i150W: Weekends Are More Fun

I love weekends, especially Saturdays. Well, I’m pretty sure some of you love weekends too.

We often look forward to great weekends because it is the only time we can take a break from the usual busy life. It could be a weekend getaway or strolling in the park… maybe sitting in a café and having a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book. The possibilities are endless.

So what makes weekends more fun? Is it the activities? Or maybe the weather?

There are a lot of things to do on a weekend. But of course, the most common way to enjoy the weekend is to spend some quality time with your family. Aside from that, you can have a nice cup of coffee, go somewhere, watch a lot of shows and read a lot of books… and it doesn’t stop there.

You deserve a break. Enjoy the weekend.


i150W: Internet–A Superhighway Of Possibilities

We all know that the internet is the information superhighway, that’s why we often rely on it. But there’s more to it than just doing research and exchanging messages.

Nowadays, the internet is where we found almost everything we need. Aside from doing research or exchanging messages, it is where we do online shopping, work online, watch movies, TV shows, and anime and listen to music (through various streaming platforms), be updated with the latest news, play online games, and chat with friends. Along with the growing number of internet users, there’s the need to socialize with others online, hence the birth of social media sites such as the now-defunct Friendster, Twitter, and Facebook.

A lot of people nowadays are spending a considerable amount of time online. Sure, the internet is full of possibilities, but we do need to disconnect from time to time and enjoy life off the net.


School Days: My Thoughts About School And The Importance Of Education

How I Feel About School

To be honest, I was lucky that I get to finish school and had a brief stint at a call center company in Makati, in addition to the on-the-job training in college at a government office and a state-owned TV station. But of course, I can always recall the ups and downs of my student life.


Back when I was a kid, going to school every day sure is a struggle, especially when you have to wake up early to a cold, sunny morning. My breakfast is ready, my uniform is ready… but in my mind, I’m not ready for another boring school day. I am like that whenever I don’t feel like going to school. But of course, there are times when I feel like I’m gonna cry if I miss school. I even recall that moment back when I was in third grade when I was actually begging my mom to let me go to school even though there is a typhoon and classes are suspended. Sometimes, I just don’t understand myself.

To be honest, school is actually a great place to learn and make friends. Yeah, why am I even thinking of ditching the thought of going to school when there is fun in learning? Also, I get to have a lot of fun with my classmates too, at least for the first three years in elementary. And I can’t wait for my favorite part of a school day, recess. Well, there’s no playground in my school, that’s the sad part. But still, we get to have fun by chasing one another or draw a lot of things in sheets of paper.

Come fourth grade, and everything changed. I’m beginning to see the dark side of friendship and the thought of rejection is making me feel depressed. I was being left out, and it’s kind of sad. Even the brief fame I got for representing our class in Mr. and Mrs. [name of school] didn’t help. I can’t even focus on my studies. I know I wasn’t doing very well at school since I’m preoccupied with my depressing thoughts.

And then there’s bullying. At first, the kind of bullying I experienced back in sixth grade (at a private school) was just a bunch of insults. Reaching high school, upon transferring to a public school, the kind of bullying I experienced is more than just a bunch of insults, but that also includes [slight] physical abuse. I feel endangered at the thought of being surrounded by a bunch of bad guys, at times I got hit in the head by means of a bully’s fist. Bullying remains a big problem in most schools, private or public. I know it’s a guidance counselor’s job to reprimand a bully for their actions, but only if the victims or the witnesses are willing to report the incident. In my experience, however, I only got to do this once.

When the school year ends, it spells relief for us as we’re off to a lengthy school break that coincides with the warm and sunny weather. As we look forward to another school year, we get to enjoy ourselves with spending the summer vacation at the beach or at home. School graduation, however, is a ceremony filled with lots of memories and proud moments.

I always thought of elementary graduation as insignificant, as it is just a simple ceremony to signify the transition to high school. Yes, your classmates from elementary may still be your classmates in high school. But it’s not the same for high school graduation, as this is the last time that you and your classmates will be together. Afterwards, you guys will go on separate ways. To be honest, I don’t feel emotional in all these school graduations after all.


So what did I learn in the first ten (pre-K-12) years of my student life?

  • Studying hard is okay, but you don’t always have to devote all your time to studying. It’s the same thing for your hobbies, make sure that these don’t interfere with your studies. Oh well, it’s a matter of a work-play balance, it’s just that I don’t always do this.
  • Responsibility is done through doing your homework, projects, and reports, as well as studying your lessons at home not just in preparation for your quizzes or tests. Yup, I failed in this one, so that explains why I become an underachiever.
  • Being lazy with your studies leads to failure in quizzes and exams. Since I tend to procrastinate at times, this is where I lead. But then, I did well in some subjects, such as English and TLE-Computer. As for the rest, I only managed to pass. But at least I didn’t fail in any of the subjects, so much for my procrastination.
  • Academics aside, maintaining good relationships with your classmates bring you closer to them. I think I made a lot of friends but in the end, only your closest friends matter. No matter how terrible they are, if they’re being nice to you in the end, then you shouldn’t strain ties with them by means of a retaliation. But in my case, this is something I don’t follow as I had just severed ties with my fourth-year high school classmates, despite the fact that some of them are actually being nice to me.
  • Never let anybody bring you down. Yes, bullying is pretty common in schools, but this shouldn’t be the sole reason for you to quit school. Remember to keep your head up and ignore those who taunt you. Yup, this is also a lesson for myself too…

The Importance Of Education

School is a great place for learning a lot of things and making friends. It can help shape the children’s minds and lead them to a brighter future. But there are some children who never had a chance to go to school and experience formal education, so be grateful to your parents for this wonderful opportunity.

