts if there’s the feeling of insecurity building up inside me. Speaking of which, some envious social media users are checking other people’s posts to check on their activities, posting insulting comments, and making stories about what that envious user has seen on other people’s accounts. Pfft, that’s so pathetic.

I certainly don’t have an issue with social media users posting their opinions on their timeline. Just a reminder, though: always do this with restraint. Who knows, an enemy might pop up from nowhere and may cause you a great deal of trouble even if you deleted that offending post.


No offense, but there are some things that I find annoying, and some people whom I find even more annoying. How I deal with them is beyond your thinking.

Well, since I already described myself as the writer with an attitude, I think you already have the slightest idea why I call myself that. Oh come on, I’m entitled to this kind of so-called freedom of expression, right? You certainly wouldn’t find all of them insulting, right?

Whatever it is, I really don’t care much about your reactions. And yes, I’m quite unapologetic about this too so don’t expect me to apologize for what I’ve written on this post. I’m pretty sure you already know why I labeled this post as explicit, right?

Not In The Mood For Disruptions [E]

I hate being disrupted for whatever reason at all, especially if it’s upsetting. I find it extremely annoying and it affects my concentration and creativity so much that I tend to put off what I should do for the entire day. If I’m not in the mood to write, then that’s it for the day. That’s one of the reasons why I can’t get everything done within the intended schedule, you see that my mind needs to be at peace in order to produce a quality work and not some shitty stuff that looks like it’s rushed.

As the type of person who needs an extreme amount of concentration in order to produce a fine work of art, it’s important that I shouldn’t be disturbed in any way. You can say that being unnecessarily disrupted while working is one of my biggest pet peeves in life, whether it’s intentional or not.

I’m gonna be straightforward on this one. Because concentration is important in writing various stuff, there are some things every non-writer should know. Do not disturb a writer unnecessarily while at work and do not disrupt the peaceful environment of a writer’s workplace. Keep that in mind, you inconsiderate fools.

Concentration Is A Skill That’s Not Easy To Master

Can you really concentrate on doing stuff in a bad mood? Obviously not. Your mind tends to get preoccupied with anger and anything unrelated to what you’re doing, meaning you’ll have a hard time focusing on your actual work. Losing concentration really sucks big time.

So what happens if you lose concentration? You’ll suffer a minor setback on the things you’re doing and depending on how worse the situation is, it takes a few hours to a few days before everything goes back to normal and you can finally begin work again.

Concentration is a skill that’s not easy to master. There are a lot of distractions that prevent you from accomplishing a certain task, which makes it even more difficult for you to finish everything within a given time. See if you can finish a set of tasks within a time limit on a bad mood, you can only accomplish just a task or two… maybe none at all.

Well, if I decided to go freelance, then I have the right to get ballistic and hit anyone who ruins my concentration while at work.

You’re Upsetting Me

As mentioned earlier, I hate being disrupted for whatever reason at all, especially if it’s upsetting. Can you do your work feeling upset for some reason? Absolutely not.

It really ticks me off when a peaceful environment suitable for writing can be disrupted by an annoying person who keeps yelling stuff angrily at me or to anyone else. It’s not a bad idea to let your mind be affected by the not-so-peaceful environment at home, it’s even worse if you just had an argument or a fight with someone.

Come on, I badly need some peace of mind while doing stuff, like writing stories or articles, creating a work of art, or even studying. I don’t need to hear some bullshit from an inconsiderate angry person, so do me a favor and just shut up.

A  Case Of Procrastination And Some Unexpected Problems

I want everything to go smoothly, so I expect everything to go smoothly. But there are times when problems get in the way of accomplishing a certain task, so what now?

As a blogger, I schedule the posts in advance to force my mind to prioritize only the ones that I need to finish on time. Yeah, I tend to reschedule the posts mainly due to a severe case of procrastination or time constraints, but I really hate it so much that I tend to resort to publishing filler posts (150-word posts) so I don’t have to worry about the rest of the posts being rescheduled as well. Well, filler posts are against my standards, but I do this for the sake of keeping up with my schedule. As of this writing, I’m aiming to finish seven stories (two of them nearing completion) and about six to seven blog posts for this month.

If writing filler posts aren’t bad enough, then what about having to write blog posts from another PC or a smartphone just so you can finish the scheduled posts on time? Case in point: it was November 2017 when the desktop PC’s motherboard gave up after eight years of service so I have to use my sister-in-law’s laptop so I can continue blogging. While I was able to continue work on my upcoming blog posts, I wasn’t able to retrieve the list of possible post titles I can work on later. Good thing, the drafts are saved online via WordPress, but the list of post titles are very important since this is where I’ll select a possible topic for my next blog post. I eventually rescued the list and we finally bought a new desktop PC after more than a week. The downside is that I need to reschedule some of the posts.

Another case in point: It was mid-April this year when another PC-related incident happened. This time, it’s the failing hard drive that’s giving me a problem and I had to take some time off from blogging just so I can back up the files to a portable hard drive. I resumed blogging almost a month later, but I still need to reschedule some of the affected blog posts scheduled for the problematic month of April. I have to write and publish about 10 posts for the month of May, which is twice the intended amount of the scheduled blog posts for that month. I managed to catch up on my schedule, thankfully. I just hope that I wouldn’t encounter something like this again.

Dealing With Unnecessary Disruption And Loss Of Concentration

I don’t actually earn from blogging, but this should serve as my training ground in writing and editing stuff. And since blogging and writing stuff requires a great deal of concentration, then I am not expected to be disturbed while at work.

Of course, there are instances of unnecessary disruptions that often lead to loss of concentration. Like the ones mentioned above, they’re really such a pain for writers and bloggers who are trying their best to shift their attention to their works, only to be affected by distractions and some kind of upsetting bullshit from annoying people.

