I Have My Own Personal Issues, So What? [E]

The writer with an attitude, that’s what I often describe myself. But of course, some of you simply wouldn’t buy it because I don’t actually look like it. Oh well, whatever.

In case you’re not aware, I tend to get pretty temperamental depending on the situation. I always try my best to be friendly at all times and avoid anything that will tarnish my reputation as a writer. Okay, I may not be that popular, but I’m pretty much concerned with the fact that there are some nosy people who are snooping in other people’s business. What’s worse, they have this nasty habit of digging up something unpleasant from a person’s private life and spreading it around like a news item. Yes, a person’s life is like a book, but not everything in that book is meant to be read by anybody. In other words, anything private should be kept private at all times.

All right, so I’ll just let you in on some of my possible personal issues that I’m currently dealing with right now. Just don’t you dare fabricate everything you read on this post, or else I’ll do anything to shut you up. I’m pretty serious here.

The Writer With A [Bad] Attitude

I’m pretty much a temperamental person in some ways, courtesy of my perfectionism and my inherited bad attitude from my dad. First of all, I do have a tendency to talk back to elders (especially to my dad), something that can raise a red flag for disrespect. So yeah, I’m pretty much like that at times, but not to the ones I truly care about.

I also tend to show my rebellious side at times, since I always felt that I’m clearly at a disadvantage due to my inability to assert my authority. I grudgingly follow orders and I show my disdain for the people who order me around like a slave. The last thing I need is getting yelled at by some annoying elder with a bad attitude, especially for no reason at all.

And while I’m at it, I can be pretty straightforward with my statements and decisions. If I hate you so much, then I can say it straight to your face and walk off. If I don’t like something, I can probably tell them outright. And if I refuse their requests and invitations, then you can’t convince me to change my mind that easily.

Tendency To Rant

If a pen is mightier than a sword, then words are more powerful than actions. Anyway, I’m more inclined to write a bunch of emotional and offensive stuff in writing rather than saying it out loud. Well, I may have written some potentially offensive posts like my recent TWATKRant post (on my blog’s Tumblr counterpart), but I think I can do something better than that… I mean, more offending than that.

Writing about my personal angst is, well, okay, but writing pretty offensive stuff is something else. Regarding the latter, I just couldn’t help ranting about the terrible things people did to me in the past and so, this is my way of getting back at them. These offensive posts are generally directed towards the people I hate the most. And…

A Great Deal Of Animosity

…I’m also good at holding grudges, which is something that I’m not really proud of. In fact, it is actually one of the reasons for having this feeling of insecurity towards my enemies and an inevitable case of depression. And since there are some people who did this on purpose just to make my life miserable, I deserve the right to shun them out of my life for good.

A perfect example of this is the expression of hatred towards my annoying fourth-year high school classmates (IV-Chromium) who made my life extremely miserable during that time. While I usually play along with them at first, they eventually did a lot of mean things to me. They never even apologized for their actions, hence I decided that I’ll get back at them someday, which I did. I know that I’m gonna have an issue with these people in the end, so I was wondering if they’re saying something bad about me behind my back. Knowing them, they’ll probably hesitate to make up with me, which is great.

Well, aside from my annoying fourth-year high school classmates, there are other people that I really hate so much that I might call them a bunch of names, as well as making sure that I avoid running into them. If ever I’m gonna have an issue with these people, then they don’t have the right to criticize me for my unjust actions. Besides, they’re the ones who started this so they deserve to experience a great deal of damage for their actions.

Online Annoyances

The online world is getting really dangerous due to the proliferation of trolls and bashers. Luckily, I’ve not yet experienced this harsh online treatment by some netizens, but I decided to refrain from engaging in some heated online debates and sensitive topics such as religion and politics. Also, I already set some of my social media accounts to private so you won’t be able to gain access to my profile.

I have no problems with social media influencers, online marketers, weeaboos, and K-pop fans on the internet. What’s actually getting on my nerves these days are the social media posts asking for likes and shares, attention seeking posts, and chain letters. And of course, people who keep adding me to some Facebook groups and chat groups without my prior approval. I’ve already unfriended a couple of friends because of that.

As a blogger, I’m aware of those who followed me on my blog sites. It’s just that I’m not fond of some indecent followers who are targeting single men and showing nude pics on their Tumblr accounts. The same thing goes for my Twitter account. I just don’t want them infiltrating my online space, so I simply block them. And of course, I have to deal with a lot of spam comments on my blog posts, which are obviously sent by a bot. Thanks to the anti-spam plug-in called Akismet, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting spam comments on my blog posts.

And one more thing, I don’t like arrogant bloggers who handled guest comments in an unprofessional manner. If you’re that kind, then I suggest that you just remove the comments unrelated to the topic at your discretion and post guidelines on how they should comment on your posts. It’s understandable that there are some bloggers who don’t like being spammed with unnecessary remarks or hoaxes, but in such cases, it’s best to be nice to your followers at all times.

Annoyed By Slow, Terrible Service

It’s not easy working as a customer service representative, I tell you. In my two months of experience as a call center employee in training, I’ve already dealt with some rude and demanding customers and their problems that need complicated solutions. Of course, we’re not allowed to be rude towards them. Otherwise, we’ll lose our job.

It’s easy to vent our frustrations at customer service agents, cashiers, and people working at government agencies for their slow, inefficient service. After all, we deserve something better. But in my case, I don’t often see why would they have to remain committed to their inefficient way of providing service to the people. I mean, it’s bad enough that the long lines in some counters are a bad sign that they’re going to waste your time falling in line and wait for your turn. For me, that’s just plain unacceptable.

Many times, I feel like calling out to a person working behind a counter for being slow and inefficient in their job. Yeah, I’m being inconsiderate at times but I just can’t help it. After all, patience is no longer a virtue… it’s a disappointment.

Proceeding With My Own Plans

Whenever I go out, I always plan everything in advance so everything goes smoothly in the end. But there are some things that can ruin your plans, such as traffic, bad weather, service interruptions, and a long line of people in counters, terminals, and train stations. Of course, unexpected last-minute invitations or friend visits can disrupt your planned trip, which is kind of annoying.

If things didn’t go as planned, then expect me to rant about various things such as how worse the traffic is, how terrible the service is, how frustrating it is to wait for a PUV (public utility vehicle) just to get a ride to my destination, and so on. I don’t care what people around me will say about blurting out such an angry message, it’s just that I couldn’t stand poor management and bad service.

I’m pretty much obsessed with scheduling everything according to my preference and I always make sure to stick with it at all times. If anyone tries to ruin my plans with your last-minute invites, then prepare to receive a rude response from me along with a resounding no for an answer. Okay, so this only applies to my friends and acquaintances, otherwise I’ll just think of a better excuse to accept or not to accept the invite, and so on.


Well, here are some of my personal issues that deal with my annoyances and bad attitude. Think you can make it worse with your rude reactions?

It’s bad enough that I’m suffering a great deal of anxiety because of these annoying people in my life, please don’t make it worse. Besides, I can do fine without you calling me out for my [bad] attitude, so just leave it at that and focus on the good side of me. You see, I’m not that bad after all.


What It Means To Be A Loner?

Some people will never understand what being a loner is like until they experience it themselves.

Well, it takes strength and courage to endure being a loner. Sometimes, there are breaking moments. But in the end, it’ll just be the same.


Being a loner is either a matter of choice or as a result of being ostracized from a group. Choosing the option to be alone can be helpful for those who need a break from the pressures of social life, especially if you don’t feel like hanging out with your classmates, friends, or co-workers. But being forced to be a loner due to the fact that they’re being ostracized by your peers is something to be concerned about. In fact, loneliness can be deadly if you end up feeling depressed and hopeless.

If being a loner is a choice, then you enjoy the comfortable feeling of solitude, away from the pressures of your social life. While it’s not a bad idea to spend time with your friends, it’s better to set aside some time for yourself in order to relax and to give yourself a chance to enjoy a variety of things and activities all by yourself.

If being a loner is a result of being rejected and ostracized by your peers, then there’s something wrong with the people who exclude you from the group. What they don’t realize is that ostracism can have a damaging effect on a person’s emotional and psychological well-being, and there’s a possibility that they can never fully recover from it.


The moment you are being ostracized by your peers, you’d probably be wondering why are they doing this to you even though you did nothing wrong. Then all of a sudden, you feel all alone now, without someone to help you cope with this emotional rejection. At times, your loneliness can turn your world upside down, like a ship passing through a treacherous ocean on a stormy night.

At first, it was heartbreaking. Just imagine a group of friends leaving you behind like a trash for no particular reason at all, after all these years of friendship. You started experiencing a great deal of anguish just because you’re no longer a part of the circle. If you try to approach them, they’ll end up ignoring you or pushing you away since you’re no longer their friend. Worse, you’ll end up getting bullied and struggling to endure the pain of being humiliated and insulted by others.

As time passes by, you started developing a fear of being rejected and would rather think twice before you start approaching anyone. You’ll probably meet some nice people later on, but the bad experiences you’ve experienced in the past may serve as a barrier to making new friends. And even if you did, you’ll end up being the quiet, shy type who seldom joins conversations and may end up being forgotten by your so-called new friends. They won’t even bother asking how are you feeling up to these days. In other words, you’re now a misfit.