We all go to school not just to learn how to read and write, but to have a better and brighter future. Although we learn from our textbooks, it is actually through paying attention to the teacher’s lectures and participating in class activities that we actually learn a lot of stuff. And it gives you the chance to ask questions.

While you enjoy the privilege of going to school by means of riding various kinds of transportation or a school service, others have to walk a great deal of distance to school, even if it takes them a few hours just to get there one way. In rural areas, the path going to school involves crossing a river, passing by an overgrown forest in the mountains, and at times passing through slippery, grassy slopes and/or rocks along the way. You had your allowance given by your parents, originally intended for snacks and other important expenses, some of which went to gaming expenses. Others go to school with little or no allowance at all, some of them had to endure a long school day without food, and some of them have to dig through the trash for some recyclables or experience a great deal of labor just for their school allowance. And while you look forward to a brand new set of school uniform, a new pair of shoes, a new bag, and a new set of school supplies, others had to make do with their old school uniform (usually hand me downs), an old pair of shoes, incomplete set of school supplies, and sometimes plastic bags for storing their things. But it’s not through material things or comfort that a student can succeed in their studies, it’s through hard work.

Sometimes, money played a huge role in the child’s schooling. Just imagine how much would a tuition fee in a prestigious [private] school cost… and yet the child would end up begging for material things instead of studying hard. Besides, what your child learns in a private school is virtually the same as in a public school. Perhaps, a plus factor for studying in a private school is that they were able to provide some necessary equipment needed (such as laboratory apparatus for science activities, or musical instruments for music lessons), something that some public schools may lack. Still, private schools give an impression that they cater to those who can afford.

Some of the students are forced to stop schooling due to a variety of reasons, mostly related to poverty. It’s understandable that they’re striving to help their families by means of labor, but if they didn’t finish their studies, then they’re going to have a hard time finding a decent job and support themselves.

But there are some students who managed to finish studies, despite the hardships they’re facing. Even though they wanted to stop schooling just to help their parents, they were urged by their families to finish studies as this is their key to success. There are notable success stories by people who managed to finish their studies despite the hardships caused by poverty, this should serve as an inspiration to many. Remember, poverty should not be a reason to skip or stop studying.

In the end, it doesn’t whether you came from a private or a public school, for as long as you passed with flying colors. What we learned in school can still be applied to certain things in our daily lives, such as a simple computation or a simple experiment. And yes, education is not limited to a certain age group, for as long as you have the will to study and fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful person and living a better life.

All right, so why is education important for everyone? The answer is simple, it is where we learn a lot of information, and it is essentially vital for better employment and a better future. We all have our dreams in life, and we can achieve it through studying. The knowledge we gained from our studies can aid us in achieving our goals in life, and not just our occupational field of interest. Again, there’s no age limit when it comes to education so everybody will be given a chance to fulfill their dreams and become a successful being.


School memories… they keep coming back to me. Despite the fact that I’m an underachiever, there are great memories that are worth looking back.

Yes, we may never bring back the past, but we can always remember the good and bad things we experienced at school. The people you meet and befriended, the events and experiences that matter, all the hardships that every student endured… and the sweet moment of achievement. Isn’t it nice to remember these kinds of school memories?

Of course, I learn a lot of things, both academically and non-academically. Being a student is all about knowledge and experience, and garnering enough achievements to make it all meaningful. Well, you can say that my student life isn’t meaningful at all but that doesn’t mean that I’m not good at anything. At least I still passed all my subjects and I graduated, but that was that. Still, I enjoy the moment of being inside the campus listening to the teacher’s lectures, roaming the halls during breaks, and spending time with some of my friends… off-campus. And the moment of meeting your awesome classmates as well.

Now that it’s all over, I guess it’s time to move on. It was really fun, despite some unpleasant moments that happened to me during that period.


School Days: Achievements, Activities, Moments, And Experiences

Note: There are some additions to this post, all of which happened back in elementary. The newly-added parts are highlighted.

Twenty years ago, in 1997, I started elementary school. Around that time, I was kind of rowdy and mischievous, and I find that experience hilarious. It’s as if we’re still in a kindergarten class, but we’re on our way to serious learning. The next few years turn out to be a turning point as I was starting to behave properly, but it was during fourth grade when I start experiencing rejections from my peers.

So this two-part article covers my experiences in elementary and high school, as well as my thoughts about going to school, and the importance of education. I’m sure some of these experiences are covered in previous posts, but this is the compiled version of my student life.


Elementary. That’s the time when the more difficult math problems (like the three/four digit problem solving and fractions) become my biggest headache. Math is one of my two weakest subjects in school, the other one being science. Meanwhile, I enjoy literary and language based subjects the best.

As a first grade student, I tend to get into trouble just like any other kid in class. I tend to get noisy during class and I rarely do my homework. I did get into trouble for crawling under my female classmates’ skirts, and it was kind of perverted. I had no idea what made me do it.