Okay, so in case something disrupted your hard-earned focus or concentration, the first course of action is to vent out your frustration and anger at someone. Take a deep breath, drink lots of water, and try to move around. If you want, you can even hit someone who’s causing you a great deal of anxiety or curse your enemy through messaging apps online. Try to look at your best friend’s pictures or read your favorite book and try to imagine everything you’ve seen and read, then start writing or doing work. Maybe try to get super pissed off if you’re writing an explicit post like this one. There are lots of ways to deal with this, but it always depends on a person’s attitude or behavior. Some of these may or may not work for everyone. And if all else fails, then cancel the project altogether like you’ve got no other choice.


What’s worse than getting stuck in traffic, getting in conflict with the law, getting yourself involved in some nonsense group chat, running into an enemy, or even arguing with your dad? Of course, unnecessary disruptions and loss of concentration.

As annoying as it gets, disruptions are here to ruin your day and your plans for that day. So make sure you know what to do when something like this happens. And yeah, it’s a diabolical advice coming from a somewhat diabolical blogger, Keihancarl. Whatever.

Confessions Of A Weirdo (The 250th Post)

Finally, we’ve reached another milestone for The World According To KCOX. And for that, I’ve prepared a special post that tells more about my weird, eccentric self.

I’m Keihancarl Oikou Xiaucham, and I think you already knew how unusual my name is. Truth is, it’s just my pseudonym, though at times I consider it as my actual name for my alter ego, a really weird one.

Well, if you think that the name/pseudonym is weird enough, then there are some things I need to tell you about. Of course, this is (obviously) all about me and my weird habits.


I’m unusual. I’m different from the rest. I’m unique. And most of all, I’m pretty much unconventional that others thought I’m too incredibly far-out.

There’s nothing wrong with being weird. While it’s basically just a matter of preference, it sure does reflect my personality in a quirky way. It’s not like I’m trying to creep them out with my quirkiness, it’s just that I wanted to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be myself.

Yes, you’ve already seen me wearing unusual outfits, experimenting with such weird hairstyles, and taking lots of selfies featuring my awkward and weird poses. But these are not the only things I want to share about.


Being a shy person, I tend to feel awkward most of the time, especially if I happen to run into a friend whom I haven’t seen since high school or some acquaintance from school or work. I don’t know, but it seems like I’m not good at communicating with anyone, even with my family.

I love partying, but I’m pretty much a restless party-goer who tends to frequent the buffet table for some food and heading back to my table or constantly check my smartphone for some notifications or time. Perhaps, I’m also a quiet party-goer, since I’m not actually that kind of loud and I don’t generally engage myself in my friends’ conversations.

Well, I really find it difficult to engage in conversations, but I managed to get through small talks. Still, my friends keep asking me why I’m quiet most of the time. It really sounds awkward when someone asked me that, and I tend to give random responses just to get out of this uncomfortable situation.

My shyness is also evident on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. I don’t post that much, and if I do (at least on Twitter), it’s mostly random thoughts and plans and all that nonsense. I wish I can do something other than sharing Instagram posts or retweeting anime fan arts and writers’ quotes. Oh well, I really suck at this.


I may not be the kind of person who’s interested in socializing with people, but I always tend to feel warm and fuzzy whenever I run into some of the amazing people in my life, and one of them is My Awesome Classmate. Obviously, these amazing people are the ones I had crushes on, but there’s nothing romantic about it. Besides, they’re mostly dudes so it’s not something you can call a romantic feeling.

Anyways, I tend to check their Facebook profiles and their pictures, something that I enjoyed doing since the Friendster days, about ten years ago. It’s not necessarily stalking, but I thought I need to look into their pictures just to cheer me up, and maybe inspire me to write something. I was kind of obsessed with their cute (and sleeping) faces and this actually spurred me to do a little bit of vanity by trying to look and feel good in any way possible.


And speaking of looking good, I always put on some nice and cool-looking outfits whenever I go out. It’s mostly layered outfits since I’m more accustomed to it than just wearing a shirt without anything over it. I prefer pants to shorts and I prefer sneakers to sandals. If I didn’t wear layered outfits, then it’s just not me at all. Oh, and I don’t really care about the climate after all, as long as I get to wear something like that while I still can.

In my wardrobe, I had lots of colored T-shirts, buttoned and collared shirts, jackets and coats, a couple of cardigans, a knitted vest, slacks, and pairs of black and red socks. I also have a few pairs of gloves, mostly fingerless ones, as well as caps and sun visors. However, I usually ended up wearing all-black since I’m more comfortable wearing it, though I add a splash of color to it at times. Of course, I don’t forget to add some accessories to complement my cool-looking outfits.

I may be quite obsessed with fashion, but I generally don’t follow the latest fashion trends. I mean, they’re almost everywhere, and I really don’t need to blend in with the crowd. Besides, I want to stand out so I just follow my own style.


I do have some daily rituals, like checking various sites before surfing the internet first thing in the afternoon and making sure that all the doors are locked before going out or going to bed (I’m pretty much obsessed with security). Also, there are times when I have to make sure I use the bathroom before brunch and wash my hands and feet before dinner.

I’m comfortable with writing light-themed stories and articles at any time of the day, but I only write dark-themed stories and articles at night and when I’m at the cafe on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I always make sure that someone wouldn’t just walk in and look behind your shoulder what you’re working at, and if they do then I’ll lose my focus and concentration on my work. Actually, I’m more comfortable writing such dark stuff with the lights off, though I’ll end up straining my eyes.