So what now? You’ve experienced getting rejected and ostracized by your peers in the past, and now you’re struggling to make (and keep) new friends. What luck you’re having right now. And now that your new friends didn’t really care much about you, then it’s time to accept the fact that you’ll be a loner for the rest of your life. Just the thought of it can really make you feel hopeless and depressed, and there’s no way to get yourself out of this loneliness. Either you’ll live with it or you’ll plan your own death.


Well, being a loner sure has benefits.

Looking on the bright side, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about peer pressure. As you can see, the ones who rejected and ostracized you are eventually lured into the life of gaming, drinking, promiscuity, and other bad habits that you’ll otherwise pick up had they not abandoned you. Also, there’ll be no one to visit you in an unexpected manner, and they’ll never ask you to treat them even if you don’t want to. You’ll never have to worry about spending a lot of money on your friends’ food and drinks, and even gifts. Some people might think that you’re pretty selfish about this kind of thinking, but that’s the way it goes.

And since you’re no longer comfortable being with (a lot of) people owing to years of being a loner, you’ve finally embraced introversion. That means you’re no longer comfortable with having friends (if you have one) come over your place and would rather be hiding in the attic or your room than entertaining them.

As a loner, you get to enjoy a lot of things by yourself rather than with a group of friends. But of course, it feels awkward in certain situations, such as attending events or having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant… all by yourself.

There are a lot of good things waiting for a loner, except falling in love and starting a family. But if ever someone managed to lure you out of this loneliness, then it’s definitely a life-changing experience for you and there’ll be a lot of things for you to catch up on, like hanging out with your new friends and doing a lot of group activities… with your participation, of course.


It’s funny how I managed to live this lonely life without interacting with my friends for so long. Well, it is the result of being ostracized by my classmates back in elementary, and it carried over to high school and college. And since I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll become a loner for the rest of my life, I completely lost my ability to make new friends and I’m no longer fond of approaching people (like salespersons or friends) just to ask for help or to gain their attention.

I may be happy with my life now as a loner, but I started feeling depressed due to the fact that there’s no one else I can talk to aside from my family and relatives. Sometimes, I was wondering if I was really looking down at myself just because my response to these rejections are mostly negative.

Some of you might think that I’m making this up. Apparently, you don’t have a clue what being a loner is like, since you’d probably spent your entire life hanging out with your friends that you think loners like me don’t actually exist. Well, I envy you for having such an active social life, while I’m spending my time in front of a computer feeling insecure and lonely while checking out my social media accounts and surfing the internet. Now, what will you do to encourage loners like me to go out and socialize with others? Nothing, because some of you don’t even care.

So what does being a loner mean to me? It can only mean one thing: freedom. Freedom from the unwanted people in your life, freedom from big expenses (particularly on treats for your friends), freedom from the trouble they’ve caused you, and freedom from peer pressure. Conformity is bullshit, just be yourself and stop forcing others to like you. That’s all that matters if you’re still struggling to come out of this lonely life and start socializing with others off the internet.

Again, it takes strength and courage to endure being a loner, but not everyone can survive this loneliness. After all, no man is an island.

Anime Shows Are More Interesting Than Other TV Shows, Period

First row: Daisuke Niwa of D.N.Angel | Eren Yeager of Attack On Titan | Kirito and Asuna of Sword Art Online | Kaneki and Hide of Tokyo Ghoul
Second row: Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura | Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke of Naruto | Izuku Midoriya a.k.a. Deku of My Hero Academia | Kei Nagai of Ajin: Demi-Human

Am I the only one who finds anime more interesting than other TV shows? Perhaps not. Anyway, let’s get on with this post.


For many years, anime is (and will always be) a part of my happy childhood. Some of you may not admit this, but I’m pretty sure you also feel the same way.

Nowadays, there aren’t much anime shows aired on FTA (free-to-air) TV channels (excluding the digital subchannels). If there is one, then I’m pretty sure they’re more likely to air re-runs of popular anime like Detective Conan, One Piece, or Bleach. As for the digital sub-channel that airs some anime (along with cartoons and kid-oriented shows), they’re only exclusive to a specific brand of set-up top black box.

While there are some dedicated anime channels on cable and satellite TV, you need to subscribe in order to watch them. There used to be a Filipino-dubbed anime channel on cable TV, but unfortunately, it ceased airing early this year due to lack of advertiser support, with some of the ongoing anime shows on the now defunct channel will be aired soon on a digital subchannel of a major TV network. Online, there are some sites that let you watch anime shows, but is often restricted to certain regions and may require a subscription and/or registration. Anime channels on cable and satellite TV and some legit streaming sites offer a choice of original Japanese dub with English subs or an English dub, so these should suffice.

Now, why the lack of anime programming on FTA TV channels? First, acquiring broadcast rights to anime shows can be pretty expensive, and second, there are certain elements such as excessive violence, nudity, and a few others that can’t be shown on TV.

Anyway, with the lack of anime programming on FTA TV channels, there are some people wishing to bring back anime on afternoons. But the thing is, teledramas (television drama shows) and some Asian drama shows are already dominating the afternoon block, and talk shows and fantasy series are dominating the morning block, meaning that the only way to watch anime shows on free TV is on weekends, particularly Saturdays.

I don’t watch TV nowadays except for news and some public affairs programs so I don’t have any idea about the anime shows airing on these major TV networks. All I know is that anime is already a dying breed on TV owing to the rise of online streaming sites.


So what makes anime shows more interesting than any other TV programs?

First of all, the cool-looking animation, the story (whether adapted from its manga counterpart or not), and the characters can really entice some of the viewers into watching these shows. Since some anime shows generally feature adolescents and teenagers as characters, they actually make it more appealing for the younger (and older) audiences to watch. It doesn’t matter whether it’s action, sports, romance, supernatural, or slice of life anime series, as long as the plot is good enough for them to keep tuning in.

Second, anime shows are getting more diverse than before. And with a lot of anime shows being produced in the recent years, there’s no shortage of interesting anime shows to watch. So it’s not all about the superpowers, high school romance, and giant (mecha) robots or machines that you’re watching nowadays, but almost everything.

And finally, the emotions in some anime shows are far more relatable and realistic than the ones in TV dramas. Also, some anime soundtracks (particularly the ones used as the opening and ending theme songs) are generally upbeat, and at times, emotional, and are far more enjoyable to listen to (though not much in my case). And don’t forget the anime scores, especially the ones that are played during some memorable scenes.

Nothing against TV dramas, but while they are popular with some of the viewers, there’s always the possibility of recycling some parts of the show’s script for another (similar) drama series. Major TV networks air drama series that feature the usual rivalry of the protagonist and the antagonist, intense scenes such as on-screen confrontations and fights, sensuality, third-party relationships, infidelity, and revenge, enough to burn out some of the viewers. I simply find them too boring to watch, no matter how great these kinds of shows are produced.

As for the rest… well, other than the afternoon and primetime teledramas, I can’t say much about comedy shows, game shows, and lifestyle shows, as these are what I typically watch aside from news and anime.


Well, am I the only one who’s more interested in watching anime than any other TV shows? Of course, not.

There are others who binge-watch anime for hours, and some of them take their fascination with anime to a whole new level—including writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, buying anime-related merchandise, as well as accumulating an insane collection of anime figures, manga, and DVDs/Blu-ray discs of their favorite anime series and attending anime conventions and otaku events. For me, anime is not just a simple fascination or obsession, but it’s also a part of our lives.

But the lack of anime programming on FTA TV channels (excluding digital subchannels) will surely disappoint some of the anime fans and otakus who don’t have access to cable/satellite TV and some legitimate online streaming sites just to watch some cool anime shows. There’s Crunchyroll at least, but with limited availability of anime shows outside of North America (mainly due to geographical restrictions), and you’ll need premium membership for ad-free and high definition versions of anime, as well as simulcasts of newly aired anime one hour after its original Japanese broadcast. Completely deprived of such anime cravings, they might resort to illegal streaming sites or torrent downloads just to watch their favorite anime. Others would content themselves with replays of “classic” anime shows, even though some of them are getting tired of it and are wishing for some new anime shows to air on free TV. Right now, for those who don’t have access to cable or satellite TV, online streaming sites are the only way to watch these cool anime shows.


Call me a weeb, but I love watching anime shows and I really can’t part with it. Besides, I tend to discover a lot of great anime since three years ago, and I ended up with a long list of anime to watch. It’s so hard to keep up, to be honest.

And by the way, if you think anime is for kids, then think again. Maybe you haven’t heard of hentai or yaoi anime, and these are strictly for mature audiences just so you know. Not to mention that there are certain elements which are not suitable for young audiences, such as nudity and violence. Of course, anime is generally targeted towards adolescents and teenagers, but it is actually meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Perfectionism… In Daily Life / Something To Be Disappointed About [Ax2]

Perfectionism… In Daily Life

I’m a perfectionist. And I don’t care what you think about me.


I really hate it when everything didn’t go according to plan. You know how tight I was when it comes to planning, especially if I’m aiming to accomplish whatever plans you have for that day. So I always make sure that it happens in my favor, otherwise, I’m gonna fly off the handle and switch from a nice guy to a rude critic in a second. You know how terrible I can get when I’m mad.

I’m pretty sure some of you are feeling the same, since you can be either demanding or have high standards when it comes to a variety of things, like services and/or products. Anyway, we all deserve something better, yet we don’t always get what we want. And it’s really frustrating.