The most hilarious thing I did that time was mimicking a school teacher (with my classmates as students) on a toothpaste commercial that was airing on TV that time. Yes, it was a teacher asking kindergartners asking what is the color of the teacher’s sweater, and the color of her teeth (if I recall correctly). Of course, one of my teachers doesn’t seem to be amused by what I did and we rushed back to our seats as soon as she comes in. It was kind of funny.

I also remember that time when I actually begged my Filipino teacher to let me join my classmates for the Linggo Ng Wika presentation, partly because my best friend is among my classmates who are selected to represent our class. Of course, she let me join my classmates for the presentation. Later that year, I was Mr. Israel for the United Nation Day, although my costume looked like an Arab’s. Yup, it’s the same for the following year’s United Nation Day at our school.

In second grade, we had our field demonstration. It’s basically a bunch of dance steps with simple props (such as a ring and a stick) and a dance music track.

During third grade, we did another field demo for the UN Day at our school, and this time our class will represent Mexico, with the song “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin. It was raining that time, but of course, the show must go on.

On the first half of elementary, I managed to take home some awards. These include the award for being “Most Friendly” (first grade), “Best in Reading” (second grade), and “3rd Honor[able Mention]” (third grade). By the way, there’s the Top 5 (or the cream of the crop) at the end of each school quarter to honor the students with excellent grades.


Fourth grade comes, and we finally have our Home Economics and Livelihood Education classes. This is where we learn how to sew, cook, and work in the school garden. I had a hard time with the sewing activity, but I managed to do it. With some assistance, that is. Also, that’s the time where we get to have Computer class, focusing on BASIC programming. You know, the PRINT “Hi!” = Hi! thing.

For that year’s Linggo Ng Wika, we are grouped according to what region (in the country) where we came from. We represent our group by dressing up in our specific traditional (and religious) costumes, as well as to make an introduction in our dialect. For our group, two of us are in religious costumes, the two others are in traditional costumes.

During that time, there’s a lyre band lesson, with the help of a lyre band instructor (I think). Most of our classmates had bought their lyre bands, but I was unable to have one since my family couldn’t afford it. I was eventually assigned to playing the snare drum, with some my classmates playing other instruments as well. That continued until the following school year (with our music teacher in fifth grade as an instructor). There’s a speech lesson as well, courtesy of our friendly speech instructor. We had a lot of fun with our speech lessons, which is one of the few good moments during my fourth grade.

In November that year, I wrote an essay about computers for the Computer Month. I won third place for that.

And guess what, I was chosen as a candidate (along with the female transfer student, who became my best friend until the end of that school year) to represent our class for Mr. & Ms. [name of school], as part of the school’s Foundation Day. To be honest, I was quite uncomfortable being selected to represent our class, but I went on with it… only I didn’t tell my parents about it until the school trip. There’s the competition for formal wear, casual wear and sportswear, and of course the talent portion. On the presentation of the candidates, however, my female partner didn’t show up since she wasn’t feeling well. The winners are determined by the number of tickets sold, and I didn’t mind winning the title at all. Regardless, I become popular with my female classmates for a while, and that was that.

It was during that time when my classmates started ignoring me and they didn’t let me join in their games. So I’m stuck with two of my classmates, and I don’t know if they’re really fun to be with. But one thing is for sure, it was a depressing school year for me.

Fifth grade comes, and I feel weirder and weirder each day. I’m starting to become a misfit, but at least I made some new friends, the ones from the main campus. Yes, I’m from the satellite campus (along with some of my classmates), but the satellite campus can only accommodate classes up to fourth grade so we were transferred to the main campus the moment we finished fourth grade. Anyway, we are a large class comprising two sections, the main campus’ section A and satellite campus’ section B. Of course, not all of them are friendly to me in the end.

Our school is also competing in the Palarong Pinoy, held at the Nayong Pilipino in Pasay City. I’m competing in Sungka’s mixed junior division, but I never made it to the finals.

January the following year, our school had the annual Intramurals. The intermediate students and the high school students are the ones participating in the school’s yearly sports fest, and we are divided into four groups, namely the green team, red team, yellow team, and blue team. I belong to the green team, and I’m on the team’s cheering squad. I was immensely bored throughout the event, and I can’t recall if our team had [actually] won anything.

Sixth grade comes and it gets even more interesting. At least, since I met a cool guy wearing glasses and I started enjoying watching anime shows and playing games on the newly-bought surplus PC. About the guy, he was actually not in my class yet we somehow managed to hang out on occasion. He was a very nice person.

For that year’s Linggo Ng Wika, we are to re-enact the scenes from the 1986 People Power Revolution, as well as perform the patriotic theme song “Magkaisa”. I play the role of a cameraman, with a video camera made of styrofoam. We did well in our presentation, I think.

And there’s an entire class recital of Prince Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, “To Be, Or Not To Be”. Yup, it is part of our speech class, with our friendly speech instructor from a few years back. Aside from that, some of us have to produce our own voice recording of the poem “Little Bo Beep”, with proper pronunciation. I didn’t get to do this anyway so I’m fine with listening to some of their voice recordings, some with a hilarious twist.