I used to be afraid of the dark, but nowadays it provides a lot of comfort to my lonely soul. When I go to bed, my pillows (a mix of new and old ones) give me company. Of course, in the dark, I always have strange and dark thoughts, whether it’s about my own life or my imaginary characters I created in my head. I sometimes dream about it.

And regarding my strange and dark thoughts, I always have it inside my head, especially if I’m listening to some music. Of course, I wouldn’t want to let others know what I’m having, that’ll be embarrassing.


I wouldn’t mind being weird at all. Besides, that’s who I really am. Anyway, weird people tend to be more creative than normal people, though their imagination can really creep you out at times.

Well, I may be both eccentric and weird (yeah, they’re both the same, so what), but at least I’m not a creep. I tend to be a little awkward with my actions but this should not be a concern for you and for others. I’m fine that way.

250 posts and still counting… it’s an achievement for me, Keihancarl. All right, it’s time to look forward to TWATKcox’s 6th-anniversary post, the six stories that I’m still working on. I hope I can make it in time. Well, be sure to look forward to it!

Reacting To Such Unfortunate Situations [E]

Accidents, annoyances, unexpected problems… these are the things that make me feel distressed in any way. How do I react to such unfortunate situations in life? Well, depending on the situation, I would either get extremely pissed or be quite amused at the unpleasant things that happened to me.

The Annoying People In My Life

There are instances when people tend to ruin your wonderful day. Of course, I’ll just shot back at them for being jerks. But this is not always the case, as they always have the tendency to add insult to injury.

For example, some of my ex-classmates from fourth-year high school are kind enough to let me experience hell inside the classroom. Aside from the bullying I’ve experienced from these people back then, they also have the tendency to disrupt your peaceful life by trying to add you to a Facebook chat group and pretending that they really missed me. Can you believe that? These jerks don’t even care on my reaction to this kind of online harassment. I wasn’t able to get back at them during that time, but at least I’ve come up with a brilliant idea of pretending that I don’t know them, as well as completely severing my ties to them by means of cursing them relentlessly and saying such hurtful stuff to them, like wishing for them to die by any means possible. My plan somehow worked, because they actually stopped bothering me right after that.

Just in case I come across that extremely annoying classmate from second-year high school, that annoying queer guy who often did a lot of mean stuff to me, then all I have to do is to push him into the curb and run. Or maybe kick him in the nuts (if he still has any) and leave him squealing in pain. And FYI, this only applies to a certain person whose initials include a J, a V, and a B.

All right, so the moment I come across that annoying person in my life, like a bully (probably an ex-bully) or that life-changing gossiper, then I have ways to deal with it. I just wanted to make sure that these people won’t retaliate… and more importantly, I don’t get in trouble.


It really sucks to experience such inconveniences in life, such as traffic, slow service, and incompetence. What’s worse than experiencing such inconveniences in life? That would be its undesirable effect on your plans.

Normally, I’ll get impatient and/or get pissed of at the possibility of having to wait in line just to pay for a few items on the counter, buy tickets, or pay the bills. The same thing goes for going to work or a place on a heavy traffic, experiencing brownouts, slow or intermittent internet connection, and so on. At times, when I get super pissed off, I had this tendency to rant without even minding the people around me. High expectations made me resort to this.

But what ticks me off the most is the thought of wasting a lot of time dealing with such inconveniences. Just imagine yourself getting stuck in traffic for an hour or two… you could have done a lot of tasks within that time period. Again, high expectations.

Inconveniences are inevitable in most cases, but some can be avoided. If only there’s a way to avoid such inconveniences in life, then there’s a chance you’ll hear fewer rants from a person with high expectations in life… in this case, that would be me.

Unnecessary Comments

I certainly feel like calling out to people who called me fat, pig, and four eyes, among many other insults being thrown at me (like I was relentlessly being bullied by almost anyone, which is kind of unbelievable).

Okay, so there are some people who tend to say such unnecessary, insulting comments on you and/or family and friends. Can’t they just keep it to themselves?

For example, if someone is suffering from an illness or a disease, would you go as far as telling them the harsh truth even though you’re not supposed to? Rather than giving them a reason to fall into depression, why don’t you enlighten them with your positive words instead? You’re no God, so I have the right to say that to your face if your intention is to worsen the patient’s condition through your harsh words. In other words, you’re an inconsiderate, insensitive jerk.

Reacting to such unnecessary comments and statements depend on the situation. If it’s mostly on the negative side, then I’m more likely to get pissed off by your harsh and unkind remarks. Besides, can’t you say anything rather than insults and unnecessary comments?

Unexpected Problems Along The Way

The real misfortune happens in an unexpected manner. Not exactly accidents, but something that can be avoided, such as encountering unscrupulous people, losing money and valuables, and robbery.

I’ll definitely get frustrated if I experience one of these. Yes, I’ve already lost a wallet, I almost lost my smartphone, and I lost my valuable souvenir from Puerto Galera (a black sun visor). I feel grumpy at the thought of losing another thing again. Luckily, I never experienced getting robbed, and that’s something I don’t want to experience ever.

Also, heavy rains and flooding in the area are some of my biggest frustrations whenever I go out. If I accidentally land on a puddle, flood water, or mud, then I’ll get annoyed. And if some careless driver managed to splash flood water at me, then I might throw a huge rock at the vehicle.


Well, I react negatively in most situations, but there are times when I feel like laughing it off, like that unexpected encounter with my ex-classmates at a mall and my response to their annoying group chat. To think that I’m capable of doing such a thing despite the bad things that happened, I tried my best not to laugh.

Anyway, what’s the big deal of reacting to such unfortunate situations, when all I can think of is to get mad and pissed off at the things that happened to me? Maybe I can get some inspiration from it, or perhaps it’s just a sign from above that I should change plans? Or maybe teach me a valuable lesson?