Being the cranky person I was, I tend to raise my eyebrows when something goes wrong or they couldn’t provide me with anything I need. If I want to work on my attitude, then they must work hard on providing a better/excellent service to [un]satisfied consumers/customers like me.


No matter how we try to do things perfectly, there are some flaws. For starters, there are some unexpected problems that may keep you from accomplishing a certain goal, especially under pressure. There are complications and difficulties in the process that can frustrate some people, not to mention that they always pay attention to the little details that they just keep on repeating the same task or process until they got it right.

For example, you are writing an article or a short story, something that requires editing for the sake of your observant readers. As you write some parts of the article or the story, you tend to edit some of the sentences or paragraphs just to make it look like it is professionally written. I tend to be like that at times, and that’s one of the reasons why it took me long enough to finish an article or a story. It’s just that I wanted to write something as it is, yet I always check what I’ve written for some unnoticeable mistakes. That’s how perfectionist I was, I can’t let some flaws showing up on a finished product.

In daily life, you wanted to make sure that you have everything in hand like you must have the necessary ingredients needed to prepare a certain dish. If this didn’t come out good, then I’ll be disappointed. If I have one thing missing, then I’ll be disappointed. You see, I just want things to go smoothly without any problems.


Anyway, so here are some things that you can apply your perfectionism on:

  • Household chores–The cleaner, the better.
  • Cooking dishes–Depending on your preference, as long as it’s good.
  • Art projects–It’s purely aesthetic, to begin with, so a good presentation is a must.
  • Designs–Same as above.
  • Providing quality service(s) to consumers/customers–We deserve better.
  • Infrastructure projects–Some people don’t just settle for simple or badly-executed designs, they want anything more than just functionality.
  • Transportation–With the hellish traffic in Manila, we deserve a better way to get around the metropolis without a hassle. Never mind the transportation fare, not everyone cares about how expensive it will get for as long as they can get to their destination faster.
  • Your writings–As mentioned earlier, it’s for the sake of your observant readers.
  • Your outfits–If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t bother wearing it.
  • Everything you bought, in-store or online–Quality matters, especially if it’s a premium/expensive product. Definitely worth the price.
  • Scheduled tasks/plans–If it doesn’t go as expected, there’s the frustration of having to change plans at the last minute, which is definitely not my thing.
  • Your personal choices–Your personal taste rules, as well as your choices. They can recommend a lot of stuff but the choice is always yours… and you can assert your inner critic in you if they keep pushing you to take their word for it.

And there’s a lot more. It’ll be too much to write about, so that should do for now.


Being a perfectionist in daily life may sound like having a demanding attitude towards everything. In the end, we deserve better. Don’t get me wrong on the “demanding” part. I mean we are all entitled to that kind of attitude, as long as you do it in a nice manner.

In regards to our expectations, we always make sure that we’re doing things as perfectly as possible. But there will always be inconsistencies and errors in the process. Yes, we can always proclaim that we’re perfect in some way… but really, nobody’s perfect.

Something To Be Disappointed About

We do get disappointed for a lot of reasons. We’re all expected to, especially when things go wrong with ourselves, with others, and with all the things that are happening in the world.


The word disappoint is traced to the Middle English disappointen by way of the Old French desapointer.^ In literal meaning, it is to remove from office. Its use in the sense of general frustration traces to the late 15th century, and it first appears recorded in English as an emotional state of dejection in the middle 18th century.

Disappointment is a subjective response related to anticipated rewards.^ It is a form of sadness—a feeling of loss, an uncomfortable space (or a painful gap) between our expectations and reality.^ It happens when something unpleasant happens, in which the feeling of happiness is replaced by a feeling of sadness or frustration.

Recovering from a disappointment varies among people, ranging from a few minutes to a few days. While we can get over our disappointment, there’s a possibility of it recurring over time with the repetition of the same unpleasant incidents that lead you to this letdown.


Broken promises, unfulfilled dreams, failures, unsatisfactory performances and actions, unfair practices, poor services… these are the things that we’re probably disappointed about. The feeling of sadness, anger, and frustration can lead to a thinking that there’s nothing we can do about it. Somehow, expressing our disappointment is the only way to let others know that there’s something wrong with the way things are.

The feeling of disappointment can affect your emotions, as well as your performance and your optimism. Just imagine how will you be able to redeem yourself when things go wrong and there are no other ways to get around this problem you’re having. You may be expecting something good with your plans, but there are times when you really need to be prepared for a sudden mishap, like an unexpected incident that will force you to change your plans at the last minute.

The feeling of disappointment isn’t limited to your own expectations or others’ actions. Sometimes, even a simple inconvenience can cause disappointment for some people too, like road traffic or some sudden cut-offs like train operations and telecommunication services. These things often come in an unexpected manner, and can even disrupt your mood.

I really hate the thought of feeling disappointed over a simple thing such as long lines or long waiting times, service interruptions, and unexpected changes. It’s just that I don’t like wasting a lot of time doing nothing while waiting for my turn or for the service(s) to go back to normal.


Well then, here are some things to be disappointed for:

  • Others not meeting your standards/expectations
  • Inconveniences (long lines, long waiting times, heavy traffic, bad or terrible services)
  • Service interruptions
  • Betrayal
  • Political issues
  • Incompetent leaders, managers, and bosses
  • Distasteful and controversial remarks on certain issues
  • Unexpected failure(s)
  • Wasting a lot of time dealing with a difficult problem
  • Selfishness of others
  • Other people’s attitude
  • Getting scammed
  • Unexpected natural phenomenon (heavy rains, thunderstorms, floods, snowstorms)
  • Poor management
  • Sudden changes without prior notice


Yes, we do get disappointed for some reason. It is a natural reaction to anything unpleasant or unexpected. But no matter how disappointed we are, we must never let ourselves dwell to this kind of thought for long.

Take a deep breath, relax, think of how to cope in this disappointing situation you are in. After all, you can’t afford to feel disappointed all the time.

#2018: The Posts So Far… The Mid-Year Roundup

In the first half of this year, there are three notable events in my blogging career:

  • TWATKcox’s fifth year anniversary in the cyberspace (#TWATKcox5th)
  • My former blog Kin Keihan Times’ tenth year (Kin Keihan Times X)
  • My tenth year as a blogger

It sure was an achievement for me, even though I faced a lot of hurdles throughout my entire blogging life. And so, I’m looking forward to another milestone in my blogging career.


Basically, I feature a list of some of the notable posts for the entire year in an annual year-end post. But due to a great number of posts published within a year (with the last year being the busiest), I had a hard time deciding which ones I should include on the annual list of notable posts, so I decided to feature some of the posts from January to June in the mid-year special, and the posts from July to December in the year-end special.

Well then, here are some of the selected posts from the first-half of 2018, in chronological order.

#2017: One Remarkable Year

A special post recounting the good (and bad) things that happened during that year. Some of the remarkable things that happened include the first time I attended an otaku event and the book fair. Even though the year 2017 didn’t end up replicating the best year of my life (the year 2005), it is still remarkable in its own way.

#TWATKcox5th: The Fifth Year Anniversary Special

The 200th post/5th year anniversary special is a review of TWATKcox’s first five years in the cyberspace. It also features some snippets from most of the blog’s posts within a five-year period.

Mornings, Alarms, And Waking Up

This post tells about the struggles of waking up early and providing tips from setting a sleep schedule to setting the alarm to a suitable time for those who have problems resetting their body clock.

#Throwback: KCOX, The Writer

This throwback post recounts my earlier experiences as a frustrated [story] writer. Perhaps this is where I share my fascination with writing dark-themed stories, as well as producing a lot of drafts that were never finished.

The Things I’ll Never Experience [E]

And here I was, lamenting about some things I never get to experience. From not attending the prom to a reunion with some of my friends/classmates, these are the things that are now impossible for me to experience now that it’s all over. I was having a quarter-life crisis back when I wrote this.

Age Is Nothing But A Curse: A Harsh Reality Check [E]

It is intended to be an angry post about growing up, but I ended up writing about the things that older people have to deal with, such as age-related discrimination, mingling with younger people, enjoying (and giving up) their childhood hobbies, and health problems. Of course, I still do provide a rant about the fact that I’m not getting any younger, possibly because there are some things I never get to do when I had the chance.

#Throwback: Lonely Fourth Grade

A throwback post about my lonely life as a fourth grader. It is during that time when I first experienced rejection from most of my classmates and the fact that I was feeling a little depressed since I only have a couple of friends to hang out with. It is one of the darkest moments of my childhood, but not to the point of pushing over the edge just because of a simple case of rejection.

A Digital Disaster: From Problem To Recovery

A special post that deals with hard drive failure, data recovery, and the importance of creating multiple backups of important files. I wrote this a couple of months after the old hard drive (which contained most of my mobile phone and smartphone photos, music, video, and document files) failed and some of the contents became corrupted and unreadable. It took me long enough to salvage most of the files from the failing hard drive, as well as taking some time off from blogging to focus on recovering the corrupted/damaged files.

The Kin Keihan Times, Year X (225th Post Special)

A special commemorative post for my former blog, the Kin Keihan Times. This is where I recount my earlier blogging experience, as well as my former blog’s history. It is the predecessor to my current blog, The World According To KCOX.


And there you have it, these are some of the featured posts for the first-half of this year. Six months and thirty posts, that’s quite a lot. Anyway, there’s still six months left before the year ends, and there’s a lot of notable posts to look forward to.