We have our Christmas-themed presentation/competition, where we perform Christmas songs as a group. It’s a school inter-class competition, but I don’t really recall much of it. I don’t feel like joining the class in the performance since I’m not in the mood to do this. Well, at least I’m not the only one who’s not performing with the rest of the class anyway.

It’s the school’s Intramurals once again. Previously, all games are held inside the school’s parking (that doubles as the playground and basketball/volleyball court) and the school quadrangle. However, for this year’s Intramurals, some of the games had to transfer to the basketball court inside the private subdivision, a walking distance from the school’s satellite campus. Anyway, I’m now on the yellow team, and they’re asking me to compete in the sports event. I give in, and I’ll compete in Sungka for the second time. I won the competition, but then it will take a while before the sports event ends. I didn’t bother to go watch the other sports events, which took place on my favorite day, Saturday.

So here comes the graduation, but I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, it’s my female classmates who keep telling me that I will never graduate and that I don’t deserve the “Loyalty Award” for staying at school for six years. Of course, I got mad but I couldn’t control my emotions too.

Six years at [name of school]… it’s a mix of fun, remarkable, and lonely moments of being an elementary student. Without a proper farewell, I decided to move on and move to a public school the following school year. I doubt I’m gonna miss my soon-to-be former classmates (and I don’t think they’ll miss me anyway).

High School

High school life sure is fun, but I didn’t get to enjoy every part of it.

Well, I’ve had enough of my troubled past in my former school, maybe this will change by the time I transfer to another school, the one where my brother finished high school. Besides, I had a feeling that I’m gonna meet a lot of nice people in my new school, some of them become my closest friends.

So I’m a high school freshman who is still acting like an elementary student? It’s a challenging transition, but that’s something I can live with. To begin with, my new school is in Lagro, Quezon City, about more or less 8 kilometers (calculated using Google Maps) from my house. And since I’m no longer in private school, I think it’s a good idea for me to experience how to commute, having used to being taken to and from school on a tricycle as a school service (though I did it with my classmate a few times back in elementary). I still find it scary to cross the street (thanks to the overspeeding vehicles on the highway), but at least it’s safe to cross the street near my school.

And here comes algebra, biology, geometry, chemistry, trigonometry, physics, economics, Asian and world history, and technology and livelihood education (TLE). In addition, we also study four notable literary works from Filipino authors: Ibong Adarna, Francisco Baltazar’s Florante At Laura, and Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, as well as watching their stage play adaptations at the UP Theater.

We were introduced to different school clubs, but I don’t know if any of us are really interested in joining one. There’s the math club, the English club, the science club… all of the school clubs are dedicated to a particular school subject.

The school cafeteria is impressive and had wider choices than my former school. At the time, the cafeteria implemented the chit system wherein I had to fall in line just to exchange my cash for the plastic stub of equivalent value so I can buy something in the cafeteria. It was eventually scrapped more than a year later, replaced by cash register specifically for cafeteria meals.  During the first few weeks, I bought some chocolates and candies at the cafeteria and ate it inside the classroom during breaks. Of course, some of my classmates ask for a portion of a chocolate bar when they saw me eating one. In addition to the cafeteria, there’s also the co-op store where we bought pieces of pad paper, ball pens, notebooks… even our PE uniform, workbooks, and other knick knacks.

And yeah, I started wearing my glasses a few weeks before I start high school, so they thought that I was a genius. One of my teachers refers to me affectionately as Boy Genius. But at least I’m not alone since one of my female classmates also wear glasses as well.

During this time, I was actively copying what is written on the board, but at times I had a hard time catching up since I tend to make some mistakes and my hands are tired from all the writing. Also, some of the activities, particularly the ones on the TLE class, proved to be challenging as I need to make a lampshade, a letter holder (something I managed to finish myself), a gel candle (probably the easiest one to make myself), and a few others.

During my first year in high school, we only have our classes three whole days a week, from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM, with flag ceremonies held on Mondays. That changed during my second year in high school and with a new school principal and some changes, classes are now divided into two shifts. So it’s five half-days a week instead of the three whole days a week classes, which is quite a relief for some of us. For the rest of my high school years, I’m always placed in the afternoon classes.

I also recall back in first-year when I had to buy a recorder flute for our music class. It was an ivory Hohner recorder flute, which I really liked, yet I’m not good at playing that kind of instrument. It was an effort trying to play a few notes, what more for an entire piece of music? At times, we’re practicing a few songs our MAPEH teacher taught us. In the end, the flute was stored in the study table for a long time and I rarely played that thing.

I used to bring packed lunch during my freshman year but since it’s gonna be a half-day the following school year, I decided to eat lunch at home and just ask for the same allowance as last year. At least, 20 percent of my allowance goes to transportation, the rest goes to various expenses from snacks to school supplies. Of course, my allowance is larger than some of my classmates, and I don’t spend it all on snacks alone. Sometimes, I need to save some for myself.

I didn’t get to attend the school’s founding anniversary during my freshman year. It was during my sophomore year that I get to attend and have fun in the annual event, and I always look forward to it until my senior year. Around this time, I also attended some notable events, such as the “Pasikat Ni Sir At Mam” and a couple of stage plays inside the covered court.