Whatever it is, reacting to unfortunate situations is pretty normal and it’s okay for us not to keep our cool in certain situations. But remember that there’s a price for our actions and reactions, so try not to let it bother you and try to move on. Life isn’t really that bad at all.

Night Life: A Four-Month Journey On A Night Shift Job


I was really excited the moment I got hired as a Customer Service Representative at a call center in Makati, back in September 2013. I researched everything about call center companies and I think I might be able to apply to one of them. Anyway, I was already attending numerous job fairs and so far I haven’t had any luck… until that moment.

Right after getting hired, I immediately celebrated this achievement with a nice meal and a nice stroll in Ayala Center, not knowing that I’m up to a surprise twist as soon as my training starts. I thought, what did I actually get myself into?

October 2013

[10-03/Wednesday] I started training at a call center company in Makati as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). On the first day, I suddenly felt lethargic up to the point of falling asleep while waiting for the orientation. Everything went well on the first day, but I had a hard time falling asleep when I got home the following morning.

[10-04/Thursday] Despite the lack of sleep, I was able to make it through the second day of training without getting a headache. Of course, there’s a tendency to fall asleep as I’m not used to staying up through the night and the strong smell of coffee in the pantry area makes me feel nauseous. And yes, we actually filled up the application forms after the lunch break (the call center company didn’t ask for my resume back when I applied during the job fair).

[10-05/Friday] Pre-employment medical exam, shortened to PEME, in one of the training rooms. I collapsed during the blood extraction for the blood examination, I had low blood pressure at the time. It took me a while before I can get up and complete the rest of the medical exams.

[10-08/Monday] Off to process my NBI clearance and other documents needed for employment. We were given a day off in order to comply with the requirements, dropping by the HR office to submit the documents, and had a nice early dinner at a Japanese casual dining restaurant in Makati and a nice sip of lemon tea in a milk tea shop at Centris Walk (Quezon City).

[Rest of the third week] Communications training, as well as a crash course in the English language and speech training.

[10-16/Wednesday] I celebrated my 23rd birthday at a fast food chain in Makati Avenue Extension. Of course, it was an informal celebration considering that I never actually told my co-trainees about my birthday, but we still managed to eat out anyway.

[Fourth week] The actual call center training begins. This is where we learn the basics of customer service and we did some role-playing on handling customer concerns and problems.

[Fifth week] And I finally passed the Global Communications Training, so I’m off to Enhanced Class. A day later, I had an interview for an account and before I know it, I’m already headed to Product Specific Training. But first, there’s a two-day Financial Forensics Training (if I recall correctly) and it coincided with the Halloween zombie run in Buendia.

November 2013

[11-04/Monday] PST begins and we introduced ourselves to our new trainer. She then divided our batch into five groups. I come up with the name for our group, and the rest of my group mates agreed. The others had already chosen such unique names for their respective groups as well, and that’s how our first day of PST went.

[Rest of the first week] In this hands-on training on account management, we learned the basics of managing the customer’s accounts. In order to manage the customers’ accounts, I need to ask for the customer’s concern, pull up their accounts, try to figure out the problem as well as check the customer’s records, and either provide solutions (for a problem) or refer to one of the specialists (depending on the problem). Of course, I also need to pull up the Quick Source (Knowledge Database) so that I can provide the right solutions to their concerns and problems.

[11-07/Thursday] There’s a typhoon in the Eastern Visayas area, but Metro Manila is also affected, albeit just strong winds and some rainfall. I even recall myself nearly got blown by the strong wind while heading to a convenience store during break time. Of course, in preparation for this, I bought a new umbrella and a black and gray scarf using my training allowance.

[Second week] I feel like quitting right this instant, but my batchmates/co-trainees convinced me not to give up. I’m still giving it a try to see if I’m really capable of doing non-stop complicated work. Since I tend to forget the parts of the general account information (WAGN) screen, I started to feel anxious. My trainer isn’t really pleased with some of us not remembering the parts of the WAGN screen so we’re trying our best to familiarize ourselves with it.

[11-13/Wednesday] We just had our own lockers, as well as a set of padlock and key, and an Emergency Passport. I had no idea as to what the latter is used for, but I assumed that it is related to the locker that we’re using. Well, my locker is located at the bottom, so I’ll definitely need to bend down just to store my things in there. Oh well, that’s how it is.

[Third week] Just got back from a two-day outing, and we’re about to begin our OJT. Yes, the PST continues, but we also spend a considerable amount of time inside the actual workplace, sitting in with the call center agents and taking notes. Of course, I also heard their frustrations with dealing with rude customers and how they deal with it minus the rudeness. I also get to listen to some calls and I managed to pay attention to how the agents handle the customer’s concerns.

[Fourth week]  Start of Academic Bay or ABAY. My shift starts past midnight and I have to deal with a risk-taking alternative to MRT-3 (there are no train operations from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM) by riding the UV Express from SM Fairview to Buendia and then taking the jeepney to Makati Avenue, where the BPO is located. Okay, so we’re done with sitting in with the call center agents and learning from their experiences, but I don’t think I was able to fully absorb what they shared to us. Looks like it’ll be a challenge for me to do the same once I hit the desk. And yes, we were trained in using the fingerprint scanner and entering the passcode in order to enter the workstation. The passcode consists of my ID number, and an additional digit preceding it. I’m probably getting used to this kind of life, or so I thought.

[Fourth week] And the stressful part of transition begins. To be honest, I really want to give up and find another job, but at least I need to experience first what being a call center agent is like before giving my verdict. It was such an extremely stressful experience for me that I couldn’t help but break down after a few unpleasant calls. This stressful experience only gets worse with the customers’ rude response to my solutions to their problems, which is kind of infuriating for me. Despite this, we have to be nice to the customers at all times.