Watch out for the second part featuring the posts from July to December on January 2019.

The Kin Keihan Times, Year X (225th Post Special)

Today marks the Kin Keihan Times‘ tenth year in the cyberspace. Even though the blog ended its run just as it was about to reach its fifth year more than five years ago, it still remains a part of my blogging life for it is the predecessor to The World According To KCOX.


Back when I started the Kin Keihan Times, I was just starting college. Well, I couldn’t think of what to write for my debut post so I decided to copy and paste the entire About Me section of my Friendster profile. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to copy something from my own Friendster profile or some other websites since that may give the blog’s visitors (mostly friends) the impression that I don’t write original content, but what matters is that I introduced myself.

Of course, I’ve only just started blogging that time so I’m not yet used to this kind of life, but eventually, I was getting the hang of it. I find myself writing a few more posts which features some of my [past] experiences, and later, I started posting literary pieces. Prior to having an internet connection, I usually do the writing at home, then head to the nearest internet café, and upload it to my blog. I don’t usually pay attention to grammatical errors that time, I mean no matter how hard I try to make sure that my posts are easy to read and understand, only a few people will visit my blog anyway.

I initially hosted my blog on Friendster Blogs. It is automatically connected to my Friendster account so I wouldn’t have to worry about reaching out to my immediate audience–my friends. I can always say that I did a good job at maintaining my blog and I somehow connect to my immediate audience, but eventually, I need to reach out and attract a lot of potential audiences aside from my friends. So far, I don’t have any followers and my blog went unnoticed. Back then, I didn’t really care much about it, for as long as I can keep on posting new content whenever I have free time.

I never schedule my posts as I only write and post content when I’m not too busy with school activities. So I ended up posting about 40+ articles within a two-and-a-half year period. That’s okay since I’m not yet a serious blogger and my posts looked somewhat amateurish, with grammatical errors and some inconsistencies. I still need to improve.


In May 2010, KKT on Blogger was launched, serving as the mirror site for my blog. It’s been around for a few months before I decided to shut it down and moved to WordPress. I then created a secondary blog, the KKT Literary Corner, to handle my literary posts. Of course, the original blog on Friendster Blogs is still operational until the following year. I also launched the blog’s Facebook page by year-end to promote some of my posts and regularly update my followers on some upcoming posts.

In June 2011, Friendster, along with its blogging service, bid farewell. By that time, the KKT had already reached its third year. Since Friendster’s demise, I decided to revamp the KKT’s WordPress site so I can turn it into my primary blog. The original blog’s contents are then transferred to WordPress under the name The Original Kin Keihan Times a.k.a the KKT Archives, which still exists as of June 2018. And in September 2011, the spin-off to the KKT, The World According To KCOX on Tumblr, was launched. This is where I post some updates regarding KKT’s upcoming posts and some important announcements, as well as a whole bunch of comical nonsense.

I then keep on writing new posts and keep searching for ideas for my upcoming posts. It was around this time when I was currently working on the Timeline series. The first eleven posts, which were originally published on the KKT, were eventually reposted to my new blog, TWATKcox.

In the end, I was thinking of shutting down the blog and start a new one. And so, after four years and seven months, the KKT bid farewell and TWATKcox-WP began operations the following day. All of the posts from the main blog, the Literary Corner and its Tumblr spin-off were all moved to the KKT Archives, and its Facebook page was rebranded to its current incarnation as TWATKcox’s Facebook page. Meanwhile, the Tumblr page now serves as TWATKcox-WP’s mirror site. It is where I post updates on my upcoming posts as well as exclusive content.

It’s all over for KKT. May the blog that I worked on since college remain in the hearts and minds of a handful of followers.


For more than four and a half years, the KKT was a representation of my early career as a blogger and the posts simply become a record of my early experience in blogging/writing articles and literary works. Just reading some of them makes me wonder how come I’ve written that kind of [embarrassing] stuff. But it gives me the feeling of nostalgia too, along with my college memories and some inspiration from a lot of things. I made it this far by means of practice… even though no one ever reads my blog posts.

―from Remembering The Kin Keihan Times (The 125th Post)

Four years and seven months. The posts from all of the blog’s incarnations and its spin-offs are compiled and migrated to the archives. Some of these posts are reposted on TWATKcox, including the Timeline series posts. I have plans to revive the Literaryfest on TWATKcox-Tumblr later this year, while a couple of literary posts will be rewritten and reposted on TWATKcox-WP the following year. Right now, the KKT Archives is no longer maintained but will remain on the blogosphere for the sake of posterity.

The World According To KCOX now serves as my primary blog, featuring mostly my experiences ideas, thoughts, interests, and helpful reminders and tips on various things or situations. I still write and publish some of my literary pieces on this blog, but on a sporadic basis. Some of the posts are written in a similar fashion to my former blog, but with some improvements.

I still visit the KKT Archives every once in a while and read some of my old posts. They’re not that good, but they’re not that bad either. Regardless, they’re part of my blogging history and will always be.

Come to think of it, I’ve already reached my tenth year in the blogging world. It is through my undying determination that I actually made it this far.

Well, it was quite an experience for a dedicated blogger like me despite the countless hurdles I encountered along the way. Ten years is enough to make a nice impression that I blog for such a long time, and I (and my writing) somehow improved through time. For now, I consider blogging as a hobby, but there’s a chance that I might turn this so-called hobby into a profession… someday.

A Digital Disaster: From Problem To Recovery

On the night following my last mall-hopping trip mid-April, I was about to transfer some of the photos to the old hard drive on my PC when I suddenly noticed that there was something wrong with one of the folders. I tried to click on it and I was horrified to know that the folder is already corrupted. I then freaked out and called my brother who was in the room to tell him that there’s something going on with the old hard drive. He came to check what’s happening and sure enough, there was something wrong with the old hard drive.

He went back inside the room and handed me the external hard drive so I can copy some of the files that I can salvage from the failing hard drive. But it was a tiring and stressful process, not to mention slow and extremely time-consuming. For the next few days, I was dealing with recovering some of the corrupted files on the drive, including my cherished smartphone pics and some music and video files.

Eventually, I was able to recover most of the files. Unfortunately, some of the image files (mostly JPGs and PNGs) are damaged, but at least I was able to retrieve my otherwise lost smartphone pics. Everything went well, except that there’s no space in the new hard drive, where the OS was installed. So the files will have to remain on the external hard drive for the time being.

This incident may prove to be disastrous if you’re totally unprepared for it. Just imagine the distress I’ve gone through in recovering these files.

Understanding Hard Drive Failure And Data Loss

The hard drive is one of the most common data storage devices for computers. Hard drives currently available in the market today have the storage capacity ranging from 500 gigabytes to about 6 terabytes. Of course, the higher the capacity, the more files you can store in a single hard drive… and of course, more expensive.

But no matter how small or large the hard drive’s capacity is, they only have an average lifespan of five years since some mechanical parts wear out. In addition, there are certain factors which may lead to hard drive failure including extreme factors (such as fire and water damage), exposure to high magnetic fields, and suffering a sharp impact or environmental contamination leading to head crash.^

Hard drive failure occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and any stored data in it cannot be accessed with a properly configured computer. It may happen during normal usage or prematurely due to reasons aforementioned.

So in case you’re trying to access something on your hard drive but it shows an error message preventing you from accessing the folder or the file, then chances are your file is corrupted and unreadable. Also, if you try to boot your PC, Scandisk or CHKDSK may run to check your drive for errors, which will usually take a longer time to finish depending on how much bad sectors your drive has.

Data loss is an error condition in the information system in which information is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage, transmission, or processing.^ Data loss isn’t just all about losing data to a failing hard drive. Sometimes, malware or computer viruses may wipe all your data out, rendering them corrupted or inaccessible.

Signs Of A Failing Hard Drive^^

  • Strange clicking or humming noises coming from the hard drive
  • Repeated program crashes or errors
  • Files or folders took long to read/load
  • Corrupted data
  • Accumulation of bad sectors

In Case Of A Failing Hard Drive

In case something inevitable happens, try to diagnose the problem first to see whether the problem is in the hard drive itself or the connecting cables. Sometimes, it could be a virus or malware that corrupts the files. But if your hard drive is more or less five years old, then there’s a possibility that it will ultimately give up due to some mechanical parts wearing out.

If that’s the case, then try to recover as much data as possible. You can use data backup software to copy the files to your backup drive, preferably removable storage media. You can also use data recovery software or send your hard drive to a data recovery service, but there’s no guarantee that all of the affected files on the failing hard drive will be recovered.

How To Avoid The Inevitable Hard Disk Drive Failure And Data Loss

Back up your files often, especially the more important ones such as documents, pictures, and anything you consider valuable. There are a lot of storage options available, mostly optical drives or removable drives. There’s also cloud-based storage which offers about 5 to 15 gigabytes of free storage allowance, though you’ll have to pay if you need more than that.

Take good care of your hard drive by keeping it away from magnets and static electricity, avoiding exposure to dust and other elements, avoiding impact, keeping it ventilated, and checking the disk for errors. These can prolong the lifespan of your hard drive and keep your files safe from corruption.


Right now, the old hard drive is disconnected from the PC and the files are saved on the external hard drive. There are plans to buy a new hard drive, but that would have to wait, unfortunately.