It’s sophomore year and I’m in the afternoon class. But since some of my friends are in the morning classes, I ended up going home by myself. Well, I’m getting used to it since I’m starting to feel like a loner again, aside from being excluded by my seatmates. In addition to that, I experienced bullying from my two classmates, and I was extorted money by another. My sophomore year is sort of okay, but not really that okay.

The following school year (junior year), I’m having a great time with some of my classmates. I was elected as the president of the Handicrafts class (one of TLE’s electives) and I’m doing well in Geometry. I started hanging out with some of my friends again, and I was bending the rules a bit by wearing rubber shoes instead of my black shoes.

And here comes senior year, where I’m about to experience a great deal of trouble. At first, my classmates are very nice but that changed in the next few months. They tend to annoy me a lot of times and did something terrible to me. That aside, I was often nominated as a class officer for each of the subjects, some of which I did become a class officer. I’m not comfortable with being nominated, but… there’s nothing I can do about it. They’re being nice to me that time so I can’t tell them that.

I’m in the Computer class as part of the elective, it’s all about the internet with some MS Office activities in between. We are to create our own website as a project, and we made a video slideshow using our baby pictures (transferred to the computer by means of a scanner). Well, in our class, we (IV-Chromium) were down to just four as some of our classmates had transferred to other electives due to the monthly fee. I made friends with some of the students from IV-Gold and the lone student from IV-Lead.

We had our National Achievement Test, as well as our National Career Assessment Examination during our senior year. I think I did well in these tests. Regarding the National Career Assessment Examination, I think that helped me figure out my occupational field of interest… that is, the artistic field (or simply the arts).

There are a few more events I never attended. First is the Christmas party, the other one is the senior prom. I don’t care if I didn’t attend the Christmas party and have fun with some of my annoying classmates, but I don’t know if I feel the same with not attending the Prom. Something tells me that I should have attended the latter, but I didn’t. Not only I didn’t get to see my friends and classmates in their formal attire, but I’m missing a part of my life as well. Oh, but that didn’t matter now.

And here comes the emotional high school graduation ceremony. As usual (and just like any other high school graduations), students use this as a chance to spend the last hours of their high school life with picture taking, sharing stories of their high school memories, and wishing each other luck in their chosen field of interest. While some of my classmates are teary eyed by this memorable high school graduation, I didn’t feel emotional about it. Why some of them are hugging me and wishing me luck, I don’t know. They are planning a post-graduation outing and they’re inviting me, but I declined.

For some reason, I never got my high school yearbook and I didn’t bother to get my class picture. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever ask for a soft copy of the class picture, as I already severed ties with most of them.


High school officially ends, and I decided to take a year off from studying before heading for college as an English major student. And after ten years of finishing primary and secondary education, I only had very little achievements and I managed to pass my grades. Of course, I feel disappointed and guilty with myself for failing to keep up with my studies and I never got to my dream university, but that doesn’t matter now. Anyway, there’s the second part of this article featuring my thoughts about school and the importance of education.

The Student-Intern Life: Thesis And Teleprompters (Timeline College Series #15)

So we’re doing a lot of research for our thesis. It’s about the perception of Liberal Arts students to Tagalized English movies, which is related to our academic program (English Major). It took a lot of articles, then some surveys and about two trips to the National Library in order to gather valuable information. I couldn’t tell if that hard work is really worth it since there might be a change in plans (or so I thought).

The first trip to the National Library: Most of our class are doing the research, it was like an entire squad. Since it’s our first time, we need to sign up for our IDs so we can begin our research. And we spent an entire afternoon doing just that. Afterwards, we did get to have a short trip to Rizal Park, as well as Baywalk (a promenade facing Manila Bay) before going home. The second trip to the National Library: I went on ahead of my group mates, giving myself ample time to visit a large mall in Ermita before heading to Rizal Park to join my group mates and continue our research. As with earlier, I parted from my group mates after the research.


We watched a stage play featuring some of my classmates at a mall in Monumento. Amazing that they’ve been a part of the performing arts group for about two years, and they were right in front of me. They performed well.

After the stage play, I decided to ride the LRT-1 from Monumento to Roosevelt stations (which was part of the LRT-1 extension), and I still have to ride a short distance to get to the two malls in North EDSA. That was the first time I’ve ridden the first light rail transit in the country.


Since we’re doing some writing for our book publishing class, I try to write a story on a small notebook while going places. You know, writing a few sentences/paragraphs and lines in my notebook inside a fast food chain/café while waiting for the food to be served. Well, that was kind of awkward, writing in a place full of people… but who cares? Anyways, it didn’t produce the kind of story I wanted, and I never get to do that again, even on occasion.

Regarding the writing activity for book publishing, I was assigned as the leader of the literary section and I did a couple of short stories, as well as contributing a reflective piece for the reflective essay section. I also wrote the introduction for the literary section. My classmate did the illustrations for the literary works. The first of the two stories is somewhat lengthy for a short story, and it looked like it was written by an American author. My professor thought that the story is actually part of a novel due to a longer dialogue between the characters of the story. The second one is shorter than the first one, and it was simpler and more realistic. Upon submitting the work, I knew I had to do better.