December 2013

[First two weeks] Yeah, life goes on in the workstation. Just keep going and never give up. Still, I tend to feel upset at times due to the stress I experienced with some of the rude customers and I always feel kind of relieved upon stepping out of the building to the morning rush of vehicles and workers in the area. Now that I look at it, I tend to feel weird at times since I have to work at night, just because… Anyway, our PST trainer (and team leader) created a new team and some of us batchmates are in it. And yeah, I think we already got our Christmas package (I opted for a Christmas ham) just weeks before the actual Christmas celebration.

[Third week] Christmas is coming, and the good news is we can choose one of the two holidays (whiich is actually a day off) in order for us call center agents to spend time with the family. I opted for Christmas Day, but then I made a wrong decision as my relatives always gathered around New Year’s Day. I should’ve opted for a New Year’s day off instead. And yes, we had our Christmas Party at the World Trade Center in Pasay, but since I’m on duty that day, I can’t attend. It really sucks, but at least we had our free meal.

[Holiday week] Yes, I really enjoyed spending a day off on Christmas with my mom and little sister, but I really can’t enjoy New Year’s day since I have work on that day. At least, the curtains on our workplace are drawn and the lights are dimmed so we can all see the fireworks display while tending to our customers’ concerns. The following day, I only managed to join my relatives for a New Year’s feast, but I have to go home early so I can catch a few hours of sleep before going to work later that night.

January 2014

[First week] I was really thinking of resigning from my job as a CSR in training, but I hold back. Some of my batchmates had already left, and I’m probably doing the same thing too eventually. My PST trainer announced that our team will be dissolved and we will be transferred to different teams, meaning that I’ll be on a different team with a couple of my batchmates, new teammates, and a new team leader. I was feeling a little intimidated since some of them are unapproachable, but most of them warmed up to us and are welcomed to the team.

[Second week] Having bought my very own smartphone using my earnings as a trainee, I was pretty cheerful for the time being. But of course, I can’t be really that cheerful all the time since I’m still feeling a great deal with stress with some rude customers.

[Third week] I was pretty close to getting terminated, mostly due to tardiness. Also, I already have issues with misunderstandings regarding break time schedules (one of them is actually my fault) and the pre-buffer schedules that require me to log on at least an hour early. Not only that, but I also had a feeling that I’m not doing well in my performance and I can never catch up with the rest. I was starting to get anxious about what will happen to me if I end up getting terminated from my job due to poor performance and tardiness issues. So I decided to ask my team leader for advice regarding my planned resignation from the company. She told me that I might need to render at least a few days of work, though she also said that there’s a possibility of an immediate resignation but that will depend on the Program Director.

[Fourth week] I struggled to write a resignation letter, but I managed to do it anyway. I handed the resignation letter to my team leader, and a few hours later she told me that he (Program Director) already signed it, meaning that I’ll only have a few days before I’m officially done with my job as a CSR (in training).

[01-26/Saturday] My last day at the company. I feel a little bit emotional as I bid farewell to my batchmates and my teammates, and decided to pick up my things in the locker. In the meantime, the headset will have to stay there for the time being as the HR department is not open on weekends. I’ll be back on Monday afternoon to turn over the headset and the lock and key to the HR personnel, as well as processing my resignation from the company and getting my documents back.


Almost four months and a lot of experiences in and out of the workplace… it was quite fun. For a while, my life changed as I tend to focus on work rather than my daily routine. And working at night isn’t that bad, it’s just that there are a lot of disadvantages too. The sound of passing vehicles and the sight of city lights at night somehow lighten up my mood, it feels kind of relaxing at times.

I still have mixed feelings about working at a call center. For some reason, I don’t feel like applying to another BPO company again as soon as I resigned from my job, and so far I haven’t had any success in finding another job outside the BPO industry. And for the next few months, I’ve been consistently rejecting offers from other BPO companies, including referrals from my friends.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m really happy with my decision now that I’ve left the stressful life of a call center agent. I’ve already learned a few things in this four-month journey including being courteous to rude customers, finding solutions to the customers’ concerns, and being helpful and cheerful at all times. Yes, I may have learned a few things, but I don’t think I can ever learn how a customer should treat the customer support representatives in the nicest way possible. Whatever.

So my nightlife ends in a bittersweet note, and I’m back to my old self again. I can only help but smile as I recall the remarkable moments that I experienced during training and the stressful times in the workplace, as well as the side trips in malls and other places in the morning, right after the shift. There’s a chance I might never do this again, but who knows?

In short, working the night shift is fun, but absolutely stressful and depressing. I’m so glad I get to experience this kind of life because I’m not gonna do this again. Still, I might reconsider.

I Have My Own Personal Issues, So What? [E]

The writer with an attitude, that’s what I often describe myself. But of course, some of you simply wouldn’t buy it because I don’t actually look like it. Oh well, whatever.

In case you’re not aware, I tend to get pretty temperamental depending on the situation. I always try my best to be friendly at all times and avoid anything that will tarnish my reputation as a writer. Okay, I may not be that popular, but I’m pretty much concerned with the fact that there are some nosy people who are snooping in other people’s business. What’s worse, they have this nasty habit of digging up something unpleasant from a person’s private life and spreading it around like a news item. Yes, a person’s life is like a book, but not everything in that book is meant to be read by anybody. In other words, anything private should be kept private at all times.

All right, so I’ll just let you in on some of my possible personal issues that I’m currently dealing with right now. Just don’t you dare fabricate everything you read on this post, or else I’ll do anything to shut you up. I’m pretty serious here.

The Writer With A [Bad] Attitude

I’m pretty much a temperamental person in some ways, courtesy of my perfectionism and my inherited bad attitude from my dad. First of all, I do have a tendency to talk back to elders (especially to my dad), something that can raise a red flag for disrespect. So yeah, I’m pretty much like that at times, but not to the ones I truly care about.