This is not the first time we encountered this problem. A few years ago, I just noticed that there’s something wrong with the hard drive and told my brother about it. Luckily, we were able to backup everything to a new drive, the same drive that was about to give up soon. This time, however, it was a little too late for us to backup everything.

So far, I managed to rescue most of the files, and the rest are either no longer recoverable or just a bunch of redundant junk that should be left behind. I was hoping that I can have access to these files without the need to plug in the external hard drive everytime I need something.


Since that unfortunate incident, I was still feeling anxious about the fact that I still lose some of the files to a failing hard drive. This should really teach us a lesson on the importance of keeping backups of the most important files, especially the ones that are truly irreplaceable. Sometimes, it really pays to have multiple copies of your most valuable files, no matter how redundant it is.

Always remember to back up your files and don’t ignore the warning signs of a failing hard drive. Don’t wait for your hard drive to give up on you before you even start doing a backup of your precious files.

Age Is Nothing But A Curse: A Harsh Reality Check [E]

Let’s face it, age doesn’t really matter but only if they don’t actually pay attention to it.


You see, there are cases where age is seen as a basis for most types of application, particularly contests and job hiring. The younger, the better. I don’t understand why they always pay attention to this kind of bullshit when there are a growing number of people who are unemployed and more qualified than the first-timers? Perhaps they thought that overaged applicants can no longer keep up with the younger generation. Actually, the younger ones are no match for the veterans when it comes to experience. Well, the veterans do orient the younger ones on various things, serving as a trainer. But then, are they gonna stay long in the company? No, because some companies believe that they’re no longer fit to work in an environment of mostly young people. Sad, isn’t it?

It sucks that you can never turn back the clock and remain young forever. It sucks to grow old and lose the charm you once had. It sucks to grow old and develop health problems later on. It sucks to be singled out of the group just because you’re far too older than the rest of the people. It sucks that no matter how many cosmetic procedures you’ve gone through, you can never escape aging. Life sucks, I’ll have you that. So is growing old really something to be thankful for, despite the fact that you’re gonna suffer that you’d rather die-while-you-still-have-the-chance instead? It depends on the person.

No matter how you try to keep yourself many years younger, you can’t escape aging. So it’s either you move on with it or die right now.


So here are the situations where age is considered a curse by me:

  • Hanging out with younger people–Being the oldest person in the group isn’t at all bad, but it’s not something to be happy about either. Depending on the age gap, there’s a possibility that the oldest person in the group would feel awkward among the rest of the group.
  • Job applications–The younger the applicant, the more chance he/she will be hired. It’s just a matter of discrimination regarding an applicant’s age. Take note that this only applies to certain jobs which don’t involve machinery or seriously difficult labor.
  • Responsibility–The older you’ll get, the more responsibility you’ll take. Care to have a few adulting lessons in order for you to be prepared for a more challenging life ahead, the one involving paying the bills, budgeting your expenses, and starting a family? Bet some of you will cringe at the thought of this possibility.
  • Looking good–The older you’ll get, the more you’ll run out of suitable outfit choices unless you’re a woman. So whatever clothing you’re wearing right now may no longer look good on you once you grow old. And even though you look young, age can still be a turn-off factor for some people, who will always believe that a particular piece of clothing or outfit is only suitable for a person of a certain age group.
  • Giving up your childhood/teenage hobbies and interests–This is the most difficult part of growing up–letting go of your childhood hobbies. As you can see, these are the main reason why we continue living. So can you expect a 40-year-old otaku to stop watching anime shows just because they’re too old for that sort of thing? If I were that 40-year-old, I’m not willing to give that up, not without a fight anyway.
  • Enjoying the things you used to do–I used to enjoy gaming back when I was a teen. Nowadays, I don’t feel like doing it… well, I still do gaming but on a sporadic basis. Also, at this age, I should be focusing on my career and not with my friends… wait, do I have one? Seriously, it does feel awkward for an adult to be playing a handheld video game out in the open. This sucks, isn’t it?
  • Health conditions–By the time you reach 50, health problems are bound to come, though this is now irrelevant due to the fact that young people are at risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious illnesses due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Still, this is one thing to worry about once you reach that age, no matter how healthy you are.
  • Changes in your body–Your age may have nothing to do with how you look right now, but you can’t hide the fact that you’re growing older. After all, your birth date never lies. Well, no one actually told me how young I looked, but I’m pretty sure that my age is clearly showing for two reasons: there are traces of facial hair on my face even though I shaved thoroughly, and I started slowing down and feeling lethargic at times. Yes, I’m already 27 and I feel like this seems to be a pretty normal case for an adult. Not good.
  • Moving out and retirement–In some countries, a child is expected to move out of their parents’ house by the time they reach 18 in order for them to live independently. In the workplace, a person is expected to retire by the time they reach 60 or older. It’s pretty much a source of separation anxiety for those who wanted to continue living with their parents and those who wanted to continue working to support themselves or their families, and age is said to be blamed for the anxiety they experienced.


Now then, who wants to grow up? Well, only the optimistic ones do. And that, [un]fortunately, does not include me.

Oh well, life really is a never-ending journey full of experiences and unexpected surprises. Guess it will do good if I just stop thinking about my own age and focus on the things that I really enjoy then?

Age is just a number, that’s for sure. It’s up to you to keep misleading them with your youthful looks or actions and get away with it. Oh well, this is one thing I should never fuss about. Anyway, I’m still young… depending on how I feel right now.

#TWATKcox5th: The Fifth Anniversary Special Post

January 26, 2018… the day TWATKcox reached its fifth year in the cyberspace. It’s amazing how I managed to get this far, despite the struggles of having writer’s block and the tendency to procrastinate while I’m striving to finish what I’m writing. Oh boy, this is what I call an achievement!

All right, so let’s have a review of the first five years of TWATKcox, and how I managed to get this far. Also included in this special post are the snippets from some of my posts.

The Kin Keihan Times 2.0

Some of the posts are written in a similar fashion to my former blog The Kin Keihan Times. Back then, my posts always tell something about me and my miserable past. Though it is really a good thing at first to write something about myself and revisit your past, it just gets embarrassing to revisit years later. Anyway, I’m still drawn to writing about my [miserable] past from time to time, but I don’t just deal with my elementary and high school life, but also some parts of my personal life in general.

Of course, I also wrote some meaningful posts on the blog as well, such as No, Never, And I Don’t Like, My World Online, and the first 11 posts in the Timeline Series. These were eventually re-posted on TWATKcox.

The Lighter Side Of Life

Some of the lighter posts deal primarily with my interests and obsessions. I always love blogging about my interests, especially if it’s all about the things I love, such as food, music, fashion, and travel.

The Darker Side Of Life

Of course, there are times when I really need to express the emotional side of me. You know, stuff like missed chances, bad experiences, and depressing moments. Aside from that, I also tackled some sensitive topics such as depression, bullying, and suicide, which is more of raising awareness while sharing some of my experiences regarding the ones mentioned.

The Story Of My Life

The Timeline Series, which generally focuses on my high school and college life, makes up most of the posts that tell the story of my life. Other than that, there are some posts that focus on the dark side of my life, as well as the misery I experienced at school… and probably hatred towards a certain group of people.

A Series Of Posts

Aside from the Timeline Series, there’s the Obsessions (general interest), The Listening Room (music and radio), In 150 Words (short but somewhat informative posts), and the #Throwback Series (the story behind a particular remarkable memory). Some of the shorter series that end their run after a handful of posts belong to TWATKcox Specials. So far, it’s The Summer Series that had its posts included in the category.

On The Tumblr Side Of The Story

In addition to the main WordPress site, there’s the Tumblr site which serves as a mirror site for TWATKcox-WP, as well as a hub for extras, updates, opinions, and personal posts. It also serves as the home to The Keihancarl Diaries, which primarily features my city travels, notable experiences, and some sightings, and TWATKRant, which deals with my pessimistic, emotional, and not-so-friendly outbursts in writing.

Right now, I’m planning to expand the Tumblr site with a couple of segments, one of them is The Anime Diaries, which is set to premiere (tentatively) this May. Anyway, TWATK-Tumblr serves as the more explicit version of the main blog, at least due to the TWATKRant posts.

A Wide Range Of Topics… Except For A Few

This blog features a lot of informative posts, ranging from common interests, hobbies, online, travel, fashion, and a person’s well-being, among others. While I cover some sensitive topics like the ones mentioned on the Darker Side Of Life segment of this post, I don’t generally feature political, religious, and sexual related topics on this blog as I find them too taboo to write about. Well, that may change, as soon as I’m confident enough to deal with it.

The Literary Side Of The Story

Unlike its predecessor The Kin Keihan Times, TWATKcox rarely features any of my own literary works. The only ones featured as of this writing are the eight poems (the first one, (For Mom) is a repost from KKT, the second one (This Silent Darkness) is the only original standalone poem for TWATKcox, and the six others were compiled and featured in a special literary post Expressions, In Light And Dark), a limerick (which is actually a test post that I forgot to delete after publishing TWATKcox’s debut/3rd post) and a couple of stories (an excerpt from my first novella Season Of Darkness and a short story featured in my first Literary+Article post). I was more focused on writing about my personal experiences and informative posts rather than writing short stories and poems.

The Year-End And Anniversary Posts

Yup, I always make sure that I feature a special post for every kind of achievement. Like, when TWATKcox reached 25th post, first year anniversary, 50th post, third year anniversary, 100th post, fifth year anniversary, 250th post, and so on. Also, it’s a yearly tradition for this blog to feature a list of some of the notable articles published within a certain period for the year-end post, as a way of looking back at what I’ve posted during that time.