We did a recording of our own radio show for our radio and TV script writing class (a business radio program featuring a guest, but I did the voice acting in lieu of the actual guest). My classmates were in charge of various tasks, from script writing to recording. I did the cover art, as well as being the Executive Producer (which doesn’t make sense since I’m not the leader of the group *laugh*). We never did a sound check, and the production looked like it was recorded straight from an FM radio station, complete with static.

It’s the same with producing an episode of a TV program, a documentary about the life of a bus conductor. Again, my classmates are in charge of most of the tasks, and I’m in charge of the cover art, as well as the expenses. Well, we had a hard time finding a DVD case for our finished work, and we must have spent a lot of money on the printing. We did review our work afterward.


The semester concluded with the beginning of my second OJT, this time at a broadcast station, the state-owned PTV-4, as part of my practicum for my academic program’s specialization in broadcasting. I applied for an internship by myself and began my two-and-a-half month internship by the end of September.

The first few days of my internship focuses on observation. I witness the usual activities inside the news room, from gathering the latest news updates to presenting the news in front of the camera. My job is to assist the news presenter for the news updates (every 30 minutes) and the news production staff for the 5 o’clock news and operate the teleprompter.

More of my internship days, plus a few notable happenings and anything interesting will be revealed on the next part of this series.

Beginning Of A Final Year (Timeline College Series #14)

Oh, how time flies. I’m on my final year in college and I’m just days away from finishing my OJT (on the job training) at a satellite office of a government agency. I had a feeling this is going to be my most exciting (but emotional) year.

There were some slight changes in the schedule. I’m used to visiting my mom on Sundays, and even though it’s late in the afternoon, I would push through with the weekly visit. But that is not the case for this semester, as two of the subjects occupy the entire Sunday afternoon. I would make do by visiting her on Monday afternoons, at least for this semester.


Before my summer break ends, I bought a pedometer so I can see how many steps I walked in less than 10 hours… I must have walked about 10,000+ steps in an 8 hour period. That time, I was into this mall-hopping kind of activity and it was fun doing this with no one but myself. What I did in this mall-hopping escapade is plain sightseeing, book hunting, and a little shopping. I remember buying a couple of books from a specialty bookstore Fully Booked, and a pair of Katekyo Hitman Reborn black fingerless gloves from Comic Alley. I’m sure it goes further from here.


This semester focuses on radio and TV script writing, college teaching, methods of research (thesis), book publishing, and sports writing. For me, I’m more interested in the first four subjects, the last one is something I’m not good at.

For the first part of this semester, we’re doing radio script writing first. Our group is assigned to do a radio talk show, while others are doing news, commentary and showbiz radio programs. I was assigned as an executive producer, though I hardly did produce that radio talk show. Also, I did the voice over of a person being interviewed, as well as designing the CD inlay.

There’s paperwork involved in the methods of research. One notable topic we’re working on is our opinion on the K+12 Program, accompanied by an article and some citations. This is the first step to our thesis work. Also, we’re writing stories, poems, and articles for book publishing. I’m in charge of managing the literary works, and I was quite ecstatic about finally writing my very own story and have my professor read my works.

As for sports writing, I had a hard time writing a sports news story that features a basketball player (an outstanding basketball player). It took me a while before I finish my work. I mean, I’m not into sports and I’m not into basketball.


It was late July, and the team building (my last for the entire 4-year course) is held at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center, at the Fishing Village. When I got there, the sky looked quite dim, like it’s about to rain. It appears that I’m the one from my class who came to the team building earlier than the rest of the seniors. Luckily, some of the third years recognize me and I felt a sigh of relief. My classmates finally arrived a few hours later. I did get a glimpse of some of the activities and since we seniors are not expected to join the activities, we can leave the team building at any time (considering that we have tons of work to do, mainly due to our thesis work). I then spend some time alone at the two malls in the EDSA-North Avenue area before heading home.

The following morning, I received a sad news from my neighbor-friend-classmate via Facebook. Our dear classmate from first-year high school died a couple of days ago. We visited his funeral a few days later, and on the day he was cremated. It serves as a reunion for us BFFs as well, even though we lost a great friend.

We visited one of the publishing companies, the one producing educational textbooks. Everything went well, and we had a tour of the building as we learn about the process of publishing a book, from contents to design. Prior to this, we did find a printing press, which we had mistaken for a small publishing company. Yup, this is one of the activities for our book publishing class.


For the next TCS post, there’s the research work for our thesis, the stage play, story and reflection writing (for book publishing), TV and radio script writing… plus being a traveling writer and all that. I’ll work on it soon.

Halloween, According To KCOX

Note: References and sources are marked with ^. This will appear on some future posts, as I’m going to need references in order to finish an article. Though I did this a few times (on my former blog The Kin Keihan Times), I only thought of this just now. Anyway, to know more about the referenced part of the article, just click on the red caret.


I can see black and orange and all these spooky, creepy stuff. The jack-o-lanterns. The spider webs and bats. The witch’s broom. People in costumes, from skeletons to wizards.

I’m not into Halloween parties and some trick-or-treat kind of thing, but this should be interesting. Tales of urban legends, ghost stories, and creepy occurrences are featured on TV shows, more of a month long tribute to a Halloween celebration. And yes, the horror flicks too.

All right! Let’s begin.