I also tend to show my rebellious side at times, since I always felt that I’m clearly at a disadvantage due to my inability to assert my authority. I grudgingly follow orders and I show my disdain for the people who order me around like a slave. The last thing I need is getting yelled at by some annoying elder with a bad attitude, especially for no reason at all.

And while I’m at it, I can be pretty straightforward with my statements and decisions. If I hate you so much, then I can say it straight to your face and walk off. If I don’t like something, I can probably tell them outright. And if I refuse their requests and invitations, then you can’t convince me to change my mind that easily.

Tendency To Rant

If a pen is mightier than a sword, then words are more powerful than actions. Anyway, I’m more inclined to write a bunch of emotional and offensive stuff in writing rather than saying it out loud. Well, I may have written some potentially offensive posts like my recent TWATKRant post (on my blog’s Tumblr counterpart), but I think I can do something better than that… I mean, more offending than that.

Writing about my personal angst is, well, okay, but writing pretty offensive stuff is something else. Regarding the latter, I just couldn’t help ranting about the terrible things people did to me in the past and so, this is my way of getting back at them. These offensive posts are generally directed towards the people I hate the most. And…

A Great Deal Of Animosity

…I’m also good at holding grudges, which is something that I’m not really proud of. In fact, it is actually one of the reasons for having this feeling of insecurity towards my enemies and an inevitable case of depression. And since there are some people who did this on purpose just to make my life miserable, I deserve the right to shun them out of my life for good.

A perfect example of this is the expression of hatred towards my annoying fourth-year high school classmates (IV-Chromium) who made my life extremely miserable during that time. While I usually play along with them at first, they eventually did a lot of mean things to me. They never even apologized for their actions, hence I decided that I’ll get back at them someday, which I did. I know that I’m gonna have an issue with these people in the end, so I was wondering if they’re saying something bad about me behind my back. Knowing them, they’ll probably hesitate to make up with me, which is great.

Well, aside from my annoying fourth-year high school classmates, there are other people that I really hate so much that I might call them a bunch of names, as well as making sure that I avoid running into them. If ever I’m gonna have an issue with these people, then they don’t have the right to criticize me for my unjust actions. Besides, they’re the ones who started this so they deserve to experience a great deal of damage for their actions.

Online Annoyances

The online world is getting really dangerous due to the proliferation of trolls and bashers. Luckily, I’ve not yet experienced this harsh online treatment by some netizens, but I decided to refrain from engaging in some heated online debates and sensitive topics such as religion and politics. Also, I already set some of my social media accounts to private so you won’t be able to gain access to my profile.

I have no problems with social media influencers, online marketers, weeaboos, and K-pop fans on the internet. What’s actually getting on my nerves these days are the social media posts asking for likes and shares, attention seeking posts, and chain letters. And of course, people who keep adding me to some Facebook groups and chat groups without my prior approval. I’ve already unfriended a couple of friends because of that.

As a blogger, I’m aware of those who followed me on my blog sites. It’s just that I’m not fond of some indecent followers who are targeting single men and showing nude pics on their Tumblr accounts. The same thing goes for my Twitter account. I just don’t want them infiltrating my online space, so I simply block them. And of course, I have to deal with a lot of spam comments on my blog posts, which are obviously sent by a bot. Thanks to the anti-spam plug-in called Akismet, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting spam comments on my blog posts.

And one more thing, I don’t like arrogant bloggers who handled guest comments in an unprofessional manner. If you’re that kind, then I suggest that you just remove the comments unrelated to the topic at your discretion and post guidelines on how they should comment on your posts. It’s understandable that there are some bloggers who don’t like being spammed with unnecessary remarks or hoaxes, but in such cases, it’s best to be nice to your followers at all times.

Annoyed By Slow, Terrible Service

It’s not easy working as a customer service representative, I tell you. In my two months of experience as a call center employee in training, I’ve already dealt with some rude and demanding customers and their problems that need complicated solutions. Of course, we’re not allowed to be rude towards them. Otherwise, we’ll lose our job.

It’s easy to vent our frustrations at customer service agents, cashiers, and people working at government agencies for their slow, inefficient service. After all, we deserve something better. But in my case, I don’t often see why would they have to remain committed to their inefficient way of providing service to the people. I mean, it’s bad enough that the long lines in some counters are a bad sign that they’re going to waste your time falling in line and wait for your turn. For me, that’s just plain unacceptable.

Many times, I feel like calling out to a person working behind a counter for being slow and inefficient in their job. Yeah, I’m being inconsiderate at times but I just can’t help it. After all, patience is no longer a virtue… it’s a disappointment.

Proceeding With My Own Plans

Whenever I go out, I always plan everything in advance so everything goes smoothly in the end. But there are some things that can ruin your plans, such as traffic, bad weather, service interruptions, and a long line of people in counters, terminals, and train stations. Of course, unexpected last-minute invitations or friend visits can disrupt your planned trip, which is kind of annoying.

If things didn’t go as planned, then expect me to rant about various things such as how worse the traffic is, how terrible the service is, how frustrating it is to wait for a PUV (public utility vehicle) just to get a ride to my destination, and so on. I don’t care what people around me will say about blurting out such an angry message, it’s just that I couldn’t stand poor management and bad service.

I’m pretty much obsessed with scheduling everything according to my preference and I always make sure to stick with it at all times. If anyone tries to ruin my plans with your last-minute invites, then prepare to receive a rude response from me along with a resounding no for an answer. Okay, so this only applies to my friends and acquaintances, otherwise I’ll just think of a better excuse to accept or not to accept the invite, and so on.