The Gallery Of Edited Pictures

I actually come up with a visual art gallery concept called The Quirk Concept back in 2014, though it initially featured some of my selfies and edited pics taken using a digital camera and a variety of mobile phones (from Nokia 2680-s to LG Optimus L3 II). Eventually, it includes some artistically edited photos (not the selfie ones) taken in various locations. Though it remained dormant for quite some time, it was then revived last October and is still featuring a mix of unedited and edited photos.

All right, so I’ve written nearly 200 posts and right now there are a lot more waiting to be written and published. Sounds like I’m gonna get busy this year, huh?

As mentioned earlier, my blog posts generally consist of informative posts as well as some of my past experiences. I may have lots of ideas in mind, but then there are some challenges that make me lose focus on my intended work. It certainly takes a great amount of time to finish a simple post, but there are times when I can actually finish a post within a few hours. In other words, I can only write when I feel like it.

Five years and I somehow managed to get this far despite the difficulties. I guess it’s my undying determination and perseverance that keeps this blog going. There are times when I feel like giving up writing a lot of posts for this blog, but that actually means abandoning it altogether. Yes, writing is my passion, and I’m polishing my craft by means of blogging in order to be a better writer someday.

Anyway, here are some meaningful snippets from some of my posts.

  • Sometimes, being yourself is just plain boring. At times you wanted to look like somebody else, only that would make you feel ambitious about yourself. [Your Virtual Alter Ego, March 2013]
  • Why would I consider going places like a maze? It is actually more of discovering places and paths, but there are times that in order to go there, you should walk along the streets, trying to guess which way is the right way. Lots of directions and more twists and turns… it’s getting confusing sometimes. [Like A Maze, (On Directions And Road Maps), May 2013]
  • A lot of memories created, a lot of fun posted… they may be here now but not tomorrow. [It’s Me Before Facebook: Great Sites Missed, August 2013]
  • Grown-ups constantly argue with their parents over the choice of clothes, whether it’s comfy or not, revealing, layered (meaning wearing one garment over the other), monotone (wearing everything of the same color)… it’s like violating their right to express themselves through fashion. [The Art Of Looking Good, KCOX Style, August 2013]
  • As the story progresses, so does the writer’s block. I could think of a better idea for the story, but then it would get off my mind and I’m back to thinking wonderful, forgotten ideas to incorporate into the story. It took me quite a long time… [The Downsides In Threes, August 2013]
  • Looking back, it was extremely painful to experience being excluded from the group. I only rely on myself, and I find happiness in what I have. [The Story Of My Life: How It Begin And How It Affects Me, September 2013]
  • Just as you strive for the best, being a perfectionist would mean that you are truly ambitious and would always make sure that you get to appreciate the finest of your creation. [Perfectionist Ideals, September 2013]
  • But then, am I really lost in this colorful world? Absolutely not 100%. I’m still trying to get over it, and I’m still working on it. [In Black And Gray… Uncertainties And Anxieties, December 2013]
  • So when does drinking tea becomes an obsession? Well, I’m no coffee drinker, and I don’t like the taste of coffee especially without cream or milk. Tea is milder in taste, and it was soothing so it’s a perfect alternative if I need caffeine. [Obsessions: Tea, May 2014]
  • There are lots of memories. But not all of them exists in mind anymore… [A Long Forgotten Nostalgia, June 2014]
  • I learned to appreciate darkness and escapism. It’s hard to snap out of it, by the way. [About My Life, How Do I Look At It?, June 2014]
  • I have lots of ideas in mind, yet I tend to forget some of it. [Ideas Coming From Me, Keihancarl, June 2014]
  • Now I’m beginning to understand why it’s hard to be self-reliant. I failed to see the better benefits of a friendship. [A Certified Commoner, July 2014]
  • Maybe they thought it’s uncommon for them to see someone wearing a khaki coat with matching red scarf, which by the way is one of my signature outfits, and they have certain misconceptions about that person whether he is really weird or he is from another country. For me, it’s called preference. [Obsessions: Weird Fashion, August 2014]
  • Just hearing the word suicide haunts me up to this day, coupled with palpitations. In fact, I tried to avoid using that word especially in the stories I’m writing (despite the fact that the stories I wrote are dark-themed and explicit). In the end, it’s important to at least remind the people how valuable life is. [Dying To End It All, August 2014]
  • All these bad memories of my past will soon be forgotten… but then, am I really forgetting anything? [Friendship And Memories: The Story Of A Transferee, October 2014]
  • Identity. It’s something that we all have, and we always have. Without it, we are nothing. [You, As Yourself (A Matter Of Identity), December 2014]
  • For me, drawing isn’t just a hobby or an activity, but it’s an expression of your own visual interpretation. [Obsessions: Drawing, January 2015]
  • Also, they would ask why I was quiet most of the time. It’s not like I’m avoiding conversations, but this is getting on my nerves just being asked that. [When Silence Isn’t Golden, March 2015]
  • Sometimes, the only way for people to take you seriously is to be above them at all times. You act as if you’re the boss, somewhat cranky and imposing. [What It Means To Be Superior?, March 2015]
  • Technically, we only have the rainy season and the dry season as I’m living in a tropical country. Summer, so they say, is only for countries with four seasons. But then, I’m using it just the same. [Once Upon A Dreamy Summer, April 2015]
  • The colors red and black suggests courage and formality, respectively. Other than these characteristics, I simply decided that these two colors always match one another, a very strong combination indeed. [Obsessions: Red And Black, April 2015]
  • Every person is creative. And when we say creative, we got more than just ideas and concepts… it’s something we actually do in the process. [When Creativity Strikes, April 2015]
  • You are what you listen to. For music lovers, their choice of music defines their lifestyle. [The Listening Room: Choice Of Music, April 2015]
  • I don’t limit myself to writing unusually dark and depressing stories. In fact, I can write stories involving comedy and romance. But then, I’m more into writing stories featuring serious and dramatic content, at times incorporating dark elements in these stories just because they seem more realistic. I mean, I’m not that cheesy enough to write romantic stories, and I can’t make people laugh hard enough to write funny stories. [The 100th Post: The Darker Side Of The Story–With A Depressing Plot, May 2015]
  • It may sound a bit too dark, but an all-black outfit can be really nice too. [The Ideal All-Black Fashion / What’s Inside The Bag?, June 2015]
  • Honestly, some people don’t care much about what I’m missing, for as long as they enjoy what they gained–friendships, relationships, a brief moment of popularity and all the fun they can have. [What I’m Missing Out…, June 2015]
  • Fast [and reliable] service? Sure, everybody would love that. But when fast isn’t really fast enough, you might say that they’re misleading a lot of people into expecting a better and faster service… [When Patience Is No Longer A Virtue, July 2015]
  • Ever wonder what makes cooking a messy business? It’s probably stress. Or maybe the lack of space on the kitchen countertop. Maybe the ingredients? [Cooking Is A Messy But Rewarding Business, October 2015]
  • Your mind is good at convincing you that every food served on the table is delicious, and this will prompt you to get more than what you can eat. [The Unhealthy Holiday Feast, January 2016]
  • You get pushed down for no reason. That’s not good. They had a handful of ugly names to call you. That’s not funny. And they plotted something against you… That’s not right. All of this came with a compromise… you can’t fight back. That’s not fair. [Of Force, Threat, And Coercion, January 2016]
  • Video games may be the best way to kill some time off, especially when you need to take a break from childhood stress. [Obsessions: Video Games (Except RPGs), February 2016]
  • Well, there are times you get carried away by stuffing your mouth… bite, after bite, after bite. [Everything On A Plate, But…, March 2016]
  • Something urged me to express myself through writing and I started blogging. [Remembering The Kin Keihan Times (The 125th Post), June 2016]
  • You don’t have to go full blast with the change, especially if you’re not fond of a major disruption in your daily routine/your weekly plans. [Adapting To Changes, September 2016]
  • Some people would tell me how unusual I was for not having a crush, but do I really care about that? [High School: A Memory Recall, September 2016]
  • My fascination with all-black really means something to me, and I know some of you are feeling the same way. [#Throwback: The Noir Project, October 2016]
  • A wardrobe defines a person’s personality. It depends on what clothes you have or what clothes you wear. [My Ideal Wardrobe, October 2016]
  • Happiness is like sunshine, it brightens up your day. Sadness is like rainfall, it makes your day gloomy. More of comparing life to a weather. It can be unpredictable, more of unavoidable. [The Extremely Pessimistic Self / The Sad State Of Life, October 2016]
  • I sure know how to deal with old, broken and unused stuff. For the past few years, these items took up a significant amount of space in my room. Well, having discarded such items, there’s a sense of relief that I can breathe comfortably. [What I Keep Is What I Cherish (Valuable Collections And Anything Worth Keeping), November 2016]
  • Yes, the world is full of harsh realities, and people are not the same as before. The word “sorry” is not in the vocabulary, and that’s an issue I’d like to address. [#Unapologetic, November 2016]
  • Memories are meant to be cherished, not forgotten. It’s a personal story, a part of your personal history that you can always look back to. [Memories… Moments, December 2016]
  • Okay, so I’m obsessed with the color black that I feel like wearing all-black at times. It just shows how dull can I be, but who cares if I look dull in that monotonous outfit? [Obsessions: Everything All-Black, December 2016]
  • Yes, my future is a real life struggle and I couldn’t do anything about it, blame it on my lack of motivation. [The Ongoing Internship And More… Timeline College Series #16, January 2017]
  • When you blog, you contribute a piece of your own history as well as your views about anything in general. [Why I Blog: The TWATKcox’s 4th Year Special, January 2017]
  • Sometimes, light does not provide the necessary comfort a person needs, and a person doesn’t need light in order to feel comfortable in whatever situation they’re in. [Fascination With Night And Darkness, February 2017]
  • Right now, I’m hiding in the shadows and live the unsocial life of an uncommunicative loner. I’m comfortable with it… but at times I feel a little awkward too… [Comfort Through Darkness (A Thought), March 2017]
  • We all have our expectations. There’s nothing wrong with it… unless we expect too much for an impossible thing to happen. [i150W: Expectations, March 2017]
  • I feel like I’m different from the rest of the bunch, not that I refuse to be one of them. It’s just that I want to follow my own trend. [My Quirky Ways, May 2017]
  • Fantasies, dreams, and anything make-believe… these are common to children with a high level of imagination. Of course, they tend to overdo it at times… [Fantasies, In Real Life, May 2017]
  • We all have our awkward experiences, and some of them are really embarrassing that we don’t want any part of it to be brought up. [Awkwardness Is…, June 2017]
  • Just imagine getting stuck in a so-called parking lot in the middle of the road, complete with the sight of red lights and the sound of vehicle horns… enough to keep you frustrated on the road. [i150W: Traffic, July 2017]
  • To be honest, school is actually a great place to learn and make friends. Yeah, why am I even thinking of ditching the thought of going to school when there is fun in learning? [School Days: My Thoughts About School And The Importance Of Education, July 2017]
  • Yes, I’m being nice. But I can be critical and straightforward. depending on the situation. [The Writer With An Attitude (The 175th Post Special), August 2017]
  • There are some things to be ungrateful about, and some things to despise about. It’s a cruel life, after all. [A Grudge Caused By A Miserable Past, August 2017]
  • That moment… it was kind of exciting and awkward at the same time. But then, I feel attached to the place where my high school is, so why should I feel awkward about it? [#Throwback: Lagro Revisited, August 2017]
  • All right, so I think there are some cases wherein I don’t feel good when I’m wearing an all-black outfit. [The Dangers Of Wearing All-Black, September 2017]
  • There are times when you’re too much focused on your work that you tend to forget your physical and emotional needs. [A Balanced Life, October 2017]
  • The struggle of having to work at night is real. It’s more than just trying to keep yourself awake and drinking coffee to combat sleepiness, as well as dealing with a lot of stress and some dangers. [Night Shift, October 2017]
  • Just thinking about my problems in life make me feel nervous and demotivated, at times depressed. It’s as if something’s torturing my mind with some kind of emotional stress that would make my life miserable. [The Dangers Of Anxiety, November 2017]
  • We tend to interpret a lot of things that come to our mind, and some of them proved to be crucial in producing ideas and making decisions. [The Thoughts Of A Person, November 2017]
  • Well, as you can see, I was trying to be a normal person, but I’m struggling to lure myself out of this situation. [Pretty Normal… Not!, December 2017]
  • There’s always a good reason to spend a lot of money on something you love or desire, but then you might go broke if you don’t know how to control your spending habits. [The Disadvantages Of Spending…, December 2017]
  • The real world is pretty boring in general. No strange looking scenery, no lush greenery, no dreamy feeling… and worst of all, absolutely no weird feelings about the places you’ve been. [The Alternate (Virtual/Imaginary) Universe, January 2018]

