#Unapologetic [E]

What it means to be unapologetic?

Are you the one who refuses to say sorry for every little thing you did? Are you the one who stands by your own principles and would rather hold on to it than change everything? Then you might be that kind of person. Oh, admit it, some of us are unapologetic in our actions too. Call it a case of stubbornness, I say.

All right, let me define what being unapologetic really means. It’s basically not showing any regret for the things that you’ve done. It can either be a good thing (like making crucial decisions) or a bad thing (like pushing someone down the stairs without remorse), depending on how you use that word. So if you don’t show any regret for everything you did, then you must be a hardcore unapologetic person.

Being Unapologetic, In A Nice Way

Being unapologetic (in a nice way) is something you should be proud of. It means that you stand by your own beliefs, and conveying a sense of strength. You make your own statements and criticisms, and always hold on to it without taking it back. You possess a great amount of courage to face those who criticize you for your decisions that don’t sit with their beliefs, and you wouldn’t dare to change everything just to please them. There’s a good reason to fight for your own right, and there’s a way to determine what you believe is right for you. You’re just being yourself, there’s no need for you to conform to their standards.

By being unapologetic about your actions and/or decisions, you are labeled according to your identity (as a form of placing generalizations on someone), people make assumptions about you, they hate your guts, and all that.^ Not that you care much about getting involved in an altercation or lose friends and gain enemies, it’s just that you remain true and honest to yourself, and let your stubbornness lead you to success. It doesn’t matter that being unapologetic comes with a price, you just have to be confident enough to face the consequences.

The Dark Side Of Being Unapologetic

Pardon my rudeness, but this is gonna be real explicit from this point on, so beware.

Yes, the world is full of harsh realities, and people are not the same as before. The word “sorry” is not in the vocabulary, and that’s an issue I’d like to address.

Some cold-hearted people tend to do something terrible to others without remorse. Okay, so that’s getting quite common these days like it’s normal for anybody to abuse someone and get away with it. And they’re not willing to apologize for what they did. Like they’re gonna say, “F*** that apology, I’m not willing to apologize for the sake of my reputation.” Like they’re proud of what they’re doing.

I admit, there are times when I feel blunt about certain things, especially dealing with annoying people. If they’re here to piss me off and ruin my day, then there’s an excuse to go ballistic and try to hit somebody without apology. You know how I can get temperamental sometimes and you wouldn’t want to see me fuming with anger and say a lot of mean things. I can even shout a bunch of expletive words for greater impact. And if they try to hit me, I’m gonna break both their arms so they could no longer hurt anybody.

But here’s that particular person I’m quite annoyed with, and I tell you he’s a lot worse than you ever imagined. He tends to curse a lot and he tends to lay his hands on the person I love dearly. F***ing old man, he never even shows remorse for his actions, especially when he’s drunk. Now what, think he’s gonna stop doing that? I don’t think so. He then turns to me next, but I’m not gonna let him lay a hand on me or I’ll break both his arms (only if I can). Well, I’m smarter than he is, and he’s gonna suffer eventually. And no, why should I apologize for my actions, when he never apologize for his wicked, cruel deeds?

Oh please, I’m not the kind of person who’ll resort to murder when angered, but don’t make me do it. Trust me, it’ll be pretty nasty.

Anyway, I don’t think there’ll be a negative impact on my reputation just for simply being unapologetic. I don’t see anything wrong with being unapologetic, it’s just that I tend to overdo it. I don’t know, but I think I really need to stop being insensitive to others, just because they are. My mind is in a state of conflict right now.

Reasons For Being Unapologetic

There are some reasons for being unapologetic.

  • You are better than the others. If you see nothing wrong with your actions, then why apologize? Besides, you know what you’re doing since you have the ability to decide for yourself. Otherwise, why are you doing it in the first place?
  • You show how superior you are to others. Well, that would be an impolite way of asserting your stubbornness in every little thing you do. You refuse to be reminded and lectured by someone, you always think that you’re better than them. And you hold on to your belief that you ARE better. Consider it a case of disobedience and defiance, depending on your judgment.
  • You are confident with your decisions, regardless of the reaction, you’ll get from a lot of people. You know what you’re doing, now why would you approach a bunch of criticisms that prevent you from doing what you want? These people don’t care about your decisions, you do.
  • You defend yourself from all kinds of criticisms and attacks. You hold on to your own statements and actions despite all the threats and pressure that you’ll get from your actions.
  • You’re simply being yourself. Your choices, statements, and decisions are best paired with stubbornness, to show how persistent you are in reaching your goals and to show that you can never be influenced, pressured, and swayed by others.


The word unapologetic can be interpreted by two things: one that is good and one that is bad. It can be standing up to your beliefs or not showing remorse for a terrible deed. It’s a matter of stubbornness and passion.

Before I end this, is there a problem with being unapologetic? If you do, then that’s fine. I mean, not everybody agrees to some kind of unapologetic approach. To tell you the truth, it’s not a bad thing to say sorry or conform to their rules/beliefs every once in a while. Just don’t overdo it. And the same thing goes to being unapologetic as well.