Well, here are some of my personal issues that deal with my annoyances and bad attitude. Think you can make it worse with your rude reactions?

It’s bad enough that I’m suffering a great deal of anxiety because of these annoying people in my life, please don’t make it worse. Besides, I can do fine without you calling me out for my [bad] attitude, so just leave it at that and focus on the good side of me. You see, I’m not that bad after all.

What It Means To Be A Loner?

Some people will never understand what being a loner is like until they experience it themselves.

Well, it takes strength and courage to endure being a loner. Sometimes, there are breaking moments. But in the end, it’ll just be the same.


Being a loner is either a matter of choice or as a result of being ostracized from a group. Choosing the option to be alone can be helpful for those who need a break from the pressures of social life, especially if you don’t feel like hanging out with your classmates, friends, or co-workers. But being forced to be a loner due to the fact that they’re being ostracized by your peers is something to be concerned about. In fact, loneliness can be deadly if you end up feeling depressed and hopeless.

If being a loner is a choice, then you enjoy the comfortable feeling of solitude, away from the pressures of your social life. While it’s not a bad idea to spend time with your friends, it’s better to set aside some time for yourself in order to relax and to give yourself a chance to enjoy a variety of things and activities all by yourself.

If being a loner is a result of being rejected and ostracized by your peers, then there’s something wrong with the people who exclude you from the group. What they don’t realize is that ostracism can have a damaging effect on a person’s emotional and psychological well-being, and there’s a possibility that they can never fully recover from it.


The moment you are being ostracized by your peers, you’d probably be wondering why are they doing this to you even though you did nothing wrong. Then all of a sudden, you feel all alone now, without someone to help you cope with this emotional rejection. At times, your loneliness can turn your world upside down, like a ship passing through a treacherous ocean on a stormy night.

At first, it was heartbreaking. Just imagine a group of friends leaving you behind like a trash for no particular reason at all, after all these years of friendship. You started experiencing a great deal of anguish just because you’re no longer a part of the circle. If you try to approach them, they’ll end up ignoring you or pushing you away since you’re no longer their friend. Worse, you’ll end up getting bullied and struggling to endure the pain of being humiliated and insulted by others.

As time passes by, you started developing a fear of being rejected and would rather think twice before you start approaching anyone. You’ll probably meet some nice people later on, but the bad experiences you’ve experienced in the past may serve as a barrier to making new friends. And even if you did, you’ll end up being the quiet, shy type who seldom joins conversations and may end up being forgotten by your so-called new friends. They won’t even bother asking how are you feeling up to these days. In other words, you’re now a misfit.

So what now? You’ve experienced getting rejected and ostracized by your peers in the past, and now you’re struggling to make (and keep) new friends. What luck you’re having right now. And now that your new friends didn’t really care much about you, then it’s time to accept the fact that you’ll be a loner for the rest of your life. Just the thought of it can really make you feel hopeless and depressed, and there’s no way to get yourself out of this loneliness. Either you’ll live with it or you’ll plan your own death.


Well, being a loner sure has benefits.

Looking on the bright side, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about peer pressure. As you can see, the ones who rejected and ostracized you are eventually lured into the life of gaming, drinking, promiscuity, and other bad habits that you’ll otherwise pick up had they not abandoned you. Also, there’ll be no one to visit you in an unexpected manner, and they’ll never ask you to treat them even if you don’t want to. You’ll never have to worry about spending a lot of money on your friends’ food and drinks, and even gifts. Some people might think that you’re pretty selfish about this kind of thinking, but that’s the way it goes.

And since you’re no longer comfortable being with (a lot of) people owing to years of being a loner, you’ve finally embraced introversion. That means you’re no longer comfortable with having friends (if you have one) come over your place and would rather be hiding in the attic or your room than entertaining them.

As a loner, you get to enjoy a lot of things by yourself rather than with a group of friends. But of course, it feels awkward in certain situations, such as attending events or having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant… all by yourself.

There are a lot of good things waiting for a loner, except falling in love and starting a family. But if ever someone managed to lure you out of this loneliness, then it’s definitely a life-changing experience for you and there’ll be a lot of things for you to catch up on, like hanging out with your new friends and doing a lot of group activities… with your participation, of course.


It’s funny how I managed to live this lonely life without interacting with my friends for so long. Well, it is the result of being ostracized by my classmates back in elementary, and it carried over to high school and college. And since I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll become a loner for the rest of my life, I completely lost my ability to make new friends and I’m no longer fond of approaching people (like salespersons or friends) just to ask for help or to gain their attention.

I may be happy with my life now as a loner, but I started feeling depressed due to the fact that there’s no one else I can talk to aside from my family and relatives. Sometimes, I was wondering if I was really looking down at myself just because my response to these rejections are mostly negative.

Some of you might think that I’m making this up. Apparently, you don’t have a clue what being a loner is like, since you’d probably spent your entire life hanging out with your friends that you think loners like me don’t actually exist. Well, I envy you for having such an active social life, while I’m spending my time in front of a computer feeling insecure and lonely while checking out my social media accounts and surfing the internet. Now, what will you do to encourage loners like me to go out and socialize with others? Nothing, because some of you don’t even care.

So what does being a loner mean to me? It can only mean one thing: freedom. Freedom from the unwanted people in your life, freedom from big expenses (particularly on treats for your friends), freedom from the trouble they’ve caused you, and freedom from peer pressure. Conformity is bullshit, just be yourself and stop forcing others to like you. That’s all that matters if you’re still struggling to come out of this lonely life and start socializing with others off the internet.

Again, it takes strength and courage to endure being a loner, but not everyone can survive this loneliness. After all, no man is an island.