In the first five years of TWATKcox, I already tackled a lot of topics and featured most of my life stories and experiences. It’s amazing how I managed to get this far, but I’m sure this is only just the beginning. The blogging journey continues with lots of informative posts and literary works waiting to be written and published on this site. Yup, it is a never-ending journey for me, Keihancarl, and I enjoy every bit of it, despite some difficulties.

To all the followers and visitors of this blog, thank you for the support! Thank you for taking time to read everything I’ve written on this blog and for showing appreciation to my not-so-perfect posts. I hope you’ll keep coming back to this blog more often!

Happy fifth anniversary, TWATKcox! May this be a remarkable year for me and my blog. And I’m about to celebrate my tenth year as a blogger in a few months. Please look forward to it!

#2017: One Remarkable Year [E]

Well, a lot of remarkable things happened this year and for that, I’m extremely pleased. Except for a few stormy moments (mostly personal), everything went well.

Come to think of it, this year is remarkable in its own way. Just imagine how impressed I was with some of the good things that happened this year, especially from March and September.


The year begins with a post-New Year’s celebration. Of course, we managed to finish every leftover from the New Year’s Eve feast. I bought a couple of items, such as the digital alarm clock and the black knitted vest.

It was around this time when I finally get to witness the Dragon Dance at Ongpin Street in Binondo, but it was raining that time and I was exhausted from the crowd of people in the area. I decided to make a turn midway through the Dragon Dance, and head to the nearest mall. Before that, I also get to check the historic buildings at Escolta for the second time.


I just keep going back to the milk tea shop in Lagro, taking a moment to check the area and enjoy a nice sip of milk tea. Of course, I started wearing the black knitted vest and started experimenting with the string ribbon tie. Nothing special, it’s just that I might want to try it out.


I made three purchases this month. First, I bought the black cardigan. Next, I bought the black knitted blazer, but I didn’t wear it until my 27th birthday later that year. And of course, the black fleece coat that serves as a possible replacement for the black woolen coat that I bought a few years ago.

Around this time, I’ve been downloading some anime shows and a lot of music. I’m quite fascinated with a few anime characters, and I’m feeling kind of ecstatic about going out on a mall-hopping trip.

And then there’s a little mishap on the way home from a mall-hopping trip (where I bought another Tokyo Ghoul shirt from a stall in Binondo). First, there was a little accident where a jeepney hit the door of a UV Express I was riding. Apparently, a passenger was getting off that time, but it was a little off the sidewalk. And then a jeepney was passing through, but it just passed between the UV Express and the sidewalk while the door is still open. Result? A little accident. And while waiting for another UV Express, I can’t find my phone. After a few stressful minutes trying to find it, I actually misplaced it inside my bag. And that’s how that stressful moment ends.

And there goes the IV-Chromium gang again, trying to annoy me with some kind of messages through Facebook Messenger. They were planning a reunion that time, and some of them are talking about it. Apparently, they missed me a lot, but I hate them so much (even after ten years) that I was thinking twice about going out on the day of the reunion. Well, I did go out on that day, though I’m not actually planning to meet them anyway. Whatever.


April Fools’ Day. So here I was, minding my own business when two of my classmates from IV-Chromium approached me. They asked if I still remember them. Of course, I acted like I didn’t know them and walked away. I checked my Facebook Messenger, and they’re acting sad about it. As if they really cared about me anyway.

So I was really having a great time for the rest of the month. While on a mall-hopping trip to SM Masinag, I actually get to see the newly built piers of the LRT-2 East Extension. The rail tracks and power supply are yet to be installed, and the stations are yet to be built. Looks like we’ll have to wait a couple of years for the extension to be operational, eh?


I just happened to see a poster for an upcoming otaku event at the Fairview Terraces. I suddenly become interested in attending the event and even checked the venue for two weeks and checked the mall’s Facebook page. My excitement grew at the thought of it, as this will be the first time I’ll be attending an otaku event.

And there I was, admiring the cosplayers and their amazing costumes. I even had a few pictures with some of them. They’re really awesome. The two-day event is truly a memorable experience for me. I’m looking forward to a similar event, hopefully at the same venue. The event inspired me to start a new series on TWATK-Tumblr called The Keihancarl Diaries, which documents some remarkable things that happened during my trips.

The following week, I went on a mall-hopping trip to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and McKinley Hill, both in Taguig. But the recent news updates about a terrorist group invading Marawi City suddenly made me feel anxious and as a result, I didn’t get to enjoy the trip too much due to anxiety. Even with the tightened security in Manila and other cities, I still couldn’t help but worry about the possibility of some terrorist groups slipping past the security. We’re praying for our safety and for our beloved soldiers who are fighting to restore peace and order in the affected city.


We tried roasting a whole chicken on the turbo broiler… it was okay. Well, the problem is that there’s a problem with the timer dial so we had to closely guard the chicken, like, for more than an hour. It turned out dry in the end, but we managed to enjoy the meal.

I visited Manila again after a few months. While running to catch the LRT-1 to Baclaran, I had an allergy attack and I felt very uncomfortable throughout the train ride. Later that afternoon, I enjoyed walking along the streets of Ongpin, and just witnessed an incident near the LRT Carriedo Station. And since it was raining that afternoon, I skipped Baywalk and head straight to Robinsons Place Manila to have an early dinner before heading home. That time, my former blog The Kin Keihan Times had just celebrated its ninth year in the cyberspace, though the site itself is now an archive of posts from all of my old blog sites, including TWATKcox-Tumblr’s early posts.


I published the two-part School Days article, which tells much about my elementary and high school life, as well as the importance of education.

On my next mall-hopping trip to Ortigas Center-Kapitolyo area, I visited Estancia Mall and the newly-opened Ayala Malls The 30th for the first time. Heading to SM Megamall, I saw some cosplayers and otaku fans gather outside the mall’s Trade Hall. There was actually an otaku event, but I didn’t have time to check it out since I still need to visit a few more malls in the area, as well as Greenhills Shopping Center.


I visited the newly-opened Vertis North Mall, another addition to the two malls at North Avenue. Also, I checked out some interesting shops at Vertis North Mall and SM North EDSA.

The following week, I visited Eastwood and Tiendesitas for the first time in a few years, as well as SM City East Ortigas. I also bought my first pair of red socks at a Mumuso branch in Vertis North Mall before heading home.

I also published a throwback post about revisiting Lagro in 2014 for the first time in three years (seven years after the high school graduation in 2007). I celebrated that occasion at a milk tea shop near my high school and posted a note on the shop’s cork board. Later, I had a funny moment when I happened to see a scary looking doll inside a steel cabinet at HMR Fairview Terraces. All I did was picture the doll inside the steel cabinet, and even took a video of me opening the cabinet to reveal the scary looking doll inside, which I uploaded to my Instagram account.


I visited Rockwell Center and Century City for the first time in nearly three years, as well as Circuit Makati. Just the usual mall-hopping trip with lots of pictures and some selfies. Later that afternoon, I head to Binondo and saw a wonderful collection of anime figures at the Manga Mania Exhibit (Asian Festival) in Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Around this time, I suddenly become fascinated with Twitter and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Even though I already had a Twitter account since 2010, I never actually used it much except for promoting my blog posts (TWATK-WP and TWATK-Tumblr) and I rarely changed my profile and cover photos. All of a sudden, my Twitter account experienced a revival of all sorts as I started following certain accounts as well as tweeting (and retweeting) posts. This is where you’ll hear me rant about various things, as I don’t feel like doing it on Facebook anymore. Also, I feel more comfortable expressing myself in here than Facebook, to be honest.

I get to visit another event, the Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center. I actually had to fall in line for about thirty minutes before I finally got inside. There were a lot of people at the event, and there are some interesting booths… though I didn’t buy anything, except for a couple of Mogu Mogu bottles which I consumed outside the premises. I then passed by S’Maison, a two-level luxury mall just below Conrad Manila, as well as SM Mall Of Asia. I get to see the mall’s expansion, though they’re partly open at the moment. The expansion is still a work in progress. After that, I head to Landmark Trinoma to buy some ingredients for a cheesecake.

The next day, I made a no-bake cheesecake, though the result was far from what I expected. It was like an ice cream cake that needs to be refrigerated in order to set. My next attempt is just the same as the first one.

Then came the unexpected sad news. My sister-in-law’s father was killed in an unexpected accident in Sangandaan. He was riding his mountain bike on the way to his destination when a ten-wheeler truck struck him. Although he encountered an accident last year involving another mountain bike and both cyclists ended up getting injured, this one took his life. He was a dedicated cyclist and a loving father to my sister-in-law’s family, as well as to his son-in-law (my brother). I met him a few times and he’s really a nice person. I immediately offer a condolence to my sister-in-law before dinner for her loss. Right now, the case against the truck driver is still ongoing as of this writing. I immediately suffered a momentary depression that I don’t feel like writing and blogging for a while. I resumed blogging and writing a few days after his burial.


This month, we’re having a double celebration: my brother and sister-in-law’s first wedding anniversary, and my 27th birthday.

I was planning on celebrating my 27th birthday with a mall-hopping trip in the south (Alabang-Las Piñas area). But before that, I treat myself to a blueberry cheesecake and winter melon milk tea at a dessert place in Lagro. And since my birthday coincided with my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary, the sumptuous dinner serves as a celebration for two occasions. They bought a cake and a tub of ice cream for my birthday two days later. I managed to finish most of the food in the next few days, except for a few pieces of the sushi roll which was already spoiled just as I was close to finishing them all.

And there’s the second part of the birthday celebration, a mall-hopping trip in the south. That was the time I finally got to wear the black knitted blazer that I bought six months ago. Also, I bought a couple of zipper ties, but I don’t feel like wearing any of them for some reason. I ended up wearing just the olive-yellow collared shirt with the blazer. The trip went okay, but the sudden allergic reaction after running to catch the PNR train and the traffic in Alabang (and later, Commonwealth Avenue, Fairview area) and the rainfall nearly ruined it. Also, the planned concept didn’t go well. The only consolation for this trip is the red and gray socks I bought from a Mumuso branch in Ayala Malls South Park, and the light traffic along Alabang-Zapote Road (Las Piñas section) and CAVITEx.

The month ends in yet another problem. The desktop PC’s motherboard finally gave up after more than eight years. The PC is running slower than usual and it really needs an upgrade. For a while, I’m using my sister-in-law’s laptop, but I’m pretty anxious about retrieving the list of upcoming post titles, which is saved as a sticky note courtesy of a now-defunct freeware ATNotes. I know it is saved on a file, but there’s a possibility that I might no longer retrieve the sticky notes saved on my desktop.


It was raining these past few days and I’m starting to feel depressed. I’m already suffering from a case of anxiety due to a lot of reasons (mostly due to the PC’s dead motherboard and the inability to retrieve the upcoming post titles and their schedules), and the gloomy stormy weather makes it even worse. I don’t know what to do, I’m starting to lose focus on my upcoming blog posts. I took a day off from blogging to lure myself out of depression.

I head out on another mall-hopping trip, and I come up with a brilliant idea for my outfit. I finally get to incorporate the black zipper tie to my outfit, which consists of my old orange button shirt, black fleece coat, and a black sun visor. I actually looked good on it so I decided on that outfit. And it yielded a lot of good looking selfies. Anyway, I managed to squeeze a lot of malls within a 12-hour trip, and so far everything went well… until the MRT Ayala Station situation makes it difficult for me to head home. I was forced to take a detour, and it took me long enough just to get home.

The new PC arrived, and it’s running Windows 10. For a while, I’m pretty overwhelmed by its features, and it took me a few weeks in order to get used to it. The old hard drive containing the old OS (Windows 8) is connected to the new motherboard, and we tried to run the old OS. It booted successfully, albeit with a few problems, mostly with the PC’s drivers. And that’s how I eventually managed to retrieve the list of upcoming post titles, along with the rest of the sticky notes and some others. The partition containing the old OS is eventually formatted and is distributed to the remaining partitions on the old hard drive.

The only disappointment though is that the DVD-writer cannot be installed due to lack of SATA slots. So that means I’m going to use my sister-in-law’s laptop in order to retrieve some data from my backup DVDs, as well as burning some important and not-so-important junk into numerous DVDs for the time being in order to save space.

I was thinking of installing ATNotes on the new PC but decided not to and installed Keynote instead. Yup, that freeware I downloaded a long time ago finally got some use as a replacement for ATNotes, which I relied on for a few years. I wouldn’t have to worry about losing the list of upcoming post titles and their schedules again, at least I know where they are saved.


I’m off to another mall-hopping trip, focusing on the malls located along LRT-2, plus the mall along Katipunan Avenue. Due to the construction of the LRT-2 extension in the area (Pasig-Cainta-Masinag), I’m stuck in heavy traffic going to SM Masinag and I ended up getting stressed and anxious throughout the trip. I’m planning to skip SM Masinag on my next trip in the area until the LRT-2 extension is finished.

I was planning to relax at the milk tea and coffee place in Lagro, but I did some shopping as well. I actually chose the second Saturday of this month to go out because I was feeling kind of motivated that time, not to mention that My Awesome Classmate’s birthday celebration is taking place on that day. The chance of running into him is pretty low, but if that happens, I can always say “Hi” to him. Anyway, I had a vanilla frappe at the milk tea and coffee place, and I continued writing the story that I started months ago. I then head to the Fairview malls to continue my shopping.

And for the last mall-hopping trip for this year, I chose Manila as my itinerary with a little side trip to the newly-opened Cloverleaf Mall and, supposedly, a mall in Valenzuela. The latter was scrapped due to time constraints and the possible heavy traffic in the area. En route to my first destination, the heavy traffic in Novaliches area is stressing me out, and I spent a couple of hours getting stuck in traffic. Later on, I have to deal with a busy crowd in Divisoria and Binondo. Aside from the mall in Valenzuela, I also skipped a couple of places due to light rain. Reaching Robinsons Place Manila, I’m amazed at the Christmas display featuring a group of children singing Christmas carols. I really enjoyed taking a lot of selfies on the Christmas display, and that totally cheered me up.

For Christmas Eve, I made some cheesecake topped with cashews and crushed graham crackers and a cream cheese carbonara with ham and mushrooms. For New Year’s Eve, we only had spaghetti, French fries, and fried chicken, as well as a plain graham cheesecake. We did celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family and relatives with a simple feast.


The year 2017 is not much like I expected, but it’s pretty remarkable in its own way. I mean, I still had a lot of fun. I visited a couple of events, as well as a lot of malls. I bought a lot of new clothes and some accessories,  posted a lot of pictures on my Instagram account, published a lot of posts on my blog sites, and revived my Twitter account after a long inactivity and started following a lot of accounts (mainly otaku related accounts). And of course, some stormy moments too.

Well, I guess that’s the way it is, you really can’t replicate a previously good year with this one. On a brighter side, however, it was an interesting year for me and a prolific year for my blog sites. I’m looking forward to a better and a brighter 2018 ahead.