Black And Orange

Black and orange… a vibrant darkness looms over the town as people are busy scaring each other and dressing up in creepy costumes. Well, not exactly that, but these Halloween colors came from the unbleached beeswax candles (representation of the color orange) and the black cloth draping the ceremonial caskets, originally from the Celtic and Druid history. And then there’s the possibility that these Halloween colors are lifted from the color of Autumn (orange) and the darkness of the upcoming Winter (black).^ Just imagine the vibe of these two colors altogether… a warm and happy vibe mixed with a mysterious vibe. A strange combination indeed.

But then, Halloween is not always black and orange. Imagine zombies, for instance, they’re mostly red. In fact, it is not restricted to just these colors, but it seems that these colors (black and orange) stand out among any other colors.

Celebrating Halloween

For children, it is the time to dress up in their best Halloween costumes and do some trick or treating. Not only they are doing it in the neighborhood, but also in some establishments, especially malls.

For the grown-ups, there’s the zombie run (from a few years back), and some theme parks offering scary (but fun) attractions. And recently, there’s the live escape game, where you need to solve the mystery case within the time limit. Though not exactly more of a Halloween thing, it’s worth the teamwork kind of a thrill.

Halloween isn’t complete without ghost/horror stories and ghost hunting. Of course, the thrill of listening to such creepiness is enough to scare the pants off you.

Everything Halloween

Scarecrows, skeletons, spiders, bats, ghosts, Jack-o-Lanterns, black cats, witches… they’re mostly associated with Halloween. Same thing with zombies, ghouls, vampires and other scary creatures. They’re also fit for Halloween as well.

And yes, I did mention about Halloween specials on TV featuring urban legends, ghost hunt, paranormal activities, and a whole lot of scary stuff. Some of these are aired as a part of the month-long Halloween special.

And don’t forget the ghost stories too! Halloween’s all about scary stuff, so this kind of storytelling is the perfect thing to do, especially inside a candlelit room. The best ghost stories you can share are the ones involving the white lady, the haunted house, the well, the headless knight… anything involving a supernatural entity.


Halloween sure is a scary-fun moment that you’ll enjoy as much as with a holiday. With all the activities and events and things for this celebration, there’s no doubt that Halloween can be fun, creative and lively. But never forget the real reason behind this celebration, as per the three-day observance of Allhallowtide: it is to remember the dead… remembering the saints [Hallows], martyrs, and all the faithfully departed believers.^

All right, so why don’t you put on your scariest costume you can find and start a Halloween parade? This should be fun. Happy trick-or-treating!

The Breezy Road To Summer (Timeline College Series #13)

2011 comes, and I still need a few things to do before summer break begins. But let’s begin with the New Year celebration.

At the beginning of that year, I did get to visit my mom in the morning and we went to my uncle’s house in the afternoon for the annual get together. In between these two events, I get to enjoy some fruits and a couple of donuts while watching an anime series on TV (I think it’s Hayate The Combat Butler). Seems like a pretty interesting day, don’t you think? But yeah, some establishments are closed on New Year so that’s all I can do.

A week later, we did have our OJT uniforms and we decided to wear them the next day. That was okay, except I didn’t know we’re not supposed to wear them just yet. Anyway, we never had any trouble wearing our OJT uniforms, ’nuff said. We have a few skits regarding work ethics focusing on employer-employee interactions (I think) for Office Procedures, and then I later catch up with my classmates later at the mall, where we watch a stage play performance at the mall’s atrium.

A lot of activities and paper works soon followed. There are a lot of movie and book reviews and comparisons, watching some video clips related to TV announcing, a few article and feature writing, and a lot more. But the highlight of this semester is preparing for the upcoming OJT, and community immersion for our public relations class where we took over as substitute teachers at a day care center. We also had our medical examination sometime in March, possibly in preparation for our OJT.

Lastly, we had our role play, this time for Anglo-American Literature class. We chose Frankenstein, and we worked hard for it, with props and everything (just like the previous role plays). And yes, this is the last time we’ll be doing this. Such a remarkable performance, that is. A few more paper works, and we’re off to vacation (and our OJT too).


All right, let me share some experiences during the community immersion.

At first, I was quite nervous about participating in a community immersion. You know how difficult it is for me to interact with people due to my shyness and lack of communication skills. And since our group will be substitute teachers at a day care center, we need to be considerate and patient with the children. At that time, I had a little sister too, and that really helped me understand the playful behavior of children.

The said community immersion activity happened on weekdays (on days where we don’t have classes), and our shift is from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN. Our goal is to complete the hours needed for the activity, as well as documenting our group’s progress and provide an individual reflection about it.

Regarding the short individual reflection about being one of the substitute teachers of a day care center, here is my account (taken from one of the saved document files I still have until now):

Having worked as a substitute teacher in a day care center, I have the idea of how the children learn; I teach them the basic lessons such as reading, writing and identifying shapes and colors. Through this experience, I was amazed at how the children tried to do their best despite the fact that it was difficult for them. With our help, they are able to write their names and some words properly. Also, they are able to pronounce every word that I read to them. Of course, I used to experience this, though some said that I was a fast learner and that I was given other things to keep myself amused. The children are finding ways to focus on the lessons or to amuse themselves. In the end, they knew what they had learned, although some didn’t take it too seriously (like they are having fun while learning).

In the end, everything went well and we did achieve our goal of serving the community through teaching the children with the basics such as reading, writing, and identifying shapes and colors. It is a job well done for us, and we learn a lot from this experience.