Anime Shows Are More Interesting Than Other TV Shows, Period

First row: Daisuke Niwa of D.N.Angel | Eren Yeager of Attack On Titan | Kirito and Asuna of Sword Art Online | Kaneki and Hide of Tokyo Ghoul
Second row: Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura | Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke of Naruto | Izuku Midoriya a.k.a. Deku of My Hero Academia | Kei Nagai of Ajin: Demi-Human

Am I the only one who finds anime more interesting than other TV shows? Perhaps not. Anyway, let’s get on with this post.


For many years, anime is (and will always be) a part of my happy childhood. Some of you may not admit this, but I’m pretty sure you also feel the same way.

Nowadays, there aren’t much anime shows aired on FTA (free-to-air) TV channels (excluding the digital subchannels). If there is one, then I’m pretty sure they’re more likely to air re-runs of popular anime like Detective Conan, One Piece, or Bleach. As for the digital sub-channel that airs some anime (along with cartoons and kid-oriented shows), they’re only exclusive to a specific brand of set-up top black box.

While there are some dedicated anime channels on cable and satellite TV, you need to subscribe in order to watch them. There used to be a Filipino-dubbed anime channel on cable TV, but unfortunately, it ceased airing early this year due to lack of advertiser support, with some of the ongoing anime shows on the now defunct channel will be aired soon on a digital subchannel of a major TV network. Online, there are some sites that let you watch anime shows, but is often restricted to certain regions and may require a subscription and/or registration. Anime channels on cable and satellite TV and some legit streaming sites offer a choice of original Japanese dub with English subs or an English dub, so these should suffice.

Now, why the lack of anime programming on FTA TV channels? First, acquiring broadcast rights to anime shows can be pretty expensive, and second, there are certain elements such as excessive violence, nudity, and a few others that can’t be shown on TV.

Anyway, with the lack of anime programming on FTA TV channels, there are some people wishing to bring back anime on afternoons. But the thing is, teledramas (television drama shows) and some Asian drama shows are already dominating the afternoon block, and talk shows and fantasy series are dominating the morning block, meaning that the only way to watch anime shows on free TV is on weekends, particularly Saturdays.

I don’t watch TV nowadays except for news and some public affairs programs so I don’t have any idea about the anime shows airing on these major TV networks. All I know is that anime is already a dying breed on TV owing to the rise of online streaming sites.


So what makes anime shows more interesting than any other TV programs?

First of all, the cool-looking animation, the story (whether adapted from its manga counterpart or not), and the characters can really entice some of the viewers into watching these shows. Since some anime shows generally feature adolescents and teenagers as characters, they actually make it more appealing for the younger (and older) audiences to watch. It doesn’t matter whether it’s action, sports, romance, supernatural, or slice of life anime series, as long as the plot is good enough for them to keep tuning in.

Second, anime shows are getting more diverse than before. And with a lot of anime shows being produced in the recent years, there’s no shortage of interesting anime shows to watch. So it’s not all about the superpowers, high school romance, and giant (mecha) robots or machines that you’re watching nowadays, but almost everything.

And finally, the emotions in some anime shows are far more relatable and realistic than the ones in TV dramas. Also, some anime soundtracks (particularly the ones used as the opening and ending theme songs) are generally upbeat, and at times, emotional, and are far more enjoyable to listen to (though not much in my case). And don’t forget the anime scores, especially the ones that are played during some memorable scenes.

Nothing against TV dramas, but while they are popular with some of the viewers, there’s always the possibility of recycling some parts of the show’s script for another (similar) drama series. Major TV networks air drama series that feature the usual rivalry of the protagonist and the antagonist, intense scenes such as on-screen confrontations and fights, sensuality, third-party relationships, infidelity, and revenge, enough to burn out some of the viewers. I simply find them too boring to watch, no matter how great these kinds of shows are produced.

As for the rest… well, other than the afternoon and primetime teledramas, I can’t say much about comedy shows, game shows, and lifestyle shows, as these are what I typically watch aside from news and anime.


Well, am I the only one who’s more interested in watching anime than any other TV shows? Of course, not.

There are others who binge-watch anime for hours, and some of them take their fascination with anime to a whole new level—including writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, buying anime-related merchandise, as well as accumulating an insane collection of anime figures, manga, and DVDs/Blu-ray discs of their favorite anime series and attending anime conventions and otaku events. For me, anime is not just a simple fascination or obsession, but it’s also a part of our lives.

But the lack of anime programming on FTA TV channels (excluding digital subchannels) will surely disappoint some of the anime fans and otakus who don’t have access to cable/satellite TV and some legitimate online streaming sites just to watch some cool anime shows. There’s Crunchyroll at least, but with limited availability of anime shows outside of North America (mainly due to geographical restrictions), and you’ll need premium membership for ad-free and high definition versions of anime, as well as simulcasts of newly aired anime one hour after its original Japanese broadcast. Completely deprived of such anime cravings, they might resort to illegal streaming sites or torrent downloads just to watch their favorite anime. Others would content themselves with replays of “classic” anime shows, even though some of them are getting tired of it and are wishing for some new anime shows to air on free TV. Right now, for those who don’t have access to cable or satellite TV, online streaming sites are the only way to watch these cool anime shows.


Call me a weeb, but I love watching anime shows and I really can’t part with it. Besides, I tend to discover a lot of great anime since three years ago, and I ended up with a long list of anime to watch. It’s so hard to keep up, to be honest.

And by the way, if you think anime is for kids, then think again. Maybe you haven’t heard of hentai or yaoi anime, and these are strictly for mature audiences just so you know. Not to mention that there are certain elements which are not suitable for young audiences, such as nudity and violence. Of course, anime is generally targeted towards adolescents and teenagers, but it is actually meant to be enjoyed by everyone.