Time flies faster than I ever imagined. Am I enjoying too much? Oh well, there’s a lot more in the next TCS post. And yes, the next TCS post will focus on the start of my final year in college.

A Very Ecstatic Semester (Timeline College Series #12)

Third-year college, second semester… Begin!

There were some interesting activities this semester, and I’m sure some of it is memorable. But we’re also doing a re-run of the stage play “Schiz Green” for the Theater Night (along with the senior class’ “Little Women”), and I don’t feel like reprising my role as a lion in the said re-run. But I did it anyway. We just memorized our lines and actions, and we’re off.

We had another tour, this time at another TV station and a newspaper company. Not only we get to tour the entire TV station, but we were also part of the studio audience for a morning show. It was fun. We then headed to a newspaper company and witness the process of newspaper publishing. The tour ends with a visit to the government weather agency for a short educational film about weather and the effects of drought and too much rainfall.

A few days later, we watched another stage play. It’s amazing how I manage to wear the same outfit I had on the school tour’s, the only difference is the dark blue shirt. Oh well… I did get to spend some time with myself and spend the entire afternoon at these two malls in the north.

Around this time, I was frequenting every book stores near my place, and I did buy a lot of books (mostly YA hardcovers). I’m so glad that I had bought some interesting titles, including Ned Vizzini’s “Be More Chill” (I haven’t read the book until now, but eventually). Well, that’s where the money goes… it was kind of impulsive.

This semester also includes helping out to the community, but it’s not NSTP. It is Public Relations and Community Integration, and it focuses on reaching out to the community through spreading awareness on issues concerning the general public and participating in community activities for the purpose of rehabilitation and research. We’re also dealing with Anglo-American Literature, Film and Literature (comparing the film and literary versions of a written work), Feature Writing (writing articles in a creative manner), TV and Radio Announcing, Office Procedures (more of preparation for the On The Job Training) and News Writing. And yes, there’s also Mythology, which is an academic program exclusive course.


So it appears that the MP3 player I bought months ago had battery problems. I kind of noticed that. Oh well, nothing lasts forever… thanks for the MP3-filled memories. I’m planning to buy another one soon…

Some of my classmates from Junior High School are having a reunion. Of course, I haven’t had a reunion featuring my classmates in years (except maybe for the BFF group), and they keep asking me to come. I decided to give in, despite the fact that I’m not feeling well that day (I had a persistent cough caused by phlegm, and I also had a sore throat which affects my voice temporarily). Everything went well, and this is the first time I ever see them after the high school graduation so I’m more than glad. Still, I feel a bit awkward… (blame it on my shyness).

Spending time in the province during the holiday season, and discovering a lot of great things (music, books, anime… anything) is what makes me happy during these times. And to think I’ll be able to live with it for the next few months, life is really that great. What happens next after that? Details on the next TCS post.

Act, Dance, Watch, Perform: The Class Activities And More (Timeline College Series #11)

All right, let’s continue.

A lot of activities soon follow (the ones I mentioned in the previous Timeline College post), and all of these keep us busy for the rest of the semester. That includes a few class activities, a stage play, and some presentations.


Let’s begin with the annual team building, which is my third [and second to the last] for the entire 4-year course. Since most of us third-years are this year’s officers for our organization (Group Of English Majors) and some of us become volunteers for the team building, the rest of us (me included) are the ones participating in the games and challenges. Everything went well, and I was (kind of) active throughout the event. It was fun.

We’re still rehearsing our lines for a class presentation, which is an adaptation of a chosen classic African literature. And while we’re at it, we decided to make and design our props to be used in the presentation. We did get to perform in front of the class after about three weeks, two weeks after the first group’s presentation. After that, we also have an interpretative dance (Humanities class) in which I need to lip sync and cross dress as the girl’s reflection. Oh well, that sure was a challenging role but I was able to pull up such a performance.

I remember that Slurpee moment before and after watching a stage play, this time at a mall in Monumento. While on the road, I saw an upcoming mall being built. I believe that mall opened a few months after… but anyway, the stage play comes first. Since two of my classmates are in the stage play, we need to support them. That was a good performance, which is all about Filipino music, I believe.

A couple of activities followed soon after. There was a project wherein we need to capture the face of reality using a camera and adding some caption to it. We did have a lot of snapshots, but one of them made a slight news–it was a photo featuring a headless student, caught on cam. Though my classmate did send the picture to a TV station (and was briefly featured in a teaser), there were some doubts about the pic as it was assumed to be edited.

For our Humanities class (again), we’re focusing on making food art using fruits. All right, that was an easy task. And finally, for the Creative Writing class, we’re focusing on an interpretative storytelling, complete with music. That ends the set of activities for this semester.

Of course, for my 20th birthday, I bought myself a book as a gift–a memoir by a child poet, Mattie Stepanek. Well, for the celebration, I only gave chocolate bars to my closest classmates, at a much later time. I was thinking, I might have upset the others. If only I bought enough chocolate bars for everyone in my class, then everybody will be happy. That was my mistake…


So a lot of things happened this semester. Expect a lot of fun moments in these last three semesters of my college life. And guess what, things are getting even more interesting as I moved on to the next